Our face-to-face session is conducted at one of the locations below in central London Zone 1. Your therapy room for your session depends on the nature of your session, the capability of the room, and also the availability of the room. Therefore, we will check the availability and confirm when you book a session. Details of the location will be given upon your booking and payment confirmation.

Please bear in mind that some of the rooms take longer to confirm their availability so please email us 3-4 preferred times and dates you would like to book at least 3-7 days before your preferred day to receive a session.

London -Bond st. – 6min : Tue – Sat

London – Moorgate 3 min – Mainly Mon-Wed at the moment.

London ‐ Covent Garden- 4 min ‐ Tue – Sat for a shorter 50 min private session only.

London ‐ Farringdon 10 min – Tue – Fri – for a Hypno session but please note they will take your email address for a track and trace purpose.

London ‐ Liverpool St. 2min - Only for half a day-one day session/class (Tue-Sat)