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Hope you are coping well. Under this difficult situation, all of us are required to find an own coping mechanism, and it is a good time to be flexible and try something new to get over this difficult situations! If too difficult, watch my free videos, and come and talk to me. Details on the what’s on page.

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Major medias such as BBC and NHK somehow do not report the critical information at all somehow but there are many scientists and retired politicians share inconvenient truth and facts the governments and the media do not broadcast it. We should not believe how it is broadcasted but need to focus on how we need to protect our body, which is essential as no one else can protect it if you don’t. The following is my own research to share as for your reference to keep you safe. It can be wrong so you need to do your own research.

– Important 0 – latest as mid May – In my newsletter in mid May, I shared this information. Corona is deadly dangerous not only because there is no cure but also you will suffer from the aftereffects if you get contracted. There are reports already sharing the info that the virus hurts the blood vessels, create clogs and then attack the weakest part of your organs which can be your heart, internal organs, brain, etc. UK government said we have to have a hard immune system against the virus without shutting down the border lines at all, and said it would be a good thing the virus goes among the people without the awareness how this virus is dangerous. People protest the lockdown, but if you want to maintain your good health for the rest of your life, stay home and work from home now, just 1 year or 2, until this virus storm will be stopped after the second or third wave, otherwise, you are taking a risk to suffer from the aftereffects potentially for the rest of your life. Watch this video, how UK government does not have an awareness to protect people’s life but prioritized the economy, whilst NZ protected people’s lives from the beginning.

IMPORTANT 1 – Scientist Luc M and others researched and found that the Corona virus is man-made as a bio-weapon and mixed with SARs and AIDs virus in mid April. However, the Japanese government allowed patients to have Avigan to get recovered even from Feb 6th, much earlier than his report published in mid April. Avigan is not only for flu but for AIDS, which means that the government should know the Corona virus is man-made and mixed with AIDS virus (I wonder why they don’t officially share that). Avigan has the side effects which potentially affect badly babies, so if you are young and fertile, do not accept to have it if you want to have a healthy baby. As far as I am aware, there is no medication giving in NHS. If you know anything about NHS medication, let me know?

IMPORTANT 2 – Corona virus is VERY dangerous as it mutates and stays in the body even after you become negative from the contract. Unlike SARs, it does not kill you aggressively from the beginning. It stays quietly in the body and the virus will be accumulated/increased in the body, and target the WEAKEST part of the body, then attack your dysfunctional organs aggressively, which is why people get fainted and die so fast, even within a couple of days. It is also reported that it can clog blood, and kill you causing a brain stroke and heart-related failures. Once you get contracted with this virus, there is a huge possibility you may get attacked even if you have no symptoms but get killed suddenly. Best tactics is stay home, and stay away from others, NOT get contracted. Japanese media mainly reported that Corona virus causes pneumonia, but they started only now (mid May) broadcasting that the virus causes diverse organ dysfunctions and Corona is a man-made weapons, but BBC does not seem to broadcast facts and analysis that much, and inconvenient truth. I suspect there is something wrong.

IMPORTANT 3 – Vaccination is not available but since this virus is so deadly and mutates, I really wonder any vaccine can be really effective without any harm even if it is made, especially made only within, months, 1-2 years. It usually takes 5 years to create one vaccine. Since it mutates so deadly, I think the vaccine itself can be poisoning and deadly to you, if not tested well. There is also a news, Bill Gates has the patents of Corvid 19 and invested into the Virology laboratory in Wohan where the Corona virus was made. Moreover, he is helping creating a vaccine but a new vaccine may input you a nano chip into your body. If this is true, you need to think twice and do your own research. Truth has to be broadcasted via BBC and NHK. Even Facebook is censoring the info and they did overwrite my posted articles on my personal Facebook page about the Luc Montagnier’s report of Bio-weapon created in Wuhan. It tells you where they are coming from.

IMPORTANT 4 – Corona travels in the air just by talking and coughing (watch the below video, that’s why we should stay home. It’s IN THE AIR. Stay home to protect you and your family. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH your unwashed HANDS.
– I personally felt the pain in my eyes and throat, only after 10 min stepping outside in London. I cannot scientifically verify this but I feel the virus was attacking from the air.
Stay home.

