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★Part 2 – Clear all the deceptions-  Audio Message – 21st – NEW Moon and Venus Magic workshop, Remote  New Moon and Eclipse Galactic  transmission


How are you?

Tomorrow 21st is the day for us to redirect the energy and manifest your dreams by New Moon and Eclipse Energy in the Leo month.

Some of you may like an audio message so you can listen to the audio recorded today for tomorrow.

Part 2 – Clear all the deceptions this month before Aug 22nd.

I was talking about how others can be/may be/are deceptive to you. It makes you upset, sad and angry, of course.
This time, I would like to touch upon how honest we are to our feelings.
I want to say majority of the people we meet in life should be good people even if they/you have some issues.  No one is perfect. However… deceptions are created by manipulation, control, insecurities and expectations even if some people think they are good people and they want to present  themselves as so.

How can you prevent these?
I have my own system to understand what is going on in my life and try to understand situations as accurate and objective as possible. Having said that, sometimes this system does not work well IF
– I ignore my gut feelings
–  I try to ignore contradicting facts and information which are presented in front of me.
– I try to be too protective or too understanding ignoring my sense of ‘I know the truth’ and messages from my mentors and guides.
– the other person(s) manipulate all and make me feel I did something wrong though they did something nasty behind the scene.

So, best prevention is to be honest with how you feel and communicate it openly.

If the other person(s) is understanding and genuine, they will understand how you feel. If they are not, they will most likely put all the tips on your shoulders and manipulate you and make you feel like you are a bad person.

Is he/she psychopath or sociopath?
Our world has beautiful aspect as well as ugly aspect. Unfortunately, there are some people who can be categorised as psychopath or sociopath according to NHS, some of them are not even aware of it.

One acquaintance is writing a book about a sociopath as she had a tremendous mental damage from her previous marriage.

One of the organizations I go to banned one guy to come in as he was unfortunately regarded as causing troubles to others as he was hunting women and acted funny to others, and the organization knew he was mentally unbalanced.

If you do some research on the NHS site, you can find more info on these. It is better to stay away from all the sociopath as they only want material gain but don’t show it to you. Stay away from all the troubles and even from ‘smokes’.

It is important to focus on you now and stay healthy and cultivate your healthy mind and body.
Leo month is a good month to clear all the deceptions and move on.

21st Eclipse and New Moon day – set your new energy releasing all the deceptions.
We will have another eclipse on the new moon day, 21st,  and it is quite important for all of us as we get influenced by the planet energy.

Private sessions and classes are also available.   Feel free for any queries and bookings.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light


NEW ! – Aug 21st 11:30am – Block Release, Eclipse Day’s New Moon & Venus Energy Transmission & Magic Work, Galactic Light body Transmission Group Session @ Covent Garden
This is the time for you to learn basic but important ancient metaphysics to receive transmission from the planets of Moon and Venus.
It is designed to release blocks both at subconscious and conscious levels and to shift your life to the divine path. Audio will be provided in advance as well.

For further details, please visit below.

Aug 21st – New Moon, Eclipse Days for the Remote Galactic Light Body Transmission
Eclipse has the power to break through and release blocks, so on 21st new moon day, is even more powerful time for you to shift your consciousness. If you are attracted to this offer and want to shift your life, further details can be found from the link below.
Important Month with 2 Eclipse in the Leo Month – 7th and 21st – Remote  Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse Galactic Light Transmission, Reiki seminar, more
Sep 14th  Night – Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar
Michael seminar is conducted only couple of times a year. You will learn metaphysics and strong ancient protection rituals. If you want to work together with the Higher Dimensions, you need to have its connection essentially as a lightworker.
Sacred Geometry Space Protection Seminar, Usui Reiki Seminar, Law of Attraction Seminar These seminar dates will be fixed soon so if you are interested in, please contact me soon.


Class 1 level 1 (Meditation and Energy Protection and Management)  – Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here too. You can book a class anytime you want.
Class 1 details ->
★ Sep 6th Wed-  Full Moon Chaka & Energy Clearing Meditation and Crystal Empowerment – you can book online from the page below. No need to text or email me. ★12:00 - Part 1 – Meditation and Group Emotional Healing @Covent Garden ★12:40 – Part 2A Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment @Covent Garden


★June 30th – Transformation and Venus Love Workshop – Attract an Ideal Loving Partner


How are you?

2017 is now half way up and how is your love life?

* Photos- Pippa M wedding. Serena W with baby bump.

