AK2/AK3 Transformational Energy Healing

◆◆AK2/AK3 Transformational Energy Healing◆◆
 Adam Kadmon Transformational Healing

Face to Face
1) Short session including Energy balance, cousenlling and Ak2/AK3 Transformational Healing 30 min included. (55 min @ £120)
2) Standard session including Energy balance, cousenlling and Ak2/AK3 Transformational Healing 30 min included. (80 min @ £190)

1) AK2/AK3 Healing 30 min included. (no counseling and feedback included) (30 min @ £60, by Paypal @ £65)
2) Short session including Energy balance and Ak2/AK3 Transformational Healing 30 min, including short email feedback included. (55 min @ £120, by Paypal @ £127)
3) Standard session including brief counseling and feedback by Skype/phone, Energy balance and Ak2/AK3 Transformational Healing 30 min. (80 min @ £180, by Paypal @ £190)

*For remote session, please send us your full name, your birthday and address where you will be at. * During a session, you can do anything but it is better if you can stay in a quiet environment receiving the energy. Please avoid driving a car.

Since 2000, some people have completed their Light Body Transformation process which is to awaken the Divine consciousness within the physical body and move onto the divine path. It is the Adam Kadmon Light Body Transformation.

Since March in 2014, AK2 energy has been coming down to the earth and since Jan 2015, AK3 energy which is the 8th dimensional high vibrational energy, has been coming down to this earth through DNA Activation. 8th Dimensional gate will be opening up soon as handful people have reached it consciousness and they can ride its wave though its number is very small world-wide.

This AK2/AK3 Transformational Healing will heal you and transform you for your divine path and life purpose whilst you are in the physical body. It will process your Light Body Activation but in order to transform you entirely, AK2 or AK3 DNA Activation is the best if you are interested in.

Old DNA Activation which comes from King Solomon day acticates people using the Solar System energy whilst AK2 and AK3 DNA Activation and its Transformational Healing Energy comes from the planet you are related to most and it is much more higher vibration.

Since it is a such a high vibrational energy, this session is available only once a day (For remote, between 10am-13:00 Mon-Fri.London time. .

– Please email us and book a session.
– Advance payment by bank transfer is required.

”(Remote)I felt my third eye felt something, chakras were opening up and receiving the energy to each cellular in the body from head to tows. I felt very connected with the universe and felt my energy was cleared a log. I also felt angels were contacting me. Thank you. (Music teacher, Japanese male in 30s, 2014 Feb)

“(Remote) I felt I became more myself and my heart is widely open up. I feel less stress when I’m speaking in English and can communicate more comfortably. My lower back and knees are heeling better. (Shop assistant and healer, Japanese female in 30s, Feb 2014)

“(Remote)After I received a session, I felt like a log till 15:30 on a following day. I felt I received the energy to unlock the key within me and move on with divine life purpose and skills. I feel more convinced to do what I can do with my gifts. Great work” (Nurse, Psychic and Healer in 40s, Feb 2014)

“(Remote) Thank you for the session and feedback. At the first 10 min I felt the warmness within me and it became colder. After I read the feedback I thought it was related to my elements. (Shiatsu therapist in her 30s, Feb 2014)

“(Remote) Thank you for the session. I feel I’m more energized and relaxed so much. Prototype means Archetype? Very amusing.” (Music univ student in 20s, Feb 2014)