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★How to spend your day on St Valentine’s day. Events and seminars to raise your consiousness, Akasic record reading special offer

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hope you had a good weekend.
How things are happening with you?
Since the energy is changing, my self-identity is changing, I’m renewing so many things now such as a new website, new social network, whilst I’m also selecting what I really want in life.
As you maybe heard before, our life is just a Holograph, in other words, it is our projections to others and situations which is making our “Reality”. Whatever the reality is, it matters to us, isn’t; it? But these projections often create unwanted drams, and you need to learn the Universal Principle to live a healthy life.
If you come from deceptive, non-sharing, YOU and ME separated consciousness, world revolving around me selfish-consciousness, it can create issues with others as you don’t come from the loving state.
If you come from the loving, sharing, caring, honest and open attitude, then you are ready to raise whatever the vibration is with others and situations.
Saying is easy but practising may be a different matter.
One of the attitudes to others in the big city like London, can be people treating others like a disposable toy. Without getting to know each other well, just moving on quickly after they finish assessing or obtaining what others can do for them for a short term gratification, in business, networking, friendship and relationship. How deep and truthful is it?
If you are one of the persons you cannot make friends, you may want to re-visit this concept and your behaviours. We are not disposable toys and should not be treated that way.
Whilst, it may sound old fashioned, but you can treat others as you want to be treated with care, honesty, sincerity, love, compassion, understanding, patience, gentleness for any relationships. It is said that it would be really good if you could form a deep relationship and true friendship with 3 persons at the end of your life. This means true friendship can be hard to find and it may take time to build it.
How many true friends you have on your Facebook? Some people have over 1000 people on their FB, nothing wrong with it, but how deep could it go?
Relationship and friendship are literally related to our emotions, and we cannot build a good relationship and friendship by ignoring or being insensitive to how other people are feeling emotionally.
Today is the day for you to open up your heart and say “I love you” to your loved ones.
Spread the Love and Enjoy what St Valentine gives to us on this special day. Love is the most precious energy we have and we are designed to share it with other human beings.
Feb- March events
As things are moving quickly, so my service menu is also changing.
I noticed there are many people having troubles as they don’t know the “Games of Life”, which is the Principles of the Universe. You can learn this and apply to your life, and we can support you to transform your life with the Mind Revolution Session. This is the brain re-patterning sessions. Once your brain pattern changes, your behaviour and life will also become transformed.
You need to change your consciousness level to make a shift in your life. You cannot resolve any issues and distresses if you are at the same consciousness.
From Feb to March,as  there are some queries about how to set the energies, how to develop psychic senses, how to live a fulfilled life, etc, there are events and seminars available as well as private sessions and classes.
If you are convinced to become a quality psychic and healer, I will hand down what I have learned and I have been practising in the past 12 years for you through the consistent Healer and Psychic training level 1-5.
All events and sessions are designed to transform your consciousness as learning skills are not enough to change your life and energies.
Please feel free to make a query and book your seat.
Have a wonderful lovely day.
1)  25th Sat 9:15 - 12:15 Sacred Geometry Site Protection Workshop @Bond
If you are a psychic healer, this workshop is a must essential for you to learn, how to protect your space for client session. You can protect you, the space and your clients.
If you are giving healing or reading sessions at the room where there is no proper energy protection and setting, you allow any evil energies are coming in and affecting your session. It is important to set the energy of the site at the certain high vibration.
This is one of the Mystery school Metaphysical teachings and training for a firm protection. I set the space energy using this for many years but it never got broken, even once even when I conducted a heavy exorcism session. Many healers just do a bubble protection or ask for the light to come down, which is too weak and not enough.
Please note that this is one of the pre-requisite for the Reiki seminar level 2.

2 )Feb 24th  / Feb 25th Reiki Seminar Level 1
You can choose a day either 24th or 25th to learn Reiki. Our Reiki is the Original Japanese Reiki so it is very powerful and authentic to be attuned with non-diluted Reiki energy and Authentic Lineage.

Our seminar includes the contents on how to raise the consciousness and vibration, not only teaching you skills for you to become a clearer and compassionate psychic and healer.

Reiki seminar level 2 will be organized in April.

3 )Feb 26th New Moon Meditation and Guide Connection

On this new moon day, you will become connected deeper with your senses  at the part 1’s meditation. in the Part 2, you will become connected with your own Guides and receive energy and guidance. This is a semi-private setting and number of seat is limited. First come, first served.

4 )Feb 26th Michael Initiation Seminar

You will learn how to protect you with the authentic Mystery School powerful ritual. Please note that this seminar is conducted only couple of times a year so don’t miss it if you are interested in.