If you are in a loving relationship, that is awesome.

– If you are single, struggling finding good partners, or leaving your ex
– If you wonder ‘What on earth is wrong with you?’
– If you are attracting not ideal ones, bad ones, cheaters, players, or Mr/Ms non-commitment
– If you “pretend”, you are ok to be single and gave up finding love
– If you feel your body clock is ticking big time

June 30th workshop is for you.

Relationship matters to each one of us isn’t it?

You are now with a loving partner enjoying each other’s company, walking hand in hand.. rather than spending your time alone on Fri night or out hunting in a pub or club?

On 30th Fri, it’s not so much about a theory, but you will experience an actual hands on energy group workshop to make a change within you to attract ideal partner(s) for dating and relationship. 2017 is  a good year for this and find a loving partner.

Venus energy will be injected a lot.

Please see the details from the link below.

There are other sessions and classes available to support you such as Aphrodite love session,  if you would like, so feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light


★Class 1 level 1  teaching (Meditation and Energy Protection and Management)
– Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here too. You can book a class anytime you want.

Class 1 details ->

★ June 30th – Ideal Partner/ Mate Attraction & Venus Energy Transmission: Law of Attraction workshop for love
Do you know this year is the year for you to access what you want in life?
Additionally, this is the best time to get the booster from Mercury and Venus and find ideal mate/partners?

If you have been single and haven’t met an ideal partner, this is the time for you to shift your emotional, mental, physical and energetic patterns to create opportunities to meet ideal partner candidates.
Please book by Wed/Thu.

For further Details, please click here.

★ June 30th – Ideal Partner/Mate Attraction & Venus Energy Transmission

★ June 30th – Ideal Partner/Mate Attraction & Venus Energy Transmission
– Law of Attraction: Hand on practice for your love life transformation.
– Anyone can attend.

Do you know this year is the year for you to be able to access what you want in life?
Additionally, this month, June, is the best time to get a booster from Mercury and Venus and find an ideal mate/partner.

If you have been single and haven’t met an ideal partner, this is the time for you to shift your emotional, mental, physical and energetic patterns to create opportunities to meet ideal partner candidates.

This is a one-off, seasonal workshop aligning with the planetary alignment. Better not to miss if you want to transform your life and have a better love life.

This is a group workshop in a small number of people and anyone can attend.
You will experience below to transform you;
– Essential Keys to attract ideal partners and build a better, intimate relationship.
– Learn the Law of Vibration for a relationship and apply it to manifest.
– Group coaching time: explorer what you really feel and what you really want.
– Energy work: Release Ancestral Karmic energy,  DNA re-write, group healing, your own energy maintenance, and more (secret parts).
Goddess Aphrodite and Venus Energy Transmission to raise your love and beauty vibration.  
– Reality Check: Hands on Practical Essential Keys: what you should avoid and what you can do for you, yourself,  to become more attractive.
– Psychic reading included brief QA time.
– Crystal Healing Transformation to transform your energy and patterns.
– Some other things may be offered depends on the energy of participants and flow.

* This workshop focuses more on hands on energetic transformation and theory time is minimum.

Time and Date: Fri 30th 2017, 17:00 – 19:30 (2.5h)
Location: Covent Garden
Minimum participants: from 2 persons to offer this workshop.
Fee: Early Bird Offer. Now it is 210 pounds. (on the door, 260 pounds only by cash)
Booking: Please contact us for booking by email.
– Please pay by bank transfer.
– If by Paypal, it will be plus +5% additionally.
– After June 29th 12noon, please pay by Paypal.
What to bring – Please bring a pen, notebook, water bottle.

Please note
– Please arrive in time. Door will open 5 min before.
– 50% cancelation charge within 5 days, 100% cancelation charge will be applied within 72 hours.



Nov 1st- 4th Magical Iceland Remote Group Session

Nov 1st– 4th Magical Iceland Remote Group  Session



Have you ever watched the Lord of the Ring film? There are Elfs playing their roles in the film. In Iceland, more than half of the people believe in them and have personal experiences. They help Humans and Humans sometimes help them.

We live as Humans but some of us have Elf and Fairies energies and I am one of them.

Some of my clients found out they also have its energy when they received Life Purpose Reading as well. People who have this energy, can better off if they relate to the Nature, high frequency, pure energy.

