Mar 26th – “Best YOU” Group Coaching & Psychological Block Release Workshop

“Best YOU” Group Coaching & Psychological Block Release Workshop

Have your dreams manifested?
Are you feeling you are stuck in your life?
Are you feeling restless not knowing what is the best thing to do?
Certain areas of your life go well but others may not be going well, which is common.


Many of us tend to believe tangible matters happening in a daily life, which is the physical dimension and take physical actions to make changes. However, it is not often enough to take actions to make changes as we also need to make a change or shift in the intangible world.

Intangible worlds have various different dimensions and at this workshop, we will work on the emotional, mental and subconscious dimensions of yours to make a transformation through healing you and releasing psychological blocks.

Aim of this workshop is to support you to set the goal to become the Best You this year and to manifest your wishes and new year resolutions.


  • Understand your current situation and desirable situation or you.
  • Group Coaching using the ancient wisdom Kabalah and learn the principles of life
  • Release blocks through guided hypno and NLP
  • Set your energy to become Best of YOU

*This is just the outline and details will not be written here but workshop focuses on producing results.
*In prior to attend a workshop, you will receive worksheet to do psychological work at the workshop. It is 2-3 pages and please work on that and bring it with you.

Time and Date: March 26th, Sat 10:00-14:40(40 min lunch break)
- Minimum 2-6 people attendance

Fee: Early Bird offer is available.
Please book your seat from the Paypal payment below.  
By Door -£200 by cash

Venue; London Liverpool st 3 min.
Venue will be notified 2-3 days before of the workshop  

Cancelation policy
- Within 10 days, 60pounds, within 7 days 100 pounds, within 4 days 100% will be charged. When you cancel, please notify by email.