IMPORTANT 5 – Since media broadcasts what’s happening with the virus and the government asks us to stay home, everyone should be aware of what we are supposed to do to protect ourselves. However, some of you may be experiencing some of your family members may still feel invincible and go out more than necessary taking a risk to get contracted and increasing a possibility for other people to get contracted and die. Even after you ask them to stay home and do necessary precautions, if they still go out without necessary precautions, unfortunately you cannot control them due to their free will if they are over 18 years old, so you need to step back and see they have to take a full responsivity on any consequences happening to them, however painful it would be to you, so stay strong and stay at the centre. At the same time. you need to keep protecting yourself, not to stay too close to them, not to spend a long time talking with them, and ventilate in the house as much as possible, with wearing a mask and disinfecting your house. Especially if they carry a karma to experience a contracting virus, you cannot control and stop it unfortunately. Let go all the attachment, criticism, and let them experience what they have to experience as their evolution but protect your elderly family as much as possible. If I were you, I would tell them the worst consequences (they may cause a death of another member in the family, they may have to die without saying goodbye, etc.) and they have to be responsible whatever would happen to them and other family members if they get contracted, before stepping back.

** Watch before this video gets removed **
1) Dr. Judy Mikovits Is Coronavirus A Plandemic? Exposing The Truth Behind America’s COVID-19 Strategy

2) A third of hospital patients develop dangerous blood clots causing strokes and heart attacks

3) Article – Corona virus can get killed by sunshine in 90 seconds. -> Go out and get the sunshine (also make sure to take vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency causes more death with Corona virus). https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/04/sunlight-humidity-kill-coronavirus-fastest-scientists-200424065853466.html?fbclid=IwAR2znOOUscKeONjabXYLKZXJyPHTtzOy0K20VBieeVPpdWC5jk7T7WN_oAk

4) Article as a reference – Scientist, Luc Montague, found the virus is man-made as a bio-weapon to kill people. https://www.theweek.in/news/world/2020/04/19/coronavirus-man-made-in-wuhan-lab-says-nobel-laureate.html?fbclid=IwAR1xOGPs0eX7ackqmLDdTJ2Bj5U2YHC0WuMFpe4_fL-Eb8BKb1hzLg8ixnc

5) ArticleBelgian-Dutch Study: Why in times of COVID-19 you should not walk/run/bike close behind each other.

6) Video 1 Recovered coronavirus patients test positive again in blow to immunity hopes – https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/coronavirus/recovered-coronavirus-patients-test-positive-again-in-blow-to-immunity-hopes/ar-BB12rSb0?ocid=spartanntp

7) Video 2– Coronavirus (COVID-19) Could Be Spread Just By Talking according to the Japanese scientist.

8) Video 3 – Patient with the Corona virus treated by a respirator. Serious conditions. STAY HOME. .

This page is dedicated to share the information or the ideas to get over and combat Corona. I am not a doctor and a scientist, so please do your own research.

As of July 3rd – Fact
– Please watch the Statement by Boris J PM on Marc 23rd. It is a national emergency.
– UK death – 43,995 (283,757 contracted cases).
– First death in UK was Mar 5th. About 30% comes from London.
– What we need to do.
—- Wash hands and mouth, eyes, and don’t touch your face with unwashed hands.
—- 2m social distance.
—- Stay home, stay away from a crowded space, other people and closed space.
– Some scientists made a prediction the peak would be sometime in June, which means it would not cease down till Oct or Nov minimum. Vaccine would not be most likely ready this year.
– Some researchers has analysed that this pandemic is just the first phase, and there would be the second phase in this winter, then the third phase follows after that. It means we may not be able to get back to normal for a couple of years and need to make any changes in our life, our way of making money, and way of getting over this.
Lots of people are out there coughing though they have no serious symptoms YET.
– WHO DOES NOT recommend to take any Ibuprofen for now, as the Vienna lab reported some death was caused by Ibuprofen.
In Japan – the death is 976. WHY SO LOW????

My Insights: Please do your own research and fully responsible about your well-being. I could be wrong but I am sharing these trying to help the situation.
– Four Important Key differences between the Japanese and the UK cultures.

1) Get a general flu inoculation injection and BCG
– When Japanese are young, we have BCG (Japanese type). There is a report that Japanese type of BCG in Japan and Portugal may be contributing to resist better against Corona virus.
– Many Japanese get a general flu inoculation every winter. Australian GP recommends this but please consult with your GP.

2) We take a hot bath everyday in Japan.
– it is often said virus is killed by the hot temperature, even though we don’t know about the Corona Virus. —>>> SO, please try and take a hot bath at least 7-14 days and kill potential contraction you have had. If you can put a couple of drops of Tea Tree essential oil which kills germs, it might be even better. This is not tested and verified but it can explain well why in Japan, the number of death is so low even though it is next to the origin of the virus in China.