In Nov, you can receive the Magical Icelandic energy, Elf, Fairies and the Dynamic Nature. If the weather is clear, I will also send off the Northern Night Light energy as well (Weather permitted)

If you are interested in this remote session, please see below.

Separately, there is a Psychic Reading Consultation Day on Nov 6th as a preferable rate. If you have any distresses, please book and come along.

–        Remote Group Session to receive the energy from Iceland.

Time and Date: Nov 1st night-4th morning.
- between 1st-3rd: Northern Light Magical energy if weather permitted.(Minimum 10 min. )

- 2nd: Dynamic Nature’s energy from the Unesco heritage national park, waterfall, hot spring, and more. (Minimum 20 min) - 3rd: Elf, fairy energy from their capital and the park.(Minimum 10 min. )

- 3rd/4th: Icelandic energy from the Church (Minimum 10 -15min. ). If you don’t want to have the energy from the church, please request and I will not send from here to you but the fee will be the same.

- 4th morning: Icelandic energy for 30 min.(If the above time is needed to be compensated, I will add the time on top. )


–        After Nov 7th, I will send you a short feedback, Elf story and some photos from Iceland to share. There will be no individual feedback.
Booking and Payment: Early Bird available (After Sun,£130)
– Please make a payment from the link below . – Please send your full name, address and birthday.



Booking deadline: 19:00 on Mon 31st of Oct.


Please read before you book.
–        Above time indicates the minimum time. Depends on a situation, I will send you longer.
–        It is not refundable.
–        Due to the weather and transport, time cannot be fixed.
–        Please intend to receive the energy during this period and you can do anything anywhere. However, it may be better to minimize your driving time as much as possible.
–        Time difference is 1h (Iceland is behind)
–        In case the remote session cannot be conducted, full refund will be made.


★June 21st – Remote Group session – Summer Solstice energy from Glastonbury

 June 21st – Remote Group session  – Summer Solstice energy from Glastonbury

Glastonbury Tor is a conical hill in Glastonbury, England, which is topped by a 14th-century St. Michael's Tower. Rich in legend and mythological associations, Glastonbury Tor may have been a place of ancient ritual. Today, it is a popular destination for visiting tourists, Grail theorists, ley-line enthusiasts, and those who make the climb to enjoy its sweeping view of Somerset countryside.



Glastonbury Thor is a conical hill in Glastonbury, England, which is topped by a 14th-century St. Michael’s Tower. Rich in legend and mythological associations, Glastonbury Thor may have been a place of ancient ritual. Today, it is a popular destination for visiting tourists, Grail theorists, ley-line enthusiasts, and those who make the climb to enjoy its sweeping view of Somerset countryside.

On June 21st, you can receive by a remote group session, Sun God and Summer Solstice Energy from Glastonbury directly for you, which supports your awakening and transformation as Divine-You.

If you would like to book a remote group session, please see below.

Time and Date: June 21st, 30 min in the afternoon between 13:00 – 17:00
How: By Remote group session from Glastonbury Thor/Chalis Well.

  • You don’t need any Skype, phone session, but just intend to receive the energy.
  • After the session, feedback email will be sent to you within 1-2 days.

Booking and Payment
Deadline to book: June 20th Mon 18:00
- Early bird offer is available.
– Please pay from the link below.


Please note
– Please add in the memo session 1) your full name 2) your birthday 3) where you will be at on 21st in the afternoon.
- If you pay for someone else, please make sure you have a permission from the person who will receive a remote session and send us her/his information as above as well.
– please note it is not refundable.


June 10th–Unlock the Power Within You! – Galactic Light Empowerment

June 10th–Unlock the Power Within You! – Galactic Light Empowerment Group Work


Unlock and Awaken your divine energy within you  and fill your energy field with the High vibrational Galactic Light.

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
What gifts do I have?
What is my purpose on this dimension?
Where am I going?

In our busy life, our focus tends to go to the external world and we don’t really take time for ourselves. It is important for us to have time, become connected and unlock the power within you.

We will be gently guiding you at this group work and using the Power of Now, Zen approach, then awaken and unlock the divine power within you. High vibrational energy will fill your energy field which will release lower vibrational energy, emotions and thoughts.

You will receive the Light to create your divine life and future.

Please bring a pen and paper with you.

For further details, please see below.

Looking forward to meeting you.