Information is also found on the What’s on page too.

5) March 4th Sat – “How Psychic and Healer are you?”

Join us for this fun day experiential day if you wonder how psychic and healer you can be. I attended over 10 years ago and I got convinced I was. You will experience energies and learn something new.

6) Mar 4th – Law of Attraction Seminar

If you want to transform your life with the higher vibration, this is for you. Learn the principles of the universe and apply them to your life. You will learn not only the theory behind but loads of practical things to change your life. It changes your vibration and consciousness.

One client who was possessed and attached for long, and suffered, attended this and he said his life is a new life now without possession any more.

7) Special Offer – Akasic Record Reading/Channelling

Have you ever heard of the Akasic Record, which is the universal data centre of your life.

When you book a Life Purpose Reading, Kei will offer you additional Akasic Record Reading/Channelling for you on top instead of an ordinary channelling. (You need to have a standard DNA Activation done first)

Come and find your spirit roots, life purpose, past life, your gifts and more.

Limited offer till March 4th –  Instead of 180 pounds, special offer is 140 pounds for 80 min.

Please feel free to make a query and book your seat.

Have a good day.

★Feb Message of the month, Low of Attraction for Love, Aprodhite and Archangel Haniel Love work, Reiki Seminar, Michael Initiation Seminar and more


How have you been? 

I gained weight 2 kg after the holiday, so I ate mainly veggies and fruits, and did an exercise and lymph stretch regularly when I came back in London. Now, I have lost total 5 kg which is the weight when I came here in London in 2008. My body is in a good shape and lighter. 

If you struggle losing weight, you can have our weight loss hypno session which is also looking at your diet and workout, your life style too. 

At the Feb Meditation and Guardian Connection on 26th, we will also do a light stretch at the beginning too for  a better blood circulation. Not only energy, physical body matters as well.

Clean up your energy
Clear excess weight
Clear heavy emotional baggage
Clear up unwanted matters and mental patterns too. 

So, today’s monthly message for Feb is below.

 Feb – Message of the month
Once you obtain something you really wanted to have in the past, you may realize it was an illusion and that was not what you wanted to have at the deeper level. Or you may need to look more in specifically what really went wrong to understand yourself and not to repeat the same pattern any more. 

This month gives you an energetic  support, ‘push’, to the direction where you really want to head at the soul level in various ways towards the spring season to have a leap. 

You may wonder what it is when things happen or not happen, but it may be very subtle so you may need to look really precisely and deeply to understand what is going on within you. Become connected within you at the deeper soul level and feel it fully using your 5 sensors.

Let go what you don’t need any more, and keep what you really need.

During that process, you don’t need to judge yourself as everything is just an experience you want to go through, but indulging in the feeling associated with your experience may not be the thing you want to get attached to. Let go the old patterns. If you don’t, you would keep mourning about your life and wonder why things are not happening to you. Things are happening but you may not be accepting them in a more loving, sharing and compassionate way.

Remember, we are all connected each other, so do not pretend, do not judge others, do not harm others, and just respect and care others as you wanted to be respected and treated with care, honesty and sincerity.

If people don’t treat you with care and sincerity, it could be your Karma or you need to look in what you did to others in the past, or you may want to look within you as your personality and character.

Whatever the situation or whoever the people you have in your life now, there is always a lesson for love and growth for you to change yourself, not others. Troubles start from within, not from others.

This month, take time and have a deeper look at your mind and emotions with compassion and understanding.

It is a good time for us to get ready for the spring season in all areas such as love, career, business, health, wealth, spirituality and more. Leap the fruits in the future, and work on it NOW.

This month is the Valentine’s month, and there is  a private special offer session (20 pounds off till Feb 10th) from the Goddess Aphrodite and Archangel Haniel for you to find love and improve a relationship. 

We are running the special Valentine’s event on 7th Feb at night as well,

“How to attract an ideal mate / date and build a loving relationship.”

Psychic & Healer Development
There is the Healer and Psychic training level  3 and above available. Psychic training level 3 is available anytime and you can start right away. In order to become a good psychic, it is essential to learn the metaphysis as you are connecting with the non-physical world and you need to understand the universal language and how they are communicating with you. Just attending a developmental circle cannot be really enough. Learn the fundamental basics to communicate with angels, masters and guides.

 Level 3’s classes cover, color, candle magic, numbers, Qabalah, Planets and tarot reading and spread based on the Archetypes and more to develop your psychic connection and accuracy.

If interested in, please go to the psychic training section. Skype class is available too.


