★Amaterasu Clearing, Rebalancing & Empowerment Class

** We are nothing to do with any religions and cult organizations. **

This is an online clearing & Empowerment class with the energy of the Goddess Amaterasu who is said to manage the highest level of heaven and initiates the ascension process together with the Galactic Federation. She offers the latest clearing & empowerment energy for the ascension time. This purification (stage 1), and clearing & empowerment (stage 2) are part of the latest Galactic Clearing and Energy Management.

There are 2 stages. You can choose either to go for only stage 1 which is very powerful and good enough or to go to stage 2 as well.

Expected effects:
– Purification, clearing for your energy
– Clear the energy of the area you live in
– Good luck
– Peace of mind
– You have an opportunity to communicate your wishes to the Goddess for support. She is known to support wishes to come true.

Stage 1) Online Class for Purification
– You will learn how to receive the purification energy from Amaterasu, so you can practice it at home whenever you want. After you learn it, you will receive the energy for about 15 min.
– This energy purification has the power to rebalance you and your energy as well.

How to join: It is an online private session on Zoom / Skype. You will receive a Zoom link / Skype connection arrangement after you book the session.

Booking: By e-mail.
‐Private session: You can book the class as private. 60-70 min at £90 by UK bank transfer (Within 48 hours, by Paypal, £100).
– If you would like to join with your family or friends, up to two persons, £140 by UK bank transfer.
– This is online only.
Cancellation or rescheduling policy for a private session: 50% fee within 48h and 100% within 24h.
– Fee includes the recorded short prayer (audio) as a preparation to purify your energy.

Stage 2) Energy Clearing from your Chakra and Auric Field. Online Private Class
– You will learn further how to clear negative energies and improve your energetic conditions including the Chakra and Auric field balancing and clearing.

  • If you have a mental or physical illness, this one is recommended to learn. This is the latest ascension energy management and clearing together with the Melchizedek protection and energy management.
  • Amaterasu energy works on the energy-related to the more physical dimension, whilst the Galactic Melchizedek emergy works more related to the universal energy.
  • It is recommended for you to practice the Amaterasu stage 1 and the class 1 contents at least 10 times first and get used to it.

Pre-requisite: Stage 1 of the Amaterasu Clearing, and the class 1-level 1
* If you have already attended class 1 level1 with the assignment completion, you can book this Amaterasu clearing stages 1 and 2 altogether (£180 for 110 min by UK bank transfer).
How to join: Zoom or Skype.
Duration: 70 minutes.
Application: By e-mail. Please send 3-4 desired dates and times.
Participation fee for Part 2: £90 by UK bank transfer (Within 48 hours, by Paypal, £100).
– If you would like to join with your family or friends, up to two persons, £140 by UK bank transfer.
Note: Cancellation or rescheduling policy: 50% fee within 48h and 100% within 24h.

Client Feedback
’’I’m glad to have the connection with her in this way. I will try practising every day even for 1 or 2 minutes.”
(Japanese female, 40s, medical, Tokyo, Japan, Mar 2021)

’’My neck and shoulder pain is reduced a lot. My body is lighter’’.
(Japanese male, 80s, pensioner, Osaka, Japan, Mar 2021)

’’I’ve gone very deep and started making more changes in myself and noticing an improvement in my shoulder. have been doing the Amaterasu ritual every day and I think that’s helped too. so good news there!’’.
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, Mar 2021)

”It was an incredible experience, to say the least. I felt connected to a Japanese past life yet also my present life and future self all at once. I was very relaxed but also incredibly energized after the session. Hard to describe it in words. I have also had a very uplifting and empowering day overall. I was amazed at how strong Amaterasu’s energy was and yet also so supportive and loving. Felt like I received some sort of blessing and still processing.”
(English male, 30s, psychic consultant, London, Feb 2021)