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★June Newsletter- Message, Special Events and Offers.


How have you been? Such a nice day today and hope you enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Since the Galactic Temple work in May, Ashtar presence is stronger and his team is guiding us to awaken future leaders/guides in this field quite a lot. In May, many channelors including the potential ones have come to us and they have been activated by DNA Activation. Couple of them were coming from overseas.

After the Taurus energy, we have moved into the Gemini energy, and this is a good time to strengthen the pipe with the higher dimension and have a way to communicate with them. Having said that, if you have attachments  and energetic clutters in your auric field, they interrupt your evolution and you may have some conflicts within your mind quite a lot not moving forward by thinking of the material and monetary value mainly for example. If you miss the timing and opportunities by indecisiveness, you would procrastinate your progress too, so this month is a good time to look in how you get conflicted or two minds are arguing within your mind. Gemini’s air energy is light and quick, so it is better to utilise this aspect as much as possible.

Our life is beyond the physicality.

Events in June
In June, there are some new events for participants to learn something and make a change in life, such as
– a guided meditation and universal wisdom application to your life on Jun 10th,
– Summer Solstice special face to face 50 min session offer on 21st and
– Summer Solstice Remote Galactic session on 21st,
– besides Reiki seminar level 1 and class 1 in group.

Separately, Reiki training 2 is on July 13th Sat so if you are interested in becoming the Japanese Usui Reiki practitioner, please also visit our Reiki training webpage.  If you would like to book Reiki seminar level1, please contact us.

Details are on our web site.

Have a fabulous day and looking forward to seeing you soon.





★5th Wed 12:00 – 12:40 – Psychic Reading Offer by our psychic initiates (non-refundable 10 pounds. Please contact us) @ Bond st.
★ 7th Fri 12:00- Sacred Geometry Site Protection Workshop @ Bond street
★10th Mon – Mindfulness Guided Meditation and Universal Wisdom @ Covent Garden
★ 16th Sun – 12:10 –  13:35 Sagittarius Full Moon Guided Meditation & Galactic Light Transmission.  @ Covent Garden
★16th Sun – 13:40 – 15:05 Emotional, Mental Healing & Psychic/Intuition Development Learning @ Covent Garden
★21st Fri 11:30/12:30/13:30/14:30- Summer Solstice Special 50 min Private session Offers- Bond st.
★21st  Fri 22:30 – Summer Solstice Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Sacral Chakra Healing. 
★22nd Sat 12:30 – 14:20 – Group Class 1 – Energy management, protection and meditation at Bond st. 
★22nd Sat 15:00 -17:30ish – Reiki seminar 1 as a group workshop at Bond st.

★26 or 40 DNA Activation
Have a look at the following sessions and activate or upgrade your core and divine energy for  the new year as your divine life creator. You are the director of your own life, isn’t it? If not, activate this energy and change your life.

– 26DNA or 40 DNA Activation  –  face to face session only
– Class 1 – protection and energy management  – online or face to face.

Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading

How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email. 

★June 21st Fri – 11:30-20:00 – Summer Solstice Special 50 min Private session Offers- Bond st.

★June 21st Fri 11:30/12:30/13:30/14:30- Summer Solstice Special 50 min Private session Offers- Bond st. 
– Anyone can book.

This special offer is presented for people who suffer from physical, mental and energetic symptoms as an introductory offer. On the Solstice day, the sun power is very strong and you can receive the extra booster to make a change in your life and move on in life. 

Session will be customised for your needs from our range of services, such as psychic surgery, Reiki, block release, chakra and aura healing, cord cutting, crystal healing, energy balancing, emotional healing, Reiki and EMDR).

You can email us briefly what sort of issues you have in advance but assessment will be conducted at the beginning of your session.

What is included in a customised session
– consultation
– energetic assessment
– energetic treatment
– short feedback

Recommended treatment suggestion if you would like (If including past life regression, it  requires two slots)
– consultation
– energetic assessment
– Emotional NLP and talking therapy combined session to release toxic and painful memories out of your mind, body and emotion to transform your energy and life. Highly recommended if you have any unknown pain, anxiety, etc.
– If you want to go back to the past and release changes from the past lives as well, please book 2 slots in row (There is more time to do a deeper work, but past life treatment depends on your consciousness needs. If your consciousness can and want to access, it is possible).  

– short feedback

Time and date: June 21st Fri – 11:30/12:30/13:30/14:30, 16:00/17:00/18:00/19:00,  start. 50 min session. Please choose a slot.

Location: Bond street, London

Booking and Payment
– Please email us your preferred time slots, and brief symptom/issues of yours. 

* Sessions before 15:30
– Payment by Bank transfer: 90 pounds before June 18th 17:00. (discounted from the standard 130 pounds fee).
– Payment by Paypal : 95 pounds.  Online payment is from here. 

* Sessions after 16:00
– Payment by Bank transfer: 100 pounds before June 18th 17:00. (discounted from the standard 130 pounds fee).
– Payment by Paypal : 105 pounds.  Online payment is from here. 

Terms and Conditions
– Please arrive in time and wait in the reception on the first floor as the session will be conducted as scheduled.
– Fee will not be refunded for a late arrival, no show and within 72h cancelation.
– Cancelation & rescheduling policy: within 72hours of your booking, it is 100% charged. Please notify if you need to make a change by email as soon as possible.
– Important: if you already know you have attachments, symptoms, or possessed, it is highly recommended to book the Quantum Block Release session. But we can offer you the energetic assessment and a treatment on this day if you would like.
– a day before your appointment: Please do not drink alcohol and take any substances. Please sleep well as well.



★Jun 16th Sun – Emotional & Mental Healing, and Psychic/Intuition Development Learning for Your Life Transformation

★Jun 16th Sun – Emotional & Mental Healing, and Psychic/Intuition Development Learning
ーAnyone can attend

Have you ever wondered if you can see things and situation clearly and make a sound judgement especially on important matters?

Many people have been awakening at this Galactic time and we can receive support to move on in life towards the divine direction and consciousness.

At this workshop, you would be able to develop your psychic or intuition sense to understand your situation, and make a better judgement or selection in life.

In order to do that, you also need to improve your mental and emotional states to align your divine consciousness, therefore, you will learn by hands-on-experience practice on this day.

– Brief guided meditation to heal wounds and clear blockages
– Guided energy-work to align your energy to prepare your psychic/intuition development
– Alignment meditation
– psychic/intuition development
– hands on reading/intuition practice by pairing up.

Time and Date: Sun Jun 16th 13:40 – 15:05 (85min)
Location: 27 Endel street, WC2H 9BA, London (please wait in the shop on the ground floor).

– Please book your seat and pay from the below Paypal link. Early bird offer is available.
– We will receive your payment notice so you don`t need to contact us separately for booking. Please keep the payment notification by Paypal to show it to us by door.

– Online booking deadline: Jun 15th Sat, 11am.
– By door: please pay 30 pounds by cash, after the online booking deadline. Please pay in the exact amount.

Terms and Conditions
– Please note the fee is not refundable unless we cancel the event, including no show, late arrival.
– Please arrive 5 min before, especially if you pay by cash by door.
– After 13:50, door will be shut, so you cannot get in. Please make sure to arrive in time.
– Please bring a bottled water if you need to.