24+/26 DNA Activation

24+/26-Strand DNA Activation – Open up Your Gifts and Power
– Standard Session: £200 (80 mins) – recommended for the first time . (£190 if you book and pay by bank transfer 96h/4days before).
– Full Session: £260 (110 mins) – including Emotional Cord Cutting and its healing  (£250 if you book and pay by bank transfer 96h/4days before).

– * For people who have been activated before:
– 28-60 DNA Top-up Maintenance session including cord cutting, counselling and energy clearing: £200 (80 min). (£190 if you book and pay by bank transfer 4 days before).  


Wise and spiritual king, King Solomon tested and verified the Energetic 22-Strand DNA Activation as a universal modality 3,000 years ago in Israel. It works for everyone irrespective of race and nationality. Once this was secretively handed down to kings, high priests and high priestesses over 3,000 years, but in this modern world, it is now open and available to everyone to awaken the power and utilize it.

Since energy is changing and the ascension is being processed, the previous 22 DNA Activation is not up-to-date anymore, and upgraded 24+/26DNA Activation is as the first recommended session. Alternatively, if you wish, you can receive 40 DNA Activation as your first session.

Energetic DNA Activation works on your Energetic DNA strands within your Etheric body, and your energy body will be poured with the “Light”. Energetic DNAs are dormant before you receive this activation. This will awaken your true-essence, true-self, gifts and power within you for you to access them, and from this you will gain the ability to transform your life. Thus you will be guided to walk on your divine path with your divine gifts and power.

Important – Additionally, your “Shambhala Code” to create Heaven on Earth, your divine purpose and the contract of your life which you have with God, will be activated by a Japanese DNA Activator, Kei. In our mystery school tradition, it is said that we Japanese DNA Activators already have the Shambhala code within us embedded, such as peace and harmony creation, honesty etc.   This gift is to be yours today and you begin to experience your life from a new prospective:

  • Maximize your self-confidence.
  • Bring more clarity to your life purpose.
  • Experience personal freedom from what holds you back.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Increase your energy levels.

<Modality to use>
– Brief counseling
– Connection strengthening between the 7th chakra and the Higher Dimension, removing an obstacle there for you to become connected.
– Balance the entire body energy
– Energy gate clearing and balancing
– Removal of negative energy
– Basic Aura Clearing
– Connect and download  your essential energy from the higher dimension.
– Energetic activation on 24+/26 DNA Strands
– Shambhala Code (Heaven on Earth Creation Code) Activation by Kei
– Your life force energy activation
– Protection
– Feedback

– Over 11 years of practices and popular demands, there are loads. Please click on the link for testimonials. 

“Amazing  and such a beautiful work. I’m also a professional healer and Reiki master, but  this DNA activation should be received by everyone. Highly recommended” (English,  Reiki master, 40s, London)

“I  had a DNA activation before but today I needed to have more light as things  were happening and I was so drained. This activation is flowing so much light  into me and I feel much better and calmer. I knew this was the one for me.  Thank you. (Irish male, 40s, therapist, London)

Kei’s own experience I was a marketing manager working in the finance professionally going up the ladder step by step back in 2006, but working for long hours as a corporate slave. There was an awakening moment happening in 2005, and I was guided to have a DNA Activation and become a psychic healer and a Guide to work together with the Higher dimension since then. I never imagined I had gifts and had a mission to work as a psychic healer before but my dormant gifts were opening up.

Now, over 11 years of my DNA Activation and self-development with professional trainings, I’ve been serving as a Psychic Healer, teacher and a trainer to help others to awaken and transform their lives by establishing this school with Galactic Energy and the Galactic Federation.

Terms and Conditions
– Advance booking and payment are required.
– Please read the contact page for further information when you book.
– If you have any severe psychological issues, personality disorder and physical illnesses, please continue to see your GP.
– There is an individual difference on how you feel and what you sense during and after a session.

Cancelation and rescheduling Policy:
– Within 48 hours of your appointment date there is a 50% cancellation charge, within 24 hours there is a 100% cancellation charge. Please email and notify us as soon as possible when you need to make a change. (Farringdon is from 8 days before if it is after 4pm on weekdays).
– Please arrive on time, 5 min before. If you are late, you will waste your session time as the session will be conducted as scheduled.
– We recommend you to travel with plenty of time as you know how dysfunctional the public transportation can be in London.