Class 2 – Level 3

Class 2) Self-Healing – Level 3
– Crystal Therapy and Mind & Body Clearing Meditation Intervention
– Pre-requisite – Class 1 and Class 2 level 1 & 2

By Private

– Self-healing class using techniques from both Class 1 & 2 together with Crystal Healing. £280 (3.5h by private / 1h-1.5 h x 4 weeks by Group session)

By Group session
– £180 (3.5h) by Group teaching , 2+ people
– £160 (3.5h – 4h) by Group teaching , 3+ people

– Anyone can attend.
– Please pay in advance.

At this level, using the techniques you learned in the Class 1 & 2, and crystal stones, you will heal yourself further by hands on self-healing techniques. You will heal your mind, heart and body.

This course helps to clear your energy and heal any mental and physical pain. Private individual sessions are also beneficial though group therapy is highly recommended.

if you have;
– Chronic mental pain and trauma,
– Experienced abuse
– Chronic physical pain and illnesses
– Depression, distresses and anxieties
– Chronic possession, hearing voices, entity issues and others

This course includes
1) Emotional Relief at the mind level: you will face the inner self to release and ease your feelings. You will be guided to scan your body and locate any pain and discomfort. E.g. stress, feeling overwhelmed, anger, attachment, low self-esteem, self-blame, inferior complex, conflict, worries, etc.

2Talk therapy through sharing:
Through sharing with others, you can express your feelings.  We offer a supportive group environment with a focus on acceptance and  understanding to heal your mind.

3) Healing at the physical level:
You will be guided to clear your  energy out of your entire body first and to work on “dis-eased” body parts and mind through the Mind & Body Clearing Meditation technique* and crystal stone therapy.

*About Mind & Body Clearing Meditation technique
 – this technique was tested on a research group with 40 participants. Even after only 25 min practice of this technique showed the positive results of
– Stress reduction, on average 25% reduction, maximum 63% reduction.
– Clearer focus
– More Mindfulness, participants felt calmer and relaxed.

In the psychology field, there have been various scientific research on meditation therapies. Many cases reported that terminal disease patients improved their symptoms through meditation practice.

We would like to support you to ease and detox your stress

One to one class includes private counselling and life coaching that supports an individual’s needs to be healed.
* It is recommended to take a 24+/26-Strand DNA Activation and Trauma  and Deep Healing