Adam Kadmon 2 Transformational & Healing Handdown Training & Seminar

Adam Kadmon 2 Transformational & Healing Handdown Seminar (AK2 Hand down Seminar)

★★ Start of the AK2 Revolution!★★

There was another clearing period till around the end of Jan in 2014. New energy cycle has been kicked in, which is the Adam Kadmon 2Light Body Transformation energy. This will be accelerating from February 2014.

That means old patterns and ways of doing things probably will not work anymore, and it will make you wonder what I should do next. It may lead you to do something you were interested in, or something you never got interested in. Try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Find your true talents and share it with others. That will make your “capacity” as a person bigger and deeper, and your “vessel” to shed the old energies, and to receive more Light, will be expanding.

From February 2014, Adam Kadmon 2 energy will be accelerating and will be coming down more onto this Mother Earth. That means that we will be awakening with the God consciousness while we are living in this human body. We will be receiving more Light and love, and it will also be influencing to other people.

There have been some people, who have already become the Adam Kadmon, and now we are at the stage where we can download this Adam Kadmon 2 transformation and healing energy. You can learn how to transform and heal yourself with this new dynamic and powerful energy, and flow it for other people.

About 100 years ago, Reiki energy was coming down to Japan through Mr Usui, and Reiki was spreading all over the world to heal the human mind and body.

After that, an upgraded version of Reiki energy called Ensofic Ray was coming down and it can heal us even more powerfully.

But now, in 2014, we can use this new healing energy, which does more than heal. It transforms us to become the Adam Kadmon2, to the next evolutionary level as the human species. This is the Adam Kadmon 2 Transformation and Healing Energy, called AK2. This is beyond Reiki and any energy modality, and comes from the universe. Reiki energy is not enough for us to evolve higher to the next conscious level in this Ascension time, and this AK2 energy will transform us to become the Adam Kadmon 2, Human with the God consciousness and a “Transformer”. Reiki and any other conventional healing energy so far, do not have this function and energy.

This latest and most up-to-date universal energy healing and its modality can be yours. If you would like to be activated as AK2, please come and become activated. Then you will have this energy connection.

Then as the next step, you will learn how to transform and heal others with this energy, and transform you and others’ to have the Light Body which is most suitable at this ascension time.

There are two new modalities which you can learn. Please find the details and attend our training course. Anyone can learn this simple but dynamic and powerful universal healing and transformational technique, and become a practitioner as the Adam Kadmon2 Transformational Healer.

For testimonials, see this page below.

Two new modalities’ energy hand down seminar.

1) Adam Kadmon 2 Transformation and Healing Energy Hand down Training Course and the Seminar (AK2 Healing Hand down Seminar)

A) First Step – Activate your own Adam Kadmon 2 Light Body first. (AK2 Activation)

– It is important for you to become connected with the Ensof, the God, and the universe first. Then you will be transforming yourself as Adam Kadmon 2 (AK2) through the light body transformation.

– 1) Please receive the 24+/26 DNA standard activation or 40 DNA full Activation. This will open up your dormant gifts and power.
– 2) Then, after about 3-4 weeks, please receive 40+DNA Activation which is the Adam Kadmon 2 Activation. You will become connected with the universe, planets and the galaxy which you are most related to. Each individual has the different connection and background, so the connection source differs from others.

 **This AK 2Activation (40+ DNA Activation), is a private session and is customized to make it suitable for each individual. You will become connected and activated further to transform yourself and others.

 **This AK2 activation cannot be taken from the beginning, and it requires two-step activation process as above.

B) Second step – Attend the Adam Kadmon 2 Light Body Transformation and Healing Energy Hand down Training Course and Seminar (AK2 Transformation & Healing Seminar)
– At this Ascension era, we are evolving as the species and also the Earth.
– We need the transformational energy for us to become evolved to become more suitable to this ascension energy. That is the Adam Kadmon 2 Transformation and Healing Energy.
– By the AK 2 activation, you will start transforming yourself to have the Light Body which is suitable and make you evolve higher with the God Consciousness.
– By attending this seminar, you will be able to get connected with the universe further, and learn how to provide transformational healing for other people.
– You will learn the deep esoteric truth, knowledge and skills for you to become an AK2 transformational healer.
– It is not only healing, and you are transforming yours and others life and energy. Key is “AK2 Transformation”, which old modalities could not provide.
– You will be able to provide a face to face and a remote session for others by this simple but powerful technique. After you are connected, energy will flow for you and others.
– Some things which you will learn in this seminar, are not written anywhere in books as it is coming from the Ancient knowledge and esoteric truth. Get ready and have fun at this seminar learning the truth!

Seminar Outline
Part 1/2 (5.5-6h)

– What is Adam Kadmon 2 (AK2)?
– What is the Ascension?
– Why is this AK2 transformational & healing energy coming down now?
– History and the energy structure of the old energy modalities; Reiki, Jikiden reiki, Shamanic, etc.
– Structure of the Hierarchy of Light
– Where is Reiki coming from? Where the Light Body Energy coming from?
– Human Evolution as the species.
– Relationship between the AK2 transformation and DNA activation
– Trend of the AK2 Transformation on this earth
– AK2 life style and important information to live as AK2.
– Daily energy flow
– AK2 Transformation & healing Energy Hand down and connection (AK2) for you to become a AK 2 transformation practitioner
– Learn how to activate your connection at a session.
– Symbol hand down which is effective to anyone irrespective of race and nationality
– Learn to heal others
Ø How to maintain your energy as a healer
Ø Basic Energy Clearing method
Ø How to clear the energy from things, food.
Ø How to manage your energy
Ø How to flow the healing energy
Ø How not to be affected by clients’ negative energies
– Learn how to heal yourself
– Learn how to set the energy of the site.
– Energy Protection Ritual Hand down / review for ARMMS initiates
– Site Energy Set up Ritual Hand down / review for ARMMS initiates
– Higher Energy Calling down Ritual Hand down / review for ARMMS initiates
– Connection practice
– Healing practice with each other.  Face to face healing.
– And others
– Assignments will be given and please submit a report after the seminar. Then upon a report completion, course certificate will be given as an AK2 transformational healer.

