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Time is changed – Sat Jan 3rd – New Year Special! Unlock the Power Within! & Starseed Law of Attraction Work



“Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the event and learned so much. I feel refreshed both physically and mentally. I want to continue to meditate every day”
(Female, 30s, corporate worker, 2014 summer, London)

“I felt so strong when cords were cut off by Michael and the connection activation was very strong. Strong sensations went through my body. I had never experienced anything like this before.”
(Japanese female, 40s, designer, London, July 2014)
✤✤New Year 2015’s Special New Year Work!
-Unlock the Power Within YOU! & Starseed Law of Attraction Work –

The workshop is to awaken your full potential, unlock the power within and attract mental and emotional abundance to transform your energy with the “Adam Kadmon 2” energy which is the essence of the Ascension energy, love, compassion and sharing to create Shambala, “the Heaven on the Earth”. It is the highest level of Starseed Consciousness. Come and join us and set your energy for a happy new year with abundance!

Since it is a new year workshop, we will also set goals to achieve our new year resolutions and manifest by our special “”Law of Attraction”.
For details, please see below and reserve your seat. An Early Bird Offer is available.

Energy Clearing Meditation
– Hypno coaching at the clearing meditation (“Unlock the Power!”)
– Sacred and Ancient Awakening and Activation work ( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Goal setting
– Abundance Attraction and Energy vibration transformation ( “Unlock the Power!”)
One to One Energy Cap Removal (if you haven’t received from Kay yet.)
One to One AK2 Shamballa Cord Activation (-> Kay will activate it for each person individually!)

✤ Time & Date✤
Time is changed – Sat Jan 3rd, 19:00-20:00.
-Please arrive 5 min before for us to start as scheduled.

✤ Location✤
– 3min walk from Covent Garden Station.
– Location is shown only to members.
– Please arrive 5 mins before so that we can start as scheduled.
– No entry for late comers (not more than 10 min).

✤ Fee✤
Currently, an Early Bird New Year Special Offer is available, £15 (On the door, £40)

– Please pay in advance to reserve your seat from the link below. Seats are not guaranteed without advance payment.

*** Fee will be increased towards the event day, so please utilize the Early Bird offer if you would like.***

✤ Payment✤



Looking forward to meeting you.

Sun Dec 14- End of the Year Energy Clearing Meditation & Galactic Universe Energy Connection

End of the Year Energy Clearing Meditation & Galactic Universe Energy Connection


“I felt the energy from my planet, subtle and gentle. It was feeling great but it made me a bit sad as I’m far away from them. I’m aware why I’m here and want to fulfil my life purpose.”(English male, 30s, London, Nov 2014)

“I felt very relaxed and like I was going through something… I’m going to try meditating everyday.”
(British male, 20s, London, Dec 2014)


There are various types of meditations out there and this clearing meditation has been tested and researched at the university. Research participants felt less stress and became more mindful on average 25%, peaking at 63% after only 15 minutes of the experiment.

In order to receive more light and transform you and your life, you need to clear your energetic blocks and stuck energies as much as possible, a phenomenon you will be experiencing at this gathering. You will be gently guided to clear your energy in a group, and become connected with your true essence. It will give you peace of mind and a stronger connection with one self.

Since we are in the ascension period, after the Clearing Meditation, each participant will be guided to adjust the energy balance, and the organiser Kay will quickly connect each participant with the Galaxy Energy. It will connect you with the planet in the Galaxy which you are most related or the one most needed. An experience differs from person to person. If you receive this connection more and more, you will start transforming your energy to fulfill your life purpose on this planet. There are many planets in the Galaxy, not limited to Pleiades, Colob, Sirius. If you are an indigo kid (usually anyone born after 1975) and starseed, this is an essential connection to awaken you as a gateway if you are looking. It is not required of you to be a starseed and anyone can experience the most needed energy themselves.

The more you attend this gathering, the more energy will be built up and activated. If you want to be awoken or you are a starseed, you will experience the Galactic Universe energy coming down to the space to transform you.

✤ Outline ✤ 

– Clearing Meditation
– Cap removal to receive the Light (if it is your first attendance)
– Adjust the energy balance
– “Shamballa” energy activation (Heaven on Earth Energy)
– Connect you with the planet in the Galaxy which you are most related or the one most needed -> For each participant!
– Current highest level Starseed energy transmission “Adam Kadmon 2”
(-Starseed Sound Healing, if there is time)

✤ Location
‐ 3min walk from Covent Garden Station.
– Location is shown only to members.
–  Please arrive 5 mins before so that we can start as scheduled.
–  No entry for late comers (not more than 5 min).

