Abundantia Abundance

Abundance and Inner Beauty Attraction Attunement/Connection
– Standard treatment: £280 (1h 45 mins) includes  80 min’s 24+/26 DNA Activation Standard session and a crystal stone.

This session offers 24+/26-Strand DNA Activation first, and allows you to become connected to your own inner divinity first, and then, the Abundantia energy. Goddess Abundantia will support you to bring an abundance of financial gain, time, and your mental state, in order to live your life to the full, with joy and financial freedom in various areas of your life.

During the session, Abundantia or Light-being may give a personal messages for you. You will have a connection session with her, and a crystal stone will be charged with Abundantia’s energy for you to be able to connect with her after the session. After this attunement, you can directly connect with her energetically with the support of the energy charged stone, for you to manifest your own wishes.