Part 2/2 (1.5-2.5h)
– Clearing Meditation
– ritual review
– Daily energy flow
– AK2 Transformation & healing Energy Hand down and connection (AK2) for you to become a AK 2 transformation practitioner
– Learn to heal others by remote healing
– Connection practice
Healing practice with each other. Both of Face to face and also Distant healing

2) Ensof Ray Healing Energy Hand down Seminar
– This is the upgraded version of the existing Reiki and Jikiden Reiki Healing Modalities, and it is suitable for us to receive energetically at this Ascension time.
– This energy is flowing from the Ensof and is the highest energy available on this plane in the Solar system. This is totally different from the AK 2 transformational energy.
– Reiki has the connection with guides, up to the Ascended Masters, but this Ensof Ray Healing connection goes beyond the Ascended Masters. Hence, it is more pure, powerful and effective working on our human mind and body.
– Since it is such a high and pure healing, the healer providing this healing has to have a pure and high vibrational “vessel/energetic body” to become connected and flow this energy. Sounds impossible? Yes, it is possible though it may not be easy to reach that conscious level. That’s why AK2 transformational Healing helps for us to get closer to the God consciousness even little by little. Ensof Ray healing and AK 2 Transformational Healing complement each other very well.

AK2 Hand down Seminar>
First Step – Become activated first.
– 1) Please receive either one of the DNA Activations first to open up by a private session.
Ø 24+/26 DNA Activation standard session Or
Ø 40 DNA Full Activation -> If agreed, we recommend this first (rather than 24+/26 DNA Activation) as it creates the system further in your energy to manifest your divine purpose.
** If you had the above session, or old 24 DNA Activation in the past, you can skip this part.

– 2) Then as the next step, please receive the AK2 Activation (40+ DNA Activation)

** You cannot receive this AK2 Activation as the initial session as it is too powerful and your body needs to be transformed step by step.
** If you received 24 DNA Activation full session before, your body has been transforming as AK but you don’t have the connection for you to provide transformational healing others as AK2, so this AK2 activation session is required.

★Second Step – Get ready to attend the AK2 Energy Hand down Training and Seminar
1) Please complete the pre-requisite below as part of the training before attending the AK2 seminar. It prepares your energy and mind to become the AK2 healer.

AK2 seminar Level 1 Pre-requisite
- Healer& Psychic Training Course level 1 , level 2 and level 3’s lecture1 -3.
– ARMMS initiates’ specific lectures on star seeds, sacred geometry, 12 dimension journey, Mystery school history and guide connection, Astral Travel
–    Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar

AK2 seminar Level 2 Pre-requisite
- Healer& Psychic Training Course level 3’s lecture4 -7.
–    Coaching course (5 sessions)

2) Book your seat for the AK2 Hand down seminar and get trained to become an AK2 transformational healer.

Seminar dates: Please check What’s on page for up to date info.

Seminar fee:
Part 1/2 of the AK2 Seminar


Part 2/2 of the AK2 Seminar 

Please note
– Seminar will be conducted with minimum two -three people
– Please bring water, snack, notebook and pen
– It may take longer so please be prepared just in case.
– Please pay your seminar fee in advance by bank transfer.
– After you book the seminar, please start practising what you learned in the class 1.
–  After the seminar is booked, cancellation fee is charged £30. Within two weeks of the seminar, cancellation charge is £70.Within 10-8 days before, £120, within 8-4 days before, £160, and within 4days, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

“I received 44 DNA Activation and became connected with the universe in Jan 2014.
After that, I provided a healing therapy to my client but with only one session, she does not drink that much alcohol anymore and reduced her weight. I can see this AK transformational session works both on mind and body powerfully.

I also had the 20 min AK Transformational Remote session. During the session, I felt pressure within my head and chin. Kay said I have a connection with the Andromeda universe and need to find two other mates who are coming from the same universe and who are contracted to work together on this earth, Someone else also said to me before that I have the connection with Andromeda. I started looking for these people. Thank you for your session. Short but powerful. I even got a message too. ”
(Nurse & Mystery School healer in her 40s.) Japanese. Feb 2014)

“I received 20 min AK Transformational Remote session and 15 mins Ensof Ray Distant Healing Session on my knees. It was amazing! When it started, I felt it was coming. I started seeing the purple colour around my 3rd eye, and my body started feeling a sensation, Inside of my brain, I felt like something was being re-programmed. I wondered I was getting connected to my planet where I am related to. Energy was coming from somewhere in the universe. I also felt my heart became really warm and received the huge bright light. While I was feeling all the sensation through my body, I received messages too. Then To my lower back, I received so much light and then it flows into my toes. My knees are also receiving the light and feeling something was going on there. I fell in a sleep and woke up with my snoring noise. I usually don’t snore. I was really tired before receiving the session but after that I became so much clear in my head and body. I’m more motivated to do what I want to do . Thank you so much. (Flower remedy therapist & Mystery School healer in her 30s.) Japanese. Feb 2014)