✤ Fee✤ 

Currently, an Early Bird Offer is available (On the door, £20)
– Please pay in advance to reserve your seat from the link below. Seats are not guaranteed without advance payment.

*** Fee will be increased towards the event day, so  please utilize the Early Bird offer if you would like.***

Time and Date – Sun Dec 14 from 15:00 -16:00

Location: 3min walk from Covent Garden Station. Please arrive in time. Location will be notified after you book.

Fee:  Current Early Bird Offer,  £20 (on the door, £20).


– Please pay in advance by Paypal for you to reserve your seat.
– Fee will be increased towards the event day (On the door, £20). You can utilize an Early Bird offer.
– Fee is not refundable unless we cancel the event.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Oct 24th Fri – Part 1) Scorpio New Moon Unlock the power within! & Abundance Attraction. Part2) Energize your passion and sensual energies with Tantra Healing Workshop

Oct 24th Fri –
Part 1) Scorpio New Moon Unlock the power within! & Abundance Attraction.
Part2) Energize your passion and sensual energies with Tantra Healing and Activation Workshop



From after mid Oct, Scorpio month will be kicking in. It has the energy of Life and death, seeking for the ultimate purpose of life, truth, sensual and sexual energies and more. Scorpio has the energies to seek for what is the truth and what is the true essence in various fields.

There are two parts on this day, and you can attend both or either one of them.

Part 1) Scorpio New Moon Unlock the power within! & Abundance Attraction.

If you would like to seek for your purpose of life, your passion, your dream, this is a good month to join us. If you feel stuck in career, business, relationship and sexuality, come and join us to transform your life. At the clearing meditation, you will also experience hypno coaching to transform your mental and emotional patterns. You will have various activation energies through AK2, and ancient powerful method of Unlock the power within in order to attract something more positive and joyful for you.

Participants experience good new jobs, additional income coming in, promotion, etc, and they experience various kind of abundance in life.

For details, please see below an free to contact us.

Theme of this month: Seeking for the purpose of life, truth, dream, passion, sexual and sensual energies

– Energy Clearing Meditation
– Hypno coaching at the clearing meditation ( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Archangel Michael Energy Clearing Support – Scorpio energy activation at the hypno coaching( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Ancient Awakening and Activation( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Abundance Attraction and Energy vibration transformation ( “Unlock the Power!”)
– AK2 Shamballa Cord Activation

  • Date and time: Fri Oct 24th, 20:30 – 22:00
  • Location:Covent Garden, 3-4 min walk. Location will be notified to participants 3-4 days before.
  • Participation fee
  • Please pay by bank transfer
  • By Sat Oct 4th 11am booking and payment:£29 (only for 2 seats)
  • By Tue Oct 7th 11am booking and payment:£34
  • By Wed Oct 15th 11am booking and payment:£38
  • By Thur Oct 23rd 18:00 booking and payment:£40
  • After, by booking and by door payment: £45 by cash

<Please note>

  • After Oct 10th, there will be no refund.
  • Please arrive in time and wait. If you are late, you may not be able to get in.


Part 2) “Chamber of Love” – Energize your passion and sensual energies with Tantra Healing and Activation Workshop

“All you need is Love”    John Lennon 

After the Part 1, Unlock the Power within you, you can stay longer and activate your sexual and sensual Kundalini energy and become healed emotionally and mentally.

Just imagine, Feel a loving and caring touch on your arms and back… Do you feel the heat and gentle warmness on your body? Do you feel relaxed and healed with tender touch and love?

Experience sensual healing and become healed mentally and emotionally through male and female love and sensual Kundalini’s Life force energy, passion.

In our modern society, everyone is busy especially if you live in a big city, so you may not have time to get connected with your romantic partner mentally, emotionally and physically in a sensual and romantic way. Or something within you may be blocking you to having a loving sensual relationship.

Do you desire to receive and give love and passion? Then join us and have fun with us with loving energy!

At this workshop, a female and a male will be paired up and will be guided to heal and balance each other’s energy in a loving and sensual way. Sensual energy healing does not require any physical intercourse, which is the key point of this Tantric energy healing workshop. It is the Kundalini energy which everyone of us has, that will be activated.

