AK3 DNA Activation – 56 DNAA

AK3 DNA Activation (Higher Light Body Activation with full 56 DNA strand Activation)

From the beginning of the new year 2015, AK 3 DNA Activation can be received to process the higher level of the Light Body, following the AK 2 DNA Activation.

It activates your full 56 strands of DNA and also activates the further transformational codes to shift your Light Body to the next level Light Body to which enables you to shift to the higher dimension.

Since this AK 3 Activation requires releasing lots of lower energies, please receive the below sessions in advance and prepare your body and vibration to shift further.

–  Class 1
–  Spirit Release Hypnosis for the second level.
–  Class 2’s level 1&2
–  Deep Healing 1-3
– Ensofic Ray Healing 1-3
‐ AK2 DNA Activation
– Adam Kadmon Light Body Maintenance Seminar
– Coaching course
– Part of the King Solomon Healing course

- You need to finish all the King Solomon sessions  in prior.
– AK 3 session  fee is 80min @ £210  x 2 sessions  (£420 if you book and pay by bank transfer 96h/4days before. By Paypal, £435)

“The AK3, King Soloman healing have all been amazing. I really feel the difference in my life and am stronger than before. It has given me power to know more about myself and learn. Kay knows what she is doing. ”
(British female in her 30s, corporate, March 2015)

“I felt more light was coming into me and it was massively so bright . I felt like Kay was giving me the torch light in front of my face. At the end of the session, I felt I really needed to have this high vibrational energy and I’m more keen to move on to do what I really want to do, channeling to perform my mission in life”
(Japanese female in her 30s, corporate, March 2015)

“I used to see gold colour often but could see various different colours. After each session of the AK 3 DNA Activation, I was feeling more solid and sensing something more.  I had issues with health but it is now gone.”
(Japanese female in her 30s, corporate, March 2015)

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