3) We take off shoes before getting into home and also we don’t place bags on a floor!
– Most people in UK keep their shoes, many people sit on a sofa and chairs putting their legs with shoes on another chair or sofa, many put their bags on beds though these bags were often placed on the tube and office floors. This can be one of the causes of contracting a virus as virus is everywhere in your house, not only tube.
– Why the UK government says we need to be 2m away each other is that virus can jump to a person to person by coughing, saliva, talking, touching, and droplets goes far, 2m! They will be dropped on THE FLOOR too. You should not leave any of your personal items such as a jacket, bag, etc, on anywhere on the floor!
– Just washing off your hands is not enough. You need to have a totally new habit, taking off shoes, wipe the floor and wash your bags or sanitize it totally.
– In Japan, PCR test was done in the Diamond Cruise ship and it found that the Corona virus droplet was found on the floor of a toilet (30-70%), around a pillow (20-70%) and more in each room.

4) We wash off clothes, sheets, pillow cases and dry them under the Sun. Even a mattress, pillows, duvets are placed under the Sun and dry and sanitize them regularly.
– Due to the wet weather without balconies and gardens in UK, it is not possible to do these things here. However, at least as of now, we have to wash off all the clothes, sheets, pillow cases, towels, slippars, etc, whatever you can wash with tea-tree drops, wash off and kill a virus.
– Your clothes also get virus once you go out with them, and it can stay on a fabric for hours, including metals.

5) Use masks and gloves.
– Before the strict self-isolation, I noticed some people were still coughing around me without a mask, right behind me sometimes, and sometimes it was obvious they were sick but still not wearing a mask and going out! You don’t know if you have a cold or Corona, so please be mindful for other people. If you are coughing, stay home or go out with a mask. If you have a fever, stay home, and do not go out and transmit the disease to other people.
– If you are contracted without any symptom , you are increasing the chance of other people getting contracted. In order to combat Corona, we should follow the government policy together.

So what else can we do?
– Free videos are available from here.

0) Virus contraction is from goods to people, vice versa, not only people to people.
– It is reported that you get contracted by touching things.
– So use anti-bacterial gel or soap water and wipe off anything when you get home such as your mobile phones, your home phone, tablet, switches, door nobs, any shopped items and packages before putting into a fridge and cupboards, any plastic bags from shops, your bags, glasses, drawers, tables, floors, walls, cans, bottles, tables, chairs, anything you or other people touch.
– You also need wo wash your coats, jackets, clothes, shoes, anything you wear outside.

1) Keep your mental health sane and healthy
– We need to check the BBC news but we hear so much negative news so much. So limit watching it to the major news like 7am and 6pm,
– Other social media may not provide the accurate info and can provoke further fear. So cut social media time as much as possible including Facebook, whatapp, internet, etc.

2) You need positivity, though you need to do a reality check and get the government information.
– intentionally watch something funny like comedy.
– Utilise therapies and such to vent out your fear and concerns.

3) Meditate
– It is a good time to discipline yourself and manage your time, not wasting your time on social media and keep messaging others all the time.
– Learn how to meditate and learn how to calm your mind.

4) Work out
– It is still allowed to go out and jog in the park. So do some exercise under the sun in the nature! At least once a day!.

5) Find a job and have some money however small it is, for now.
– It is difficult for anyone who lost the income stream. HOWEVER, there are still certain sectors booming and they are looking for people to hire. If you need money, it is not a bad idea to find a job even tentatively and even it is not the type of job you want to engage. At least you can pay bills and rents, and financially better than nothing. i.e. supermarkets, social worker and NHS.
– Do you best even though you cannot find anything ideal. It is better than nothing under this difficult emergency situation. Government financial help would not continue forever.
– Try to be creative and find a new way to adapt to the situation.

6) Think about the future.
– Unfortunately lockdown can continue for a couple of months and more to combat the virus, so we need to utilize our plenty of time and prepare us to learn or acquirer some skills for the future. My friend signed up with courses and he is building up his skills and knowledge to find a better job next! He is busy and has no time to get depressed at home.

7) If you body temperature is low, try and raise it at least up to 36 degree.
– It is reported that you have a higher risk to become ill if you body temperature is low.
– Try to have a ginger tea twice a day and you can raise your body temperature (nutritionist recommendation and he actually raised from 34s degree to 36s).

8) Build up your immune system strong.
– You need to have a strong immune system against the virus.
– There are many ways to build up your immune system stronger, but the Japanese doctor’s recommendation in NY is below.
— sleep well (7-9h) and take a good rest especially at the beginning of the symptom you have.
— Eat well. ( I recommend to take ginger, garlic and turmeric, and vitamin C like lemon).
— raise your body temperature
— drink water and keep hydrating yourself.

Hope it helps. If there is anything new, I will update this page.

Stay safe, stay sane and let’s get over this difficult time.