Through a tantric healing and demonstration by the Mystery School Guide, you will learn and experience its benefits to heal you mentally and emotionally and feel relaxed through skin to skin physical and energetic communication. It is the energy to create our personal Heaven on Earth.

Date and Time : Fri October 24th, 22:00 until 23:15.
Venue: 4 mins from Covent Garden station in London


  • Power of Hugging
  • Tantric work and its demonstration- no intercourse, then pair-work.
  • Short dance time
  • Your Sensual energy Activation and Healing
  • Emotional and mental healing by connecting your inner self

Fee: £15 per person. Male and female couple atttendance is £28

<Please note>

  • After Oct 10th, there will be no refund.
  • Part 2 can be attended if you attend Part 1.
  • You can pay together part 1 and part 2.
  • By paypal payment, paypal charge +3.5%, will be added


Goddess Hand – Mind Body Spirit Integrated Therapy – Energy Detox Massage & Healing Session


How was your weekend? How are things with you?

New cycle has been started from the Love, Beauty and Art Libra New moon last week. Are you experiencing any new changes? Since I visited the Beatles Museums in Liverpool, things and people related to music are coming in more and more. If you visit somewhere, you can absorb the energy from there and bring it with you.

By the way, there is one thing which was on my list for a long time to do and I can finally start now. Our healing energy is coming from the Mystery school lineage and it is powerful and effective, however, I also wanted to work on the physical body directly to do the Mind Body Soul Integrated Therapy. I studied anatomy, physiology, pathology and hands-on-practical massage, and 40 case studies. Then I’m qualified as ITEC 3 diploma in massage practice.

From Oct 1st, you can also enjoy the Integrated Mind Body Spirit Energy Detox Massage and Healing session combined with the Swedish Oil Massage. You will be receiving a gentle but firm body massage with a natural oil to detox accumulated negative emotions, thoughts, stress and energies within your body and energy body, and also receive the healing energy to have the better energy circulation. You can De-stress yourself, relax and pamper you.

It is not a normal massage but it has an effect to make your circulation better and to relax your mind as well.

Please find the details from below and feel free to contact me.

Have a good day.


<Goddess Hand – Mind Body Spirit Integrated Therapy – Energy Detox Massage & Healing Session
- Gentle but firm Swedish Oil massage to make your circulation better with a natural oil such as Grape seed, Apricot and Coconut oil.
– Reiki and Healing energy will be also flowing into your body in order to release lower and negative emotional and mental energies as well as physical pain and stiffness reduction and improvement.
– If you prefer, firm pressure can be applied to nods and stiffed areas if needed (but please be aware this is not a sport massage.)
– All the sessions include a brief counselling.



  • Half Body Massage and Healing – 50min session
    • Face down. Therapy on your back, back of legs and back of your neck and shoulders
    • First time – £65. After – £95
  • Full Body Massage and Healing – 1h 45min
    • Full Body including your legs, back, face, head and abdomen
    • First time – £125. Including Emotional Cord Cutting – £150
    • After – £195. Including Emotional Cord Cutting – £215
  • Delax Session – Full Body Massage, Healing, Coaching and Positive Mind Hypnosis
    • This one is a full session working on all of your mind, body, spirit and your subconscious.
    • Hypnosis can be customised to as you want and meet what you want to change your mental and emotional pattern with coaching.
    • Total 2 hours 45 minds. Hypnosis is about 1hour, massage, counselling and coaching is about 1h 45min.
    • First time – £290. After – £350


<Feedback from people who received a therapy
“I was stressed out mentally and emotionally. I had a session and it was very relaxing and it was hard to get up from a treatment table. Her hands are so soft and very relaxing.” (Italian male in his 20s, financial analyst) 

“My body and mind are so tired as I work physically so hard in the construction field. My legs, back and shoulders are much lighter and it is very relaxing mentally. I feel calmer. “ (Serbian male in his 40s, Construction)

“My life is so busy with social and work. My stress is eased and my shoulder and back tension is much better. I fell asleep“ (Australian female in her 30s, finance)

Please read when you book
- When you book, please fill in the consultation form which will be emailed to you about your physical pain, health conditions, etc. and please send it back by email at least 24 hours before of your session.
- Please avoid booking a massage session if you are pregnant 3-5 months’ unstable period.
– Please be aware if you have any contagious skin disease, under drug or alcohol influence within 8 hours, you cannot book a massage session. If you have HIV, terminal cancer, any other serious illnesses, you may be requested to sign off an indemnity form or obtain a GP approval in prior to your massage session booking. Please check the consultation form, fill it in and email it us back.
– This is not a sexual massage and we will not touch your private parts.
– Please take a shower before your session in the morning or a night before.
– Please arrive in time 2-3 min before of your session time. Your session will be conducted as scheduled.
– Please book first. If you can contact us minimum 3-7 days before, it would be great.