– Message from the Galactic Federation
– Energy Clearing Guided Meditation
– Qabalah work 1 – Clear energy in one of your aspect to receive more light.
– June 10th Fri special- Unconditional Love transmission to open your heart and raise love vibration!
– Connect to your inner divinity
– Unlock the Power Within You! – Using the Ancient method
– Galactic Light Connection Activation  – for each person
– Galactic Light Transmission and Transformation (Some of you may receive energy from your most related planet /  your home in the universe.

  • You can also have a gift of a mini Healing essential blended 5ml oil (if you book and pay by June 6th)

Time and Date: Fri 10th of June 2016,  18:50- 20:05
* Deadline to book – 6th of June 24:00.

Venue: Covent Garden (Address will be notified 2-3 days before of the event by email)

Booking and Payment
– Please make a payment from the below Paypal link and make a booking.
– You don’t need to book by email separately and keep your payment confirmation email from Paypal.

Early Bird Offer is available.  Seat are limited.
Deadline – June 7th 18:30


On the Door: By Cash only,  at £40


Please read before you make a booking.
- It is not refundable unless we cancel the workshop.
– We will run the workshop as scheduled so please arrive 5 min before and wait on the Ground floor level. After 7pm, door will be shut and you cannot get in.
– Regarding a Healing bottle
– Please store somewhere dark and cold, avoiding direct sunshine and heat.
– You can have 2-3 drops and apply to your body where you feel you want to heal. It is not made for a massage.
– Oil has an Almond oil so please note not to use this oil if you have a nut allergy.
– It is blended safely, however you may want to test the oil with 1 or 2 drops on your skin as a batch test and make sure you are ok with the oil if you are sensitive.
– If you apply to your skin, please follow the valid day to use.
– Quality will depend on how you store the oil, therefore if it starts smelling or liquid is not clear, please avoid using it to your skin. Instead, you can drop it in a candle and use it as a space clearing.

(Only 1 Slot available)10 Year’s Anniversary Special Offer – Core DNA Activaion, Healing, Reading, Massage and more


MBS 6bIMG-20150316-00832-smaller

Since I started offering Healing and Reading in Japan and London, it’s been 10 years this year 2015. As a 10 year’s Anniversary, I would like to offer you our popular Mystery School sessions at a special rate on Sat 6th of June.

Our clients has given us lots of comments on our sessions such as It is very powerful, they feel bright light, things shifted, relationship has been improved, pain on a thigh was gone, etc. Our clients are not only healers, psychic, massage therapists, but also corporate workers, expats, students, housewives, artist, musicians and more.

If you haven’t had a DNA Activation yet, this is the most recommended session as it opens up your true-essence, your gifts and power within you. If you are healer and psychic, it is even better to receive it as it would support you to become even more to open up your gifts.

Wise King of Israel, King Solomon said over 3000 years ago,
“Until you receive a DNA Activation, your power and gifts stay dormant”.

I received 22 DNA Activation back in 2006. At that time I worked in the finance professionally. Since then, my life has been totally shifted and Metaphysics, Esoteric and Healing world opened up as my divine path, so I have experienced really what King Solomon said. I started Healing back in 2005 but Life Discipline Study and Self-development practice over 20 years.

If you feel your life hasn’t been fully blossomed yet, or you are stuck, come and receive our session.

Utilizing this opportunity, you can experience and feel the energy from the Mystery School Lineage which has the origin from the Atlantis day, and the energy coming from the Higher Dimension which governs this dimension spiritually, for you to become happier with joy and fulfillment. (Please note we are not related to any religions, occults and secret society at all, and simply retain the connection and lineage with the Higher Dimension)

Slots are limited, as it is a one day offer. For further information, please have a look at below information.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you.


You can choose one item from the below options and let me know which one you would like to have.
* All the sessions are special shorter 55 min session which includes a short counselling and feedback time.
1)  Core 26 DNA Activation and Short Healing Session
2)Emotional Block Release Healing & Manifestation Coaching
3)All Emotional Cords Cutting & Short Healing
4)Full Body Deep Tissue Oil Massage with a Holy Oil (Essential Oil) & Reiki Healing
5)Head, Neck Shoulder & Upper Back Acupressure Seated Chair Massage & Reiki Healing:It is on a normal chair
6)Tarot Card Reading
7)Psychic Reading or Channelling
8)  Coaching & Consultation
9)Multi Dimensional Hypno Work & Dream Manifestation Energy Work

Date & Time
Sat 6th of June
1) 10:00-10:55 (55 min)
2) 11:00-11:55 (55 min)

3)12:30 – 13:25 (55 min)
4)13:30 – 14:25 (55 min)
5)14:30 – 15:25 (55 min)

6)15:45‐16:40 (55 min)
7)16:45-17:40 (55 min)

* Session will be conducted and finished as scheduled. Please arrive in time and wait in the lobby at least 2-5 min before of your session time.
* Toilet facility is near the reception
* You may have to wait for extra 5 min or so depends on how previous sessions flow, but you will have 55 min session.
* I cannot pick up any phone calls and reply text messages during sessions. Please make sure and check how to come to the venue in prior your session.

