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★ Ivermectin reference as a PDF

Ivermectin reference as a PDF

Since a lot of censorship is going on in the major media and social media, many of us in the UK and Japan don’t know what Ivermectin is about. I heard about it but I didn’t become convinced until June 2021, when I found what had happened in India and some of the testimonials coming from Japan by Ivermectin for Corona prevention and treatment.

If you want to know about Ivermectin further, success cases abroad, why it is as an option for a Corona prevention and treatment, benefits, side effects, contra indications, and more, you can have a reference as a PDF version (information is as of July 17th 2021).

Offer 1 – If you book a session and can fill in the Covid Research Questionnaire Form, you can have this free.

Offer 2 If you can fill in the Covid Research Questionnaire Form, you can have this at 5 pounds.

How to Get itPlease email us and we will send you a short questionnaire form(PDF format). Your privacy will be protected as anonymous to answer your questions.

★ Detox Old Patterns, Release External Influence & Align at Your Centre from a Subconscious Level For Your Life Creation


How are you doing?

Even if vaccines are promoted, the pandemic is not finishing easily. More and more people experience mental and physical problems.

There is a reason why the virus is still here from a spiritual point of view and it is still time for us to review our life and transform it.

How happy are you now?
How much are you aligned with your passion, life purpose and joy?
How much are you giving up on your life?

Everything that is phenomenonized in your life simply reflects the results created by your actual consciousness, subconscious, and psychology. In other words, you can change it.

Do you want to make a change and have a fantastic life?

Mental Prison
We live in a democratic country (many of us), but it is also true that there are people who put themselves in their mental prison and take away their own freedom. It blocks for them to move on in life and use their free will and freedom.

You can participate in our group session and you can review your life, your reality, your way of thinking, feeling, behaving, and energy. It gives opportunities to get to know yourself, raise awareness and understand your values to restructure your life with more joy and success.

Come and join us.

Time and Date: 90 minutes. Please check it from the What’s on page.

Location: Zoom Online Group Session

★★ Overview★★
– Short QA sessions
– Detox old patterns, external unwanted influence.
– Notice what you haven’t noticed.
– Live with your own standards 
⁻ You will experience a guided meditation, NLP, psychological work, energy work, access to your subconscious, etc.

Participation fee:
– Group ⁻ £20 with an early discount (no refund)
1) Please pay here at PayPal and let us know the desired date and time by e-mail.
2) We will send you a link to your email.
3) Please download Zoom in advance and check in advance whether you can access it.
4) Start on time on the day. If you are late, please come in quietly. Please note that there will be no refund if you are unable to participate or late.

  • Online private sessions – £190 / face-to-face 80 min session @ £220.
    (Cancellation & schedule change: 50% within 48 hours, 100% within 24 hours)

★Reiki Hands-on Practice for students for the Reiki Practitioner Course Level 2 – Follow up session


Hope you are well.

Since the weather is much nicer and warmer, I’m planning to offer the Reiki Hands-on Practice Group session in the park for the students who have attended the Reiki Practitioner Course Level 2 but not completed the assignment yet.

There are many more people becoming sick mentally and physically and you can heal them once you are qualified as a Reiki practitioner.

You will practice and have a brash-up hands on skills.

– Students who have attended the Reiki Practitioner Course Level 2 after 2016 Jan.
– If it is before 2016, please re-sit the class as it’s been too long.
– We may repeat this group session if you want to count a practice session as part of your assignment in July.

Time and Date: June, weekend. TBA. about 2h. around 10 am
Location: Park in London/North London. Toiles access available. Parking is available in or around the park with a fee.

– QA
– Theory part follow-up on the course contents
– Clearing Meditation
– Hands-on Practice – minimum 30 min – counted as one practice as a 30 min practice.
– Assignment review

What you need to bring
– Reiki Course Textbook levels 1 and 2 (If you lost them, the latest version is at 15 pounds).
– Meditation log if you have
– Pen and paper/notebook
– Hand Sanitiser
– Water, snack
– Jacket in case you may feel cold.
Picnic mat / 2 bath towels as you will lie down on the ground to practice under your body. The size needs to be a minimum of 160 cm in length total.
– One more towel for you to sit on.

In order to book:
Please make sure you follow this to protect other participants as you will practice on each other.
– Due to the pandemic, please have a Covid-test (by the drop-in center, free Covid-test 7 kits at home, etc. – Please refer to the What’s on Page), and email me the result from NHS/image of the test bar (Even if you had a jab, everyone needs to have a test to protect other participants as you may not have a symptom even if you get contracted).
– You need to be Covid symptoms-free in the last 3 weeks.
– It’s been a minimum of 3 weeks since you had a jab.

