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Sun Dec 14- End of the Year Energy Clearing Meditation & Galactic Universe Energy Connection

End of the Year Energy Clearing Meditation & Galactic Universe Energy Connection


“I felt the energy from my planet, subtle and gentle. It was feeling great but it made me a bit sad as I’m far away from them. I’m aware why I’m here and want to fulfil my life purpose.”(English male, 30s, London, Nov 2014)

“I felt very relaxed and like I was going through something… I’m going to try meditating everyday.”
(British male, 20s, London, Dec 2014)


There are various types of meditations out there and this clearing meditation has been tested and researched at the university. Research participants felt less stress and became more mindful on average 25%, peaking at 63% after only 15 minutes of the experiment.

In order to receive more light and transform you and your life, you need to clear your energetic blocks and stuck energies as much as possible, a phenomenon you will be experiencing at this gathering. You will be gently guided to clear your energy in a group, and become connected with your true essence. It will give you peace of mind and a stronger connection with one self.

Since we are in the ascension period, after the Clearing Meditation, each participant will be guided to adjust the energy balance, and the organiser Kay will quickly connect each participant with the Galaxy Energy. It will connect you with the planet in the Galaxy which you are most related or the one most needed. An experience differs from person to person. If you receive this connection more and more, you will start transforming your energy to fulfill your life purpose on this planet. There are many planets in the Galaxy, not limited to Pleiades, Colob, Sirius. If you are an indigo kid (usually anyone born after 1975) and starseed, this is an essential connection to awaken you as a gateway if you are looking. It is not required of you to be a starseed and anyone can experience the most needed energy themselves.

The more you attend this gathering, the more energy will be built up and activated. If you want to be awoken or you are a starseed, you will experience the Galactic Universe energy coming down to the space to transform you.

✤ Outline ✤ 

– Clearing Meditation
– Cap removal to receive the Light (if it is your first attendance)
– Adjust the energy balance
– “Shamballa” energy activation (Heaven on Earth Energy)
– Connect you with the planet in the Galaxy which you are most related or the one most needed -> For each participant!
– Current highest level Starseed energy transmission “Adam Kadmon 2”
(-Starseed Sound Healing, if there is time)

✤ Location
‐ 3min walk from Covent Garden Station.
– Location is shown only to members.
–  Please arrive 5 mins before so that we can start as scheduled.
–  No entry for late comers (not more than 5 min).

✤ Fee✤ 

Currently, an Early Bird Offer is available (On the door, £20)
– Please pay in advance to reserve your seat from the link below. Seats are not guaranteed without advance payment.

*** Fee will be increased towards the event day, so  please utilize the Early Bird offer if you would like.***

Time and Date – Sun Dec 14 from 15:00 -16:00

Location: 3min walk from Covent Garden Station. Please arrive in time. Location will be notified after you book.

Fee:  Current Early Bird Offer,  £20 (on the door, £20).


– Please pay in advance by Paypal for you to reserve your seat.
– Fee will be increased towards the event day (On the door, £20). You can utilize an Early Bird offer.
– Fee is not refundable unless we cancel the event.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Sat Nov 22nd – Saggitarius New Moon Unlock the power within! & Abundance Attraction.

Sat Nov 22nd – Sagittarius New Moon Unlock the power within! & Abundance Attraction.

On the Sagittarius New moon on Nov 22nd, ignite your passion, life force and heal your mental and emotional wounds, and open up further your potential and gifts.

At the clearing meditation, you will also experience hypno coaching to transform your mental and emotional patterns. You will have various activation energies through AK2, and ancient powerful method of Unlock the power within in order to attract something more positive and joyful for you. You will learn how to create abundance in life and attract something positive in your life.

Participants experience good new jobs, additional income coming in, promotion, etc, and they experience various kind of abundance in life.

For details, please see below and feel free to contact us by email to

– Energy Clearing Meditation
– Hypno coaching at the clearing meditation ( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Archangel Michael Energy Clearing Support – Saggitarius energy activation at the hypno coaching( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Ancient Awakening and Activation( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Abundance Attraction and Energy vibration transformation ( “Unlock the Power!”)
– AK2 Shamballa Cord Activation

  • Date and time: Sat Nov 22nd from 12:00 – 13:20
  • Location:Russel Sq, 3 min walk. Location will be notified to participants 3-4 days before.
  • Participation fee
  • Please pay by bank transfer
  • By Fri Nov 14th 15:00 booking and payment:£12
  • By Mon Nov 17th 15:00 booking and payment:£15
  • By Fri Nov 21st 19:00 booking and payment:£19
  • After, by booking and by door payment: £35 by cash

<Please note>

  • Please book by email and we will notify you the payment. Please pay either by bank transfer or Paypal.
  • Unless we cancel the event, there will be no refund.
  • Please arrive in time and wait.