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June 10th–Unlock the Power Within You! – Galactic Light Empowerment

June 10th–Unlock the Power Within You! – Galactic Light Empowerment Group Work


Unlock and Awaken your divine energy within you  and fill your energy field with the High vibrational Galactic Light.

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
What gifts do I have?
What is my purpose on this dimension?
Where am I going?

In our busy life, our focus tends to go to the external world and we don’t really take time for ourselves. It is important for us to have time, become connected and unlock the power within you.

We will be gently guiding you at this group work and using the Power of Now, Zen approach, then awaken and unlock the divine power within you. High vibrational energy will fill your energy field which will release lower vibrational energy, emotions and thoughts.

You will receive the Light to create your divine life and future.

Please bring a pen and paper with you.

For further details, please see below.

Looking forward to meeting you.


– Message from the Galactic Federation
– Energy Clearing Guided Meditation
– Qabalah work 1 – Clear energy in one of your aspect to receive more light.
– June 10th Fri special- Unconditional Love transmission to open your heart and raise love vibration!
– Connect to your inner divinity
– Unlock the Power Within You! – Using the Ancient method
– Galactic Light Connection Activation  – for each person
– Galactic Light Transmission and Transformation (Some of you may receive energy from your most related planet /  your home in the universe.

  • You can also have a gift of a mini Healing essential blended 5ml oil (if you book and pay by June 6th)

Time and Date: Fri 10th of June 2016,  18:50- 20:05
* Deadline to book – 6th of June 24:00.

Venue: Covent Garden (Address will be notified 2-3 days before of the event by email)

Booking and Payment
– Please make a payment from the below Paypal link and make a booking.
– You don’t need to book by email separately and keep your payment confirmation email from Paypal.

Early Bird Offer is available.  Seat are limited.
Deadline – June 7th 18:30


On the Door: By Cash only,  at £40


Please read before you make a booking.
- It is not refundable unless we cancel the workshop.
– We will run the workshop as scheduled so please arrive 5 min before and wait on the Ground floor level. After 7pm, door will be shut and you cannot get in.
– Regarding a Healing bottle
– Please store somewhere dark and cold, avoiding direct sunshine and heat.
– You can have 2-3 drops and apply to your body where you feel you want to heal. It is not made for a massage.
– Oil has an Almond oil so please note not to use this oil if you have a nut allergy.
– It is blended safely, however you may want to test the oil with 1 or 2 drops on your skin as a batch test and make sure you are ok with the oil if you are sensitive.
– If you apply to your skin, please follow the valid day to use.
– Quality will depend on how you store the oil, therefore if it starts smelling or liquid is not clear, please avoid using it to your skin. Instead, you can drop it in a candle and use it as a space clearing.

Sep 6th – Remote Group Session – Full Moon Galactic Light Body Transformation Transmission & Activation

Remote Group Session – Galactic Light Body Transformation & Activation


“It just got better and better. For the last 10 mins my hands were pulsing to a rhythm and then a narrow blade of heat flowed through my core from the root to the chest. What did you do??”
(English male, 40s, Music, London, Aug 8th 2017)


Why is this new shift and new energy good? What is a Light Body Transformation?
We human beings are also the energy-being and have certain frequencies/ vibration. This vibration differs individually but if you receive a higher-frequency energy, you can also grow spiritually and attract more loving and positive matters in life.

If your own frequency raises, what happens?
-> Your mind and energetic bodies are exposed to higher frequencies and you will be influenced by that. You will be filled with more light and love, which can transform you to have a light/lighter body.
-> This will be more likely enable you to become connected with the higher-dimensional light beings. Because of the Law of attraction on the frequency, you can become connected easier with angels, your higher-self and guardian angels
– > You will be able to have a stronger connection and have more support from these light beings to fulfill your purpose of life.

What is the Galactic Light?
Since the earth and human started another big shift called Ascension from Dec 2012, higher dimensional energy is coming down more and more, especially from the Galaxy beyond the Solar system. This is the 8th dimensional frequency, related to the Adam Kadmon 2 and 3’s energy (God-consciousness within a human body).

This is the highest frequency we can receive on this dimension so far.