5 min walk from Bond Street tube station. Once you complete your booking with payment, location and direction will be notified.

Fee & Payment
– only Paypal payment is accepted – £65 for new customers (50%off), and £90  for exisiting customers. 

– One person can book one slot.
– Once your session time is confirmed, please make a payment within 24hours by bank transfer. – Please make sure to add your full name as a reference when you make a payment.

Cancelation Policy
* Slot change request and cancelation fee within 72hours of your appointment is 50%, within 48 hour is 80% and within 24 hours is 100% charge.
* Please email us to notify it, not by phone call, nor text messages, till you receive our confirmation email on your cancelation email. .

April 8th onward – AK2 and AK3 Ascension Energy Transmission. (Remote or Face to Face)


Since the new 8th dimensional gate will be opening up which is related to the Adam Kadmon Light Body Transformation, AK3 DNA Activation’s energy, you can receive its energy from April 8th 2015, onward remotely or face to face session.  

This energy transmission is available only for one or two persons a day as it is such a high intensive energy.

If you are interested in, please send us an email and book your session.  

Remote session is available only in the morning London time between 10am-13:00 Mon to Fri.  

For the details of the session please visit the website.

If you haven’t received AK2 or AK3 DNA Activation, please visit the link below.



If there is anything else I can help, please feel free to make a query.  

Have a good day.




Sun March 22nd – Aries New Moon and Lunar Eclipse Power Leveraged Emotional Block Release Healing and Manifestation Coaching in a Group.

Sun March 22nd – Aries New Moon and Lunar Eclipse Power Leveraged Emotional Block Release Healing and Manifestation Coaching in a Group.

We will have a very powerful start from March 20th due to the Aries New Moon and Eclipse soon. Energy from the Galaxy federation will be downloaded together with this new powerful energy for us to shift further. It has the power to create a new start, by dissolving your old patterns, your own reality, illusions and belief system.

This event transmits you manifestation energy and support you to release your blocks within you which stop you to move on further. Group coaching session follows to move your energy and manifests what you want in your life at a spirit level.


- New Moon, New cycle, channeling message and guidance.
– Clearing meditation and Hypno coaching
– Emotional Block Release and Sharing (within your limit to share)
– Group coaching for manifestation
– Multi dimensional work for manifestation by Time line.
- Energy Activation to shift you with AK2 energy

Time and Date: March 22nd. 11am-1pm
Venue3 min from Liverpool st station
Fee : £99 (advance payment is required)
Deadline to book: March 21st by 3pm.
Booking : Seats are limited (only up to 4 persons) and please contact us by email.

Cancelation policy : no refund after booking.


Feb 18th - Aquerius New Moon Day – Open Your Heart&Receive Love for Friendship, Dating and Relationships

Open Your Heart&Receive Love for Friendship, Dating and Relationships for 20-40s

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” ~Dalai Lama

We will meet like-minded people. After a brief introduction and interaction with others, we will be sitting together in a circle and you will be gently guided to release stress and tension, open your heart, receive more love and raise your love vibration at your heart aspect to open up for loving relationships for the new year.

You will also learn one secret of Law of Attraction; how to manifest loving friendships and relationships. We are the energetic beings but also the physical beings.

This event suits for single and couples who want to interact with Mindful, Conscious or Spiritual people and have fun together.

– Brief introduction and interaction with others.
– Guided Clearing Meditation to release stress and tension, and to heal your emotional wounds and scars.
– Guided to open your heart, receive more love and raise your love vibration at your heart level.
– Coaching for friendship, dating and relationship

– 3min walk from Russell sq station.
– Location is shown only to members.
–  Please arrive 5 mins before and wait in front of the door, so that we can start as scheduled.
–  Door will be closed by 6:10pm so please arrive in time.

Currently, an Early Bird Offer is available (No cash payment entry available by door)
– Please pay in advance to attend this event from the link below.
– Please note you cannot attend this event without advance payment.