Zoom Live – Aries Full Moon Mind Body Emotion Integrative Detox and Clearing Meditation with Galactic & Cosmic Light Transmission

Zoom Live – Full Moon Mind Body Emotion Integrative Detox and Clearing Meditation with Galactic & Cosmic Light Transmission
– Anyone can attend

– Oct 2020
This is online by Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world! We will work together with the cosmic ascended master too.  
– Under this Corona pandemic, many of us are swamped by fear and drastic unexpected changes, so we will regain our energy and emotional balance and regain personal power as well.


There are Part 1 and Part 2 (together).

  • In the Part 1 –  Mainly, detox meditation to clear and balance your energy and your emotions.
  • In the Part 2 –  Receive the Galactic Light transmission and more psychological work. 5-10min bodywork exercise is integrated together with a light movement on top of the active clearing to release blocks such as past painful memories and experiences, mental and emotional blocks. .
  • If you cannot work out, you can still join the event but you can sit down and do a psychological work without an exercise. Or you can book a private EMDR, Medical Intuition healing or Usui Reiki session
  • There will be no hard exercise and it is very gentle, but please note that you need to pace yourself and will be fully responsible for your physical and mental conditions. During the light exercise time, you can rest if you need to.


Even if you haven’t meditated before or meditate daily, anyone can join us.

Our meditation offers you time and space to meditate and gently guided to become connected with your inner space and peace, and then release toxic energies within your mind and body.

On a Full Moon day – We are all influenced by the Moon’s power and it is a good time for us to get connected with this part of nature. Natural moon power can charge us with the moon’s energy for the coming month ahead.

This monthly event offers different contents depends on what energy is available for each time. It may combine different events as the part 2 after the part 1’s meditation gathering.

<Part 1>
Clearing Meditation and expelling negative energies by the Cosmic Ascended Master.

  • Brief message from the Higher Dimension.
  • Oct 2020 – Aries Full Moon 
    • Powerful day to release unwanted energies due to the full moon.
    • Channel the Cosmic Ascended Master who expels negative energies.  She used to be the powerful queen at the Stonehenge time managing 13 tribes calling down the full moon power to expel negative energies and download the moon power to regain peace of mind and inner tranquillity.  Beautiful and powerful energies. 
  • Energy Clearing Guided Meditation – will work on a specific vibration/emotion
    • Our event offers the energetic work on your psychology and emotions. It is a good day to let go unwanted patterns and emotions. 
    • We will also include fear and anxieties caused by Corona and economy.
    • Brief Sound healing
    • Self-development – regain your power, control, and repair/upgrade your self-image and your self-esteem.
    • Become lighter and happier.  
    • Negative energy and emotion release with sound healing
    • Oct 2020 –  This month energy is related to the fire energy in Libra month. This is a good timing for you to reflect and work on any relationship matters with passion, especially love and sex. Receive the energy to resolve conflicts or emotional blockages stopping you to move on. We will release fear, worries and feeling of giving up, and strengthen the life force energy to get over this pandemic crisis.

<Part 2>  
Galactic Light Transmission & Connection with Crystal Stone Empowerment
You will receive the energy and the light from the Galactic Universe.

  • Bodywork to reduce worrying and bring more healing and relief, and stretch.
  • Guided meditation
  • Cap removal – for a person who never received one (if this is face to face).
  • Galactic Connection Activation  – for each person.
  • Galactic Light Transmission – You can sit on a chair or lie down on a floor/bed.
  • Full Moon day Crystal Empowerment and Healing
    • You will receive a remote crystal healing energy and Galactic Light transmission for you to get healed further and raise your vibration further.
    • Kei will guide you with minimum words, and mostly you will go deeper inside to receive the energy in silence.
  • Time for the inner connection with silence – Absorb the Moon Energy
  • Receive a message/energy from your Guides or Higherself.

Time and Date:  (both for part 1 and 2)
UK time – Thu Oct 1st, 2020, 19:30 -21:00 (90 min)(In Japan time, 8 hours ahead).

Location: by Zoom (audio only, without video).
– Please choose a quiet and private location though you can be anywhere.
– After you make a booking and payment from this web page, you will receive a confirmation email and also the instruction and code (Meeting ID) to sign up the event in time on the day.
– You can be late 10 min to attend the event but after that, you cannot attend the event as we are going to start the meditation. So please make sure you will attend in time.

Reservation & Payment: Early Bird available.
– Please make a booking and payment from the Paypal link below (for Part 1 & 2)
– Booking and payment notice will be sent to the organiser so you don’t need to email to book separately.
– The fee is non-refundable and not transferable unless we cancel the event.

Online Booking Deadline: Oct 1st, 17:00 UK time

Part 1& 2’s Payment (Early Bird Available )


Clients’ Feedback
”I found yesterday’s session as usual very awakening and enlightening.”
(British female, 40s, medical, Feb 2020)

“Thank you for the energetic and powerful meditation! Your voice has a Magic!”
(European female, 30s, Jan 2018)

“I received various visions, colour and light and am feeling relaxed.”
(Russian female, corporate, 30s, Sep 2017)

“I feel cleansed and my energy is lighter”
(English male, psychic healer, 20s, Aug 2017)

’I had a good impression on Kei as she speaks positively and uplifting. I was also impressed by her experiences and knowledge as I found there were many techniques incorporated for this meditation event.’
(Japanese female, 30s, Aug 2017)

My hands became so heavier towards the end and I felt my blocks got released. My energy flows better now.’
(English female, 30s, Reiki practitioner, London, Aug 2017)

“Clearing meditation makes me feel calmer. I could release heavy emotions.”
(Japanese female,  40s, Aug 2017)