– With a minimum of 2-person attendance to organize this session.
– Fee: 2h15min at 85 pounds by bank transfer (By Paypal, 90 pounds).

★”Even if you had jabs, you still need to wear masks/face covers and follow the guideline TO PROTECT OTHERS as you may be infected without any symptoms”

The vaccination expert said people who had jabs need to wear masks to protect others as they can be infected without any symptoms, But usually, people with jabs do not wear masks as they think they are safe, which is not the case.

Jabs are creating situations where vaxed people can spread the virus without awareness. I think this point needs to be addressed clearly by NHS and the governments, not to spread the virus further.

As the weather is nicer, more and more ppl are out without masks after jabs, but the virus is still here. At the end of the day, you need to protect yourself as some information we need to know to assess risk is not all the time communicate and broadcasted properly.

You can watch the video related to the jabs from the link below.

We Asked Top Vaccine Expert About COVID Vaccine Problems | Stay Curious #35 – YouTube

0:00 – Intro 0:58 – Global COVID-19 vaccination progress 4:11 – Vaccine expiration dates 7:48 – COVID-19 variants 14:21 – Do you need to get vaccinated if you had COVID before? 17:14 – Vaccine side effects 21:59 – Adenovirus vaccines 27:21 – Getting vaccinated on birth control pills 29:39 – Is it okay to take off masks after getting vaccinated? 33:26 – Korea’s slow vaccination progress 35:05 – Patent waiver for COVID-19 vaccines 40:36 – Other COVID-19 vaccine updates 43:39 – End message

★Updated – Spiritual Counselling, Psychic Consultation, Intuitive Coaching

There are more people wondering about the quality of life, life purpose and the direction.

Spiritual Counselling, Psychic Consultation, Intuitive Coaching have been integrated in our sessions and seminars, but each session is available as a stand-alone session.

If you need to talk about your thoughts and emotions, spiritual counselling is good for you.

If you want spiritual guidance from the higher dimension, psychic consultation is recommended.

If you are ready to move on in life and maximize your potential, intuitive coaching is recommended.

For further information, please visit the website. 

★ Intuition & Psychic Sense Development Introductory Video Course is available now

Intuition & Psychic Sense Development Introductory Video Course (stage 2) is available for all levels to start training.

Psychic development is not only learning a reading skill which is a pitfall many people are not aware of.

This introductory course is suitable for anyone who wants to develop intuitions and psychic sense, for example

  • you want to become more artistic, creative and inspirational in any creative work
  • you want to brush up on the accuracy of your reading capability
  • you want to sharpen your decision making senses in business and work situations.
  • you want to become connected with the higher dimensions and receive guidance

and such.

For further information, please click on the link here.

Psychic & Intuition Development Training | Galactic Federation Light Worker School (

Thank you.


★ How to Turn Around Your Life – Dealing with Depressive Feelings or Depression

Roman Kemp on feeling ‘trapped’ by depression – BBC Three

More people are suffering from depression, mental illness or from depressive feelings.

I’m surprised to hear that 75% of people who committed suicide are men. Listening to his TV programme makes me feel many of them take too much of others’ opinions and expectations to assess whether they are doing alright or not, and they feel they are under pressure. If they are not meeting others’ expectations, then they feel they are not worthy, not useful, not worthy. Is it really the case? What makes them feel why it matters so much to worry about others’ opinions on you?

Don’t worry too much about how others are expecting you to live your life, but make a decision based on what you really want to do with passion. You need to live your life as you, not someone else. You don’t need to satisfy others’ needs all the time, which is impossible. Trying to meet is a wonderful thing IF you want to.

Life is too short. If there are any problems, there are so many counsellors and therapists available. It’s ok to cry and feel sad, which happens sometimes in life.

Literally, you can get any help living in the UK, developed countries. You need to think about how fortunate you are by having something to eat, a place to live, health, a body you can move around, money however small, info and support available online and offline, etc. Life is never a perfect thing and shit happens but you can get out of there sometime.

I have posted many free videos on my Youtube channel about how to get over difficult situations. Have a look? Or simply get your phone to ask for help to any organizations or groups you want to reach out.

One video –
1. How to get over challenges and utilize its support from 26 DNA Activation energy work. – YouTube

My channel – Galactic Psychic Psychologist & Trainer Kei – YouTube


★How to Transform Your life 8 – How to Convey Your Opinion that Seems Negative to Others

Piers Morgan says he stands by criticism of Meghan Markle | The Independent


Yesterday was a day of rain and the wind was blowing strongly, and it was as if we were trying to clear the bad energy of confusion and criticism going on now.

