Healer & Psychic Level 2

Healer & Psychic Training Course  Level 2 -Energy Balance Workshop  

From level 2 you will learn more details on how to heal others, and study metaphysics. Then you will be able to practice healing for others by balancing the energy.

You will learn energy is very subtle and experience it, and touch the energy field and balance and heal the energetic field in various methods. You will learn about a ray, Light and more.

You will have hands on practice time and deepen your understanding about the energy. You will brush up and add your healing skills to the next level.

Handdown Contents – Outline

  • Ray, Light , energy and ensofic Ray.
  • How to activate the Crown Chakra
  • Toning Healing(Vibrational Healing)
  • Sense the energy
  • Energy Balance Line’s Activation, Alignment Handdown
  • Hands on Practice
  • Assignment and practice report submission


  • You are a school student.
  • Healer & Psychic Training Level 1 completed
  • You have received the following sessions.
  • You have finished part of  the Initiate classes: Sacred Geometry, Mystery School History, and Astral Travel

Note: Please bring the Initiate manual,note and pen.

£495 minimum 5-5.5h (up to 6.5h)
– Above fee includes,
— seminar fee including hands on practice session
———one  x 55 min follow up and hands on practice session (in 1 month) and
— —–one final exam and energy assessment fee (55 mins) in 2-3 months.
— assignment report check and feedback
— Certificate once you complete the course and pass.
Once you pass and complete all the assignments, you will get a certificate.
– You can take a re-sit till you pass. If you fail at the first exam, you will have a follow up seminar and re-sit at additional £120 for 60 – 70 min.