40 DNA Activation

40-Strand DNA Activation – Life Transformation & Creation Activation – Full Standard treatment:
– 40-Strand DNA Activation £240 (110 mins) – for people who had a standard or short 26 DNA activation before.
– Combined together with the Energy Clearing Preparation Session 1– £300 (140 mins) – for people who never had an activation before.

This will not only activate your true gifts and personal power, it will transform your life. The existing 22/24 Strand DNA Activation can let you access your power and gifts, but this New Life Transformation & Creation Activation (40 DNA Activation) is the upgrade with the additional values below;

  • You will obtain a full connection between Soul, Body and Spirit in order to manifest your divine purpose and creation in harmony.
  • Remove negative energies and thoughts at the mental level powerfully  (by working together with the Goddess Isis)
  • Your heart will be opened (by working together with an Ascended Master)
  • Obtain divine creative energies & raw material for you to create your own unique spark in life.
  • Gain more passion and motivation to fulfill your life.

It can be said that only Windows 8 platform was available before, but now Windows 10 platform is available to make you evolve higher.

22-Strand DNA Activation was verified 3000 years ago in King Solomon’s day.  But during these 3000 years, we humans have been evolving energetically and also as a “Species”.  In order to deal with the Ascension’s new energies, we can also adapt and utilize these amazing new energies in order for you to evolve higher and create your life fully with more mental and emotional positive energies. Therefore, available modalities also have to be upgraded in order to meet and suit the needs of the human evolution in the current era.

This modality can upgrade you up to 40-strand DNA, and it is giving you creative energies additionally. It functions very differently from the existing 22-Strand DNA Activation fundamentally. There may be an individual difference but so far as of Feb 2017, some people have activated beyond 62-strand DNA.
<Expected generic effects over time>

  • At the Mental level, old stuck negative energies and mental activities will be released. Then you will have more space to receive the Light, new energy.
  • You will be activated to open and access your True-Gifts and power.
  • Increase of the energy volume within you, in your physical and energetic bodies.
  • Your gifts and power will be empowered in various aspects of your life.
  • You will be able to become connected with your original energetic data and energy from the Higher Dimensions, and to download it for your life creation.
  • Your heart will be opened and activated in order for you to live from your heart and create your life to the maximum capacity.
  • You will become more motivated and have more will and passion.
  • You will become more intuitive.
  • You can manifest your wishes and dreams more easily.
  • Your usage of your brain will be increased.(We normally use about 5% on average)
  • Your unrealized potential comes up to the surface.
  • Some of your old patterns and energies at the subconscious level will be released.
  • Positive impact on your ancestors and offspring through the light.
  • Bring more transformation to express yourself with more love.
  • Activation of your life purpose and your gifts.
  • Connect strongly not only with your Higherself but also with the Creator
  • Unite among Soul, Spirit and Body, and create your life with joy as True-You. *Please be aware that you may need time to integrate the new energy.

This Activation does not involve any extraterritorial resources and homeopathy. All the resources are coming from the Higher Dimension and the Solar System where we Humans belong to. It can maximize your capacity and you can reach your divine purpose and mission in this life time. If you are interested in gaining even higher connection with the Galactic Universe, you can receive the AK2 (50+) DNA Activation after this session.
In order to manifest your maximum potential, it is highly recommended for you to take the “Energy Preparation Sessions” together (in total 150min session as a combination) if you haven’t had 24+/26 DNA Activation standard session before. It will clear your energetic luggage as much as possible, and create more space for you to receive the Light. It would not serve your highest good if you keep attachments and accumulated negative energies within you.
<Session Contents>
Life Creation Activation (40 DNA Activation) session includes below.

  • Short Counseling, Life Coaching
  • Guidance from the Higher Dimension if it comes down
  • Connection with the Higher Dimension
  • Remove the karmic cord from your spiritual family
  • Cut off all the emotional, psychic, control and negative cords
  • Reset the cord with your Higherself
  • Remove negative energies at the mental level.
  • Inject more light to the mental level and expand your consciousness.
  • Activate your Flame of Heart
  • Connect and download your essential energy, gifts and your Blueprint energies for your creation.
  • Connect and receive the energy from Ensof, the Creator, for your creation.
  • Activate the points and get you connected with the Light and the Mother Gaia.
  • Crystal blockages removal
  • Your Life Force Energy Activation and you can have more energy for your physical and energetic bodies.
  • All your 7 chakras will be activated with the Light.
  • Harmony and connection among soul, spirit and body.
  • Magnetic energy Connection
  • Protection
  • Brief feedback
  • For people who have never had an activation before, we suggest you combine the Energy Preparation 1 to receive.

Some Testimonials
“I found a better job within a month and could find time to travel to 2 countries I wanted to go.
(French female, finance, 30s, Aug 2017, London) 

“Thank you much for yesterday. I have already had the most magical day, amazing stuff 🙂 Truly amazing. You are truly gifted in the work you do.”
(Psychic and Healer, English, 20s, Nov 2016, London) 

”I felt something got released out of my back and feel much lighter. My mind does not chat silly things anymore and I feel so much calmer and confident. It’s strange I can see things clearly and am alert changes are happening, I’m clear what I want to achieve now and feel more comfortable with it. Thank you.”
(Portuguese, male in 30s, Retail, Feb 2016 )

“After the Activation, I’m feeling tired but can feel the healing continuously taking place. I am glad for the added security” (British female in her 30s, business starter, April, 2014)

“I’m feeling peaceful. Good peaceful mood. Connection to the Ensof / Creator is flowing nicely. More of myself being downloaded. Data downloaded to me is still integrating within me. Source from the Ensof energizes my soul where all my data is held. Downloaded data is translated and streams through my soul into my energetic and physical bodies. My concentrated thoughts acts as a programme command for the energy coming in” (English, 40s, psychic and healer)

“Right after the session, I felt so much excitement within me as I felt my true-essence was revealing. From the following day, I took my creative work more seriously and started working on that. I feel the connection with my Higherself and the Light-beings are much closer. Even if I feel fear, I feel it is much easier to release it and take an action. I can trust my sense and myself better than before. Old patterns and thinking are being released. I feel sometimes it is very hard, but I’m feeling much happier than before. As the activation session’s name, I have more power to create my life. Thank you.” (Female, 30s, flower remedy, healer)