Past Life Hypno

Past Life Hypno

It is said that we are re-incarnated many times, perhaps even a thousand times, which is called past life. Sometimes current issues can be attributed to the past life’s ‘Karmic Debts’ which is affecting your current life to pay back the debt of a previous life.
Sometimes what happened in the past affects your current health, relationship, career, money issues and removing a memory, emotion and karmic debt and disconnect to your current life, can improve your current life or situation. Things cannot be explained or you have no idea why it is happening, often has a cause in a past life. You can book a private session with an experienced psychic hypnotherapist Kay..

These debts include:

–  If you have a birthmark on your body, this can be a sign that you are carrying over some past life issues into your current life.
– Without any experiences, if you are fearful of something, you might have already experienced it in the past life and are carrying over the fear and trauma into your current life (e.g. such as death caused by water, fire, murder, injuries).
– If you have a very toxic relationship with someone without any sensible reasons, that relationship and the energy can be carried over from your past life to settle the karma in this life time.
– If you have any chronic physical pain or sudden illnesses without any known causes and reasons.

Above are just examples but it has been already reported by a renowned American Psychiatrist that past life hypnotherapy can release and solve current life issues in health, relationships, career, marriage, fertility, finance, emotional issues and symptoms, to name but a few. We can also verify her case reports through our practice.


What you will experience at Past Life Hypnotherapy, …
You will be in a trance condition but will be fully aware of your surroundings. Guided by a well experienced professional hypnotherapist, you will go back to the time which is affecting your current life, see it and thereby gain a deeper understanding as to why things are happening in a particular way. Accordingly, your emotional debris  and memory such as anger, sorrow, anxiety, trauma, mental distress and more, will be supported in order to be released and healed. You will regain your power to move on with your life journey with joy and happiness.

* Past Life Hypnotherapy.
◾Face to Face session only.
Fee: 115 min at £240

Please note when you book
Below session is highly recommended before or after the hypno session.

* Class 1 – Protection and Energy Management
– You will learn how to maintain and protect your energy.