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Kei Nishimura (Grad Dip, BA, MASC,  Ad.C.S, Dip in Hypno)


  • – Galactic Federation Light Worker School Founder
    – Galactic Federation Adam Kadmon Ray Initiate, Channelor, Guide and Member of Council.
    – Psychic, Psychic Healer and Trainer
    – Stress Management Consultant
    – Hypno Therapist incl Spirit Release and Past Life hypno (Dip. Hypno)
    – EMDR and Ego State Therapy Therapist
    – Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.
    – Ensof Ray Reiki Master and Teacher
    – Usui Reiki Teacher & Practitioner
    – Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach
    – ITEC3 Holistic Massage Therapist
    – @ London, UK, (born in Japan.)

Kei has studied psychology at a British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited university in London, and previously studied in New York and in Japan. Kei worked for international companies as a professional in banking, asset management, mainly in the marketing & event sponsorship field of financial and production industries. She had success with various projects in Japan, Europe and America for a prolonged period of time.

With an embedded ethic of work hard and enjoy life, she successfully developed her career, performed on dance stages, travelled to over 30 countries, and enjoyed what life offered. After a life crisis situation she found in 2005, Kei was given a clue as to who she really was and found out the purpose of life and its meaning. This led her to transform her life completely and now she works with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Galactic Universe to serve humanity in order to shift the human consciousness and offer sessions and classes as the Ascension Technologist.

Since her childhood, she has had the ability to understand people’s minds and emotions through Clairsentience (Full Sensory Perception). When she visited Bali in Indonesia, a “Baliyan”(full body trans-channeler and healer)  gave her a healer and a channellor symbol as Kei was also recognized aa a ‘Baliyan’. It was added to her original Japanese healer symbol which was given to her when she was born.

Kei has gone through many lives as a spirit and has a mission related to the ascension of human-beings and the Earth. Previously, Kei used to absorb negative energy within people’s karmas, and through this, she realized the importance of energetic cleansing and healing.

She has been trained by authentic Mystery Schools and initiated as Adept, Teacher, Ritual Master and Guide with the authentic Western Esoteric Traditions and the traditional esoteric groups through classes and seminars of healing, psychic development, channeling , tarot reading, energy work, anatomy, alchemy, divinations, Qabalah, ritual magic and more. She has also been trained as a teacher and practitioner of the Usui Reiki Healing (Original Usui Reiki Healing with no modification), a qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, ITEC 3 Holistic Massage therapist to support people’s daily life matters and mind re-setting.

She has had rich experiences in the 3rd dimensional world. Utilizing these rich experiences in her career, business, love and relationships with soulmates, she is able to provide practical career guidance, relationship guidance, consultation, healing, channeling, and psychic counseling, using energy transformation in body, mind and soul. She provides guidance for people to balance their life, and gain abundance, be it through the material, mental or physical body, in order for them to gain peace of mind and happiness, and live their divine lives with joy. She has an excellent reputation on practical and effective guidance in career change, finance, love, and relationships.

She offers sessions in both English and Japanese.

– Metaphysical Mystery School, Guide, Teacher, Initiate (Adept), Healer, Psychic, Channelling, Psychic Surgery Practitioner and Ritual Master
– Accredited Usui Reiki teacher and practitioner
– Reiki and Seichem Association Accredited Master Teacher and Practitioner
– Richard Bundler Accredited Master NLP Practitioner
– Personal Performance Coach from the International Coaching Federation Accredited Diploma course.
– Trained to offer a Behaviour Coaching from the Coaching CPD Standards-Office.
– Trained to offer a Coaching of financial management from the Coaching CPD Standards-Office.
– MASC Accredited Life Coach
– BSYA Accredited Psychic Counselor
– BSYA Accredited Advanced Crystal Healer
– MASC Accredited Advanced Stress Management Consultant
– UK GHSC Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner(Dip. in Hypnotherapy)inc. Spirit release and past life.
– Accredited EMDR and Ego State Therapy Therapist
– Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist
– ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage Practitioner
– Certified Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner
– Certified Hands Free Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner
– Certified Indian Head Massage Practitioner
– Certified Acupressure Seated Chair Massage Practitioner


– British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited BA and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from University of East London.
– BA degree holder from Osaka University of Foreign Studies in Japan (currently named Osaka University).
– Study Abroad for one year at State University in NY. Political Science and Economics major.

– May 2018 – Participated in and had our own stand at the largest psychic fair in London
– April 2017 – Participated in and had our own stand at the largest psychic fair in London

– Aug 2016 – Participated in and had our own stand at the largest psychic fair in Tokyo, Japan
– Aug 2015 – Participated in and had our own stand at the largest psychic fair in Tokyo, Japan
– May 2015 – Participated in and had our own stand at the largest psychic fair in London
– May 2014 – Participated in and had our own stand at the largest psychic fair in London
– May 2013 – Participated in and had our own stand at the largest psychic fair in London
– Sep 2012 – Participated in and had our own stand at the second largest psychic fair in London. – May 2012-Participated in and had our own stand at the largest psychic fair in London
– Summer 2008 -Summer 2010 – Participated in the local psychic fairs in the north London area such as Crouch End.

Why do you want to come and see Kei as your therapist, coach, mentor or teacher?
– Kei does not touch drugs, cigarettes, so bad energy does not go to clients by smoking them.
– She does regular exercises such as jogging and walking minimum 2-3 times a week and eats healthy foods as  a physical maintenance.
– She does meditate regularly daily to clear her energies  and emotions and keeps the energy standard up to the certain high vibrational level.
– She has a good reputation as grounded, compassionate, wise, experienced, accurate, disciplined and positive so she can deal matters both in the physical  and spiritual dimensions well for you.
– Since she experienced ups and downs in life and changed her career, her clients can have practical and grounded advices with compassion and support as well if you would like.
– She is disciplined and lives her life based on the Universal Law to the possible highest standard with love and light, such as  no lies and fraud to others.

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