★Amaterasu Clearing Remote Group Session

It is a purification session with the energy of Amaterasu Ogami, who supervises the Gods of Japan. It is a remote session. Please apply from the following if you wish.

1) Remote live session &Class
Outline: You will learn how to receive the clearing energy from Amaterasu, so you can practice at home whenever you want. After that, you will receive the energy for about 30 min together.
How to join: You can receive a remote session in a private group on Youtube or Zoom. We’ll send you a link in advance.
Time and Date of the class: 60 minutes. Visit the What-on page.
Application: By e-mail. Please mention 1) Amateras Cleansing Remote-Live session and the desired date and time.
– Group session: First time £35 (By Paypal, £40). From the second time, £20 for 45 min (By Paypal, £25).
‐Private session: You can have the class as private if you wish. 60-70 min at £95 (By Paypal, £100).

On the day: There is no QA etc. because the main thing is to receive energy. You can participate on the day and sit down or lie down. We would appreciate it if you could tell us how it felt and what changes you experienced since then.
If you are physically or mentally unwell or have any problems, we recommend that you take it several times. The fee is non-refundable.

2) Online recorded session viewing
How to join: You will receive the non-public link of the recorded video on Youtube. You can watch it for a month. If you would like to continue, please let us know how many months you would like to continue.
Duration: 30 minutes.
Application: By e-mail. Please mention 2) Amateras Cleansing Recorded Video link and your desired date and time
Participation fee: £30/month
– It doesn’t matter if you lie down or sit down. We would appreciate it if you could tell us how it felt and what changes have changed since then.
– If you are physically and mentally unwell or have any problems, we recommend this recorded video that you can receive the energy as many times as you want.
– The fee is non-refundable.

Client Feedback
”It was an incredible experience, to say the least. I felt connected to a Japanese past life yet also my present life and future self all at once. I was very relaxed but also incredibly energized after the session. Hard to describe it in words. I have also had a very uplifting and empowering day overall. I was amazed at how strong Amaterasu’s energy was and yet also so supportive and loving. Felt like I received some sort of blessing and still processing.”
(English male, 30s, psychic consultant, London, Feb 2021)