Cancelation Policy

– Depends on a day, venue will be changed, so cancelation policy is also different.
– at Covent Garden: Within three days of your appointment, 100% charge will be applied.
– at Russell sq and Warren Street – within 10 days, 50% and within 2 days 100% will be charged.

All the update will be placed on a new webpage which is under construction currently.


Please feel free to make a query.

Have a good day.




Aura Energy Field Shift Charts - Before and After the short DNA Activation

Aura Energy Field ShiftCharts – Before and After the short DNA Activation

– Subject: British male, 40s, Therapist and Masseur

As of June 11th, 2014.

After the short 24 DNA Activation including negative cord cutting session, subject’s energy field was changed as you can see in the charts;

-More balanced
-Chakras are more aligned
-Suppressed energy (3rd chakra, yellow one, Solar plexus) was released and opened up. Massive shift.

This client had a brief negative cord cutting as well, and its effect is shown on his second and third chakras as he had suppressed emotions and energies in that field too. His throat has more energies, which will probably lead him to express his feeling more with love. Even a short session gives the positive influence on your auric / energetic field.

You can utilize our special June offer and book your session. Valid till the end of June.


Details and contact:,, 0796 991 8772


Before and After DNAA


Special Offer till end of June – Summer Special

Special Offer on till the end of June – Summer Special

Hello. How is everything? Hope you are feeling lighter and going out to enjoy the summer energy.

There are many people coming in for DNA Activation, Spirit Release Hypno, Ancestral Healing, Tarot Reading, etc. You can also come in and receive support how to get out of the current situation and mental state and move on to the next stage in your life.

We offer the special deal on Fri 13th of June as once a year summer special. You can try and receive a session which you are interested in.

If you introduce your friend, and and you and your friend book sessions, you can also receive the special gift (Clearing Water Spray bottle and transformational energy charged crystal).

For the special offer, please see below.

★One Day Summer Special★

– Once a year special offer till end of June
– If you never had a session and seminar with us, you can book a shorter special session from the menu below.
– If you had any sessions and seminars, please book the regular session.
– Please quote the Code no when you book: SVJun132014E


•Core 24+/26/28 DNAActivation (55 min @ £80)
•Remaining Clearing and Healing elements after the short  24+/26/28 DNAActivation (55 min @ £80) – recommend for people who had the core 26/28 DNA Activation before to complete your process.
•Negative EmotionalCord Cutting and Counseling (55 min @ £65)
•Aura Healing andRepair and Counseling (55min @ £65)
•Usui Reiki &Ascended Master Reiki Healing and Counseling (55 min @ £65)
•Psychic Reading,Counseling and Counseling (55 min @£65)
•Tarot Reading, Counselingand Counseling (55 min @ £65)
•Weight Loss Hypnosisand Consultation (55 min @ £80)
•Relationship and LoveConsultation and Coaching (55 min @£65)
•Career and Business Consultationand Coaching (55 min @ £65)
•Self EsteemImprovement and Assertiveness Consultation and Coaching (55 min @ £65)
•Any other Consultationand Coaching (55 min @ £65)

You can find the details of the description of each session from the links above, but these special offers are the shorter session.

Venue: Covent Garden/Warren Street, London
Booking: please email us to
Payment: Please make a payment by bank transfer within a couple of days in advance after booking.
Cancelation policy: Within 10 days from your session @£10, within 7 days@50%, within 3 days @ 100%

•Please come in and wait in the lobby. If a session before you hasn’t finished yet, you may need to wait for 5min or so


Please feel free to contact us for queries and booking.




Kay Nishimura (BA, Grad Dip in Psychology, Dip. in Hypnotherapy, MASC, Ad.C.S)

Archangel Ray Metaphysical Mystery School Founder, Guide, Teacher and Ritual Master

GHR Accredited Hypnotherapist (Dip. in Hypnotherapy)

Graduate Diploma holder in Psychology at University in London (British Psychology Society Accredited) .

Ensof Ray Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner
MASC Accredited Coach, Counsellor, Psychic Counsellor and Crystal Healer /

Phone: 0796 991 8772
Covent Garden, London, UK