This Galactic Light
- is the Love of the God –
– gives us the energy to create the own universe as a god while living here.
– helps us find divinity within us as a god.
– helps us purify us and gives clarity where to head to as a living god.
– helps us open up our gifts and talents to fulfill our purpose of life.
– helps us shift to the higher vibration.

So the Part 1 of this remote session helps you to clear your own energy and helps your mind and body to shift to the next consciousness.

What is a Galactic Light Body Activation?
This is offered in the part 2. To receive light and transform your body to become a light body is good enough, but just receiving a light is not enough. In order to manifest who you really are with your purpose of life, you also need to activate your light body and “re-direct” the energy to manifest your purpose and dreams.

In the part 2, this re-direction and manifestation support are offered to unify your energetic bodies and harmonize them for smooth energetic flow.

So, what can I expect from this remote group session?
– unlock gifts and talents – live a life along with my purpose of life
– Awaken from the soul level and do what you want to do.
– You want to do what I passionately do and become abundant.
– You want to understand who you are more.
– Stronger connection with your higherself and want to have more divine guidance and support.
– You want to keep a higher frequency and emotionally stable.
– You want to receive inspiration from higher vibrational-beings and attract something better.

What should I do during a session?
You don’t have to come and see us or skype as it is a remote session. Please intend to receive the energy during a session. You can be anywhere but it is best if you can stay home, not in public space such as bars, restaurants and clubs. At home, it is ok for you to move around, eat, sleep, but it is better if you can sit in a quiet room and meditate or sleep.

For further information, please see below.

1 – Clearing to prepare for a light body – 50 min
– Clearing, Transmission and Light Body Transformation.
- Energy Clearing with high frequency light.
– Clear old mental and emotional patterns which you don’t need any more and which are not helping for your highest good.
– Receive Galactic Light at your emotional body, mental body, aura, chakra and more to shift your consciousness and transform your body.
– Fill your bodies with Galactic Light. If there is any group message during a session, we will email you a message after a session.

Part 2 – Galactic Light Body Activation – 40 mins
– Harmonizing your energetic bodies to flow the received high-frequency energy smoothly.
– Re-direct the received energy for you to have a shift and manifest what you want to manifest
– Activate your master-template if allowed by your higher self to manifest your purpose of life. If not ready, we will work on you to adjust your energy and prepare for the future.
– If there is any group message during a session, we will email you a message after a session.
After the part 2 session is completed, you will receive a worksheet from us for you to complete this part 2’s energetic work. In order to make a change in your life, ultimately you need to take actions and execute what you want to do on your end.
– This worksheet will give you space and time to explorer within you, find out what you want and take actions. Please use a pencil and take about 1-2 hours to work on this sheet to complete the process.
– you don’t have to send us this worksheet, and it is entirely private.

Time and Date: Wed Sep 6th 2017, from 20:30,

Deadline: Wed 6th Sep 2017,  12 noon,
Please book and pay from the Paypal link below.
– After a booking completion, please be aware it is not refundable.
– Please email us your full name, birthday and full address of where you will be at as your responsibility. If  you don’t provide the info, we may not be able to redirect the energy to you properly even if you make a payment.
– After a booking completion, please be aware it is not refundable.

Booking and payment by Paypal  – – Early Bird available.



Client Testimonial ----------------------
“I received a cord cutting session and then this remote Galactic Light session within a week. After these, I felt my vibration was changing really powerfully. During a session, I was crying without any specific reason, and lost body consciousness feeling that massive light was flooding within me. Every day I feel so much light ever and, my head and body is so clear. Overdued-visa renewal application was suddenly granted and I can never be happier than before. I can travel abroad on business again. I’ve done a worksheet as well and I have realized I had a big dream suppressed within me. I’m moving towards that. It was an amazing session and thank you so much!”
(Japanese female in her 40s, Europe, Music industry, April 2016)

“I was still sleeping during the remote session, however suddenly I felt transparent blue energy around my head. I work up in a good mood and went to work.”
(Japanese female, corporate worker, 40s, Japan, April 2016)

” I feel much lighter after receiving a session. Thank you. ”
(Japanese female in her 30s, Japan, medical, April 2017)