Level 4A- Emotional Healing with Crystal healing

Level 4A- Emotional Healing with Crystal healing workshop

You will learn how to heal people using psychic senses and crystal stones emotionally and physically. In order to perform a good session, your psychic senses and healing capacity should be at a good level and you need to have some healing and psychic reading experiences in order to attend this training.

1) Level 1
-Reiki seminar level 2, and practicing healing for other people.
– Psychic training level 3: lecture 1-6
– Healer & psychic training level 2
– (ideally, Healer & psychic training level 4 is completed)
– Mind Revolution course 1-7.
– energetic assessment will be conducted before you sign up a training to receive.

Below sessions can be received while you are receiving a training but need to be completed before the exam.
- Quantum block release 80 min session x  1 
- Quantum detox session’s psychosomatic session 80 min x  2
- Quantum detox session’s psychosomatic hypno session 110 min x  3 

- 40 DNA top up, energy balance, cord cutting, maintenance session 80 min x 1 @£190
-  Regular meditation
–    (Ancestral healing 80 min x  2, if you haven’t received yet). 

Workshop outline

  • Emotions and energies
  • relationships between emotions and a physical body.
  • Emotional energies – how does it get stored in a body.
  • Emotional healing practical hand down – how to induce emotional healing via talking.
  • Emotional healing practical hand down – how to heal your client.
  • Scanning
  • Psychic readings
  • How to heal wounds.
  •  How to ask questions to heal effectively.
  • How to release emotions.
  • Crystal stones – types
  • Crystal healing with Reiki
  • Hands on practice
  • assignments and assessment

3 hands on practice Follow up sessions with psychic healing development – 110 min

  • QA
  • Psychic healing development
  •  questions’ practice on emotional healing
  • Hands on healing practice about 70 min – please bring the crystal stones.

Course contains
– Seminar: about 8h (till it gets finished on Sat, or any other day if the room is available at Liverpool).
– 3 hands on practice follow up 110 min training (weekdays before 3pm, or Sat) – monthly.
– 1 exam (110 min).
– assignment check and assessment fee

Course Fee:£1350, which includes the costs of about 18 ready to use cleansed crystal stones.

Terms and conditions
- If you need more hands on practice or assessed as so, each additional follow up 110 min session is 140 pounds additionally.
–  If your psychic senses are not developed to the required level at the initial assessment, you will be required to have a psychic development training minimum 8 times(80min£95).
- This is a course to finish in 4-8 months.
–  Fee can be paid by two instalments. Second payment is due by the second month of the training.

Cancelation policy
– Workshop: within 10 days, £100, within 5 days, £200 and within 72 hours, 100% charge.
- Hands on practice follow up and exam: within 72 hours, 50%、and within 24h, 100%.


2)Level 2