NEW) Mind Revolution, NLP, Coaching to re-pattern your brain.
In order to grow spiritually, we all need to work on our mind and emotions to make a balance.

This new and upgraded program, Mind Revolution, focus on your mental and belief system to resonate with the Universal Wisdom and Principles and transform your mind patterns to make a shift in your life.

If you are especially in services to help out other people in whatever the industry is, this session/ course will help you to re-pattern your brain. It focuses on your mind to transform.

Additionally, coaching session and NLP are also available and its contents is also updated. These three sessions focus on working on your values and beliefs mainly, but it also works on you in an energetic capacity at the same time.

DNA Activation
If you didn’t have a DNA activation for 6 month plus, it would be good for you to have an extra push at the beginning of this year now to set your direction.

If you had a the basic DNA activation, it is good to upgrade to AK2 DNA activation as it is the one to create your body as the Light Body which is more suitable at this Ascension time, especially for Lightworkers.

It is your Evolution.

Healing Clinic on Sun 19th Feb
You will receive a short energetic reading, counselling, scanning, emotional release healing, crystal and Reiki healing from our trained and qualified Mystery school initiate for 45min. 

Additionally, Kei will also scan and help you release stuck emotions directly with you separately for 15 min, before the trained initiate starts Reiki and Crystal Healing on you.

If you have any emotional issues, come along and book this healing session.
**Please  bring two topics to solve.**

Date and time: Feb 19th 11:30 – 12:30. (60 min total)
Location: Bond street

Fee: 38 pounds. only 1 slot, non-refundable.

Michael Initiation Seminar on 26th
This year’s first initiation seminar. Please note after this one, next one would be probably in May or June. 

Reiki Seminar on Feb 25th and 25th
Our school offers the original Non- diluted Japanese Usui Reiki which has the authentic pure and powerful connection. I’m the 6th or 7th generation from Mr Usui (I will confirm with my Master teacher but that’s what I heard before.) and teach Reiki since 2008. 

I had an occasion to attend the Western Reiki recently but it was really really… sorry to say this to many Western Reiki Practitioners and Masters,…. shocking, so modified, diluted, and didn’t have any original form, symbols, energies at all. Modified symbols and added symbols may be good as their own, but it is far different from the original and authentic ones. Authenticity matters in many aspect of life isn’t’ it?

 What was missing most was the Soul Evolution contents, which is vital in the Reiki Teaching to transform practitioner and Master teachers to the higher vibration with love. That is also the core part of the Usui Reiki’s Authentic lineage too, and it cannot be missed but I does in the reality.

My previous metaphysical school’s  Grand Master teacher said that the Original Japanese Usui Reiki retains 200 times more power connection to the diluted one. There is no scientific research on this but I’m attuned to both, Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki, and I know the difference.

I’m passionate about spreading the original Authentic Lineage to help people who want to learn more. .

I will be running the Original Japanese Usui Reiki Seminar and would like you  and  Western Reiki practitioners to attend it if you like to have the solid and pure connection with Usui Reiki and heal others and self effectively.

These is a special offer for people who are already Reiki practitioners to attend. Please have a look at the Usui Reiki Seminar under the Healer Training Menu.

If you are new and interested in the Reiki Seminar, please have a look at the what’s on page for further details.

If you are already our trained Reiki practitioners, we will be running a practice and follow up session sometime soon.

For other event information in Feb, you can have a look at below.

Private sessions and classes are available too.

Have a wonderful weekend.





* Till Feb 16th, Aphrodite session is 20 pounds off, special offer.
 7th Tue  18:30 – 20:00 – Law of Attraction workshop for Love Bond St
 9th Thu 10:00 – 10:30  Reiki Remote Healing Group session
 17th Sun 10:00  -11:30 GF Gathering @ Bond
 17th Sun 11:30  -12:15 Healing Clinic – Emotional Release, Crystal and Reiki Healing @ Bond 
 24th Fri 12:00 – 14:30  Reiki seminar level 1 @Bond
 25th Sat 9:30 – 12:00  Reiki seminar level 1 @Bond
 25th Sat 12:30
 17:15 Reki seminar level 2  – Practitioner level  (1/2) @Bond
 26th Sun 9:30 12:15 Reki seminar level 2  – Practitioner level  (2/2) @Bond
 26th Sun 12:45  13:25 New Moon Meditation Part 1 – New Moon Meditation
 26th Sun 13:25  14:05 New Moon Meditation Part 2 – Guide Connection
 26 th Sun 15:0017:30 – Michael Initiation Seminar