Entertainers and celebrities go out into the media, so depending on how they say things, the general public may be manipulated and get influenced.

It’s better not to swallow what they are saying as it is.

For example, Piers M denied totally what Meghan said as depressed, suicidal and discriminated. He stepped down and she sued him.

”I don’t believe what she says at all.”

In the newspaper, it was closed up as a reverse grudge of love as he didn’t receive phone calls from her after he dated her. Due to this, his claim of her insult to the Monarchy was not focused on, but he received over 4000 compliments as he needed to be more compassionate to people with depression. However, when I look at the comments on the BBC news, there are quite a few people who are sceptical and unreliable about Megan’s personality and what she claimed, like he said.

A big mistake of Piers was

He didn’t explain well with a fact or a reason why he does not believe her but walked off with anger.

He needed to control his emotions and should have thought about his delivery and consequences. He should have quoted what clinical depression is xxxx, and she should not use it as one card, for example, and explains his view properly why.

Meghan said she was suicidal and depressed but she had to do all the engagements. If that was the case, it shoud be very tough for her, left alone, no support she was not receiving, away from the US home, different culture, different class, different role, etc.

In Japan, for example, current empress Masako suffered from depression and certainly couldn’t do official duties for more than two years, and there was a time when she couldn’t do anything about public engagements. I’m glad she is well now and does all the engagements with the proper Royal protocols. That is a real depression.

I don’t know how serious Meghans’ case was but she should see a doctor if she is depressed or is suffering from any other mental illness if she claims she was suicidal.

Clinically, a doctor gives a diagnosis as depression if a person has more than 5 specific symptoms over 2 weeks including, withdrawing from activities, meeting people, etc. I wonder whether that was her case or not. If she does, she needs to see a doctor.

Diagnosis – Clinical depression – NHS (

There are so many different symptoms and ab-reactions in mental illness, and when I was studying in the Psychotheraoy course, I was like

”Eh, this symptom is a reaction that xxx always does, isn’t it?”

Even without a doctor’s diagnosis, mental illness can be found in a day to day communication and relationships such as, just as an example,

  • There’s a hyped emotional reaction which is unexpected
  • Heat up emotionally quickly
  • There’s violence.
  • Even if you plan something with someone, his/her mind and body are unstable, so they cancel last minute or do not reply you back.
  • Blame you intensively but they don’t take accountability on their behaviours.
  • They criticize and manipulate skillfully to make you feel guilty.
  • They withdraw from activities
    and such.

From my personal experience, even if there is no diagnosis of a mental illness such as depression, there are quite a few people who seem to have symptoms and act out, so be especially careful when making negative remarks for the other party.

In the UK, it is said 1 out 4 people experience depression in their life, so it is quite high.

Both British and Japanese cultures are similar in a way, so if you communicate very straightforward like many Americans do such as

You’re like this, I hate you, I don’t like it! etc.

It is better to be prepared to be labelled and removed from your peers. Many Britons and also Japanese don’t like it and keep you away without saying anything. It is regarded as rude, with no respect, no sensitivity, especially if communicating a negative view in many cases, especially in a personal relationship. Work-wise, different story.

Now, what and how would you tell when you need to express a negative opinion to the other person?

When I worked for the American company, it was the hardest company ever in my career as politics were everywhere which I disliked.

You cannot just say to your boss like

xxx trouble happened. What should I do?

They will tell you, think about solutions and come back.

If you just ignore and don’t report problems to your boss, again, you would be blamed as to why didn’t you report it.

So at the work situation, you need always
– Report
– Consultation
– give facts and references in direct manners as possible.

are necessary to your boss and make it transparent. BUT don’t accuse your boss publicly or your seniors as they may revenge you.

If it is a personal situation, it can be tricky so you need to see other peoples’ personalities too.

When people have a problem and have to communicate it to others, there are patterns you can see.

  • They tell you openly and straightforward
  • They know it but don’t want to face it, so avoid it and don’t respond to anything
  • They blame people for xx
  • They respond, face it timely and focus on what needs to be done
  • Gossip people
  • They think about their situation and change the content to convey it
  • They don’t respond until the last minute
  • They think about future counter-measures and crisis counter-measures
  • Make a statement or rant about the other person’s personality or behaviour

And so on.

Now, how do you tell your negative opinion or comment to others?

Now we are in the Air era, communication is very important. You can learn how to communicate to build good relationships, not to destroy relationships.

How would you build a good relationship?

If interested in, you can learn via the Mind Revolution course.

Thank you for reading.