Past Life Hypno

Past Life Hypno / regressions

It is said that we are re-incarnated many times, perhaps even  thousand times+, which is called past life. Sometimes current issues can be attributed to the past life’s ‘Karmic Debts’ which is affecting your current life to pay back the debt of a previous life.

Quite often, what happened in the past affects your current health, relationship, career, money issues , and therefore removing a past painful memory, emotion and karmic debt and disconnecting from your current life, can improve your current life or situation. Things which cannot be explained or you have no idea why it is happening, often has a cause in a past life. You can book a private session with an experienced psychic hypnotherapist Kei.

These debts include:

–  If you have a birthmark on your body, this can be a sign that you are carrying over some past life issues into your current life.
– Without any experiences, if you are fearful of something, you might have already experienced it in the past life and are carrying over the fear and trauma into your current life (e.g. such as death caused by water, fire, murder, injuries).
– If you have a very toxic relationship with someone without any sensible reasons, that relationship and the energy can be carried over from your past life to settle the karma in this life time.
– If you have any chronic physical pain or sudden illnesses without any known causes and reasons.

Above are just examples but it has been already reported by a renowned American Psychiatrist that past life hypnotherapy can release and solve current life issues in health, relationships, career, marriage, fertility, finance, emotional issues and symptoms, to name but a few. We can also verify many cases through our practice.

What you will experience at Past Life Hypnotherapy
You will be in a trance condition but will be fully aware of your surroundings. Guided by a well experienced professional hypnotherapist, you will go back to the time which is affecting your current life, see it and thereby gain a deeper understanding as to why things are happening in a particular way. Accordingly, your emotional debris  and memory such as anger, sorrow, anxiety, trauma, mental distress and more, will be supported in order to be released and healed. You will regain your power to move on with your life journey with joy and happiness.

There are two types and you can choose.
1) Traditional Past life hypnotherapy – You will be guided to see one (or two) life times during the whole session as a story and release pain and get healed. If you want to stay in one story deeper and have a deeper understanding, this is highly recommended. You will experience your past life.
– this type is recommended for people who never had a past life session before.

2) Hop on and Hop off Past life hypnotherapy – If you want to explorer more than one or two past life, and just go to the most important scene in one life and heal, and move on to another life and heal, and experience and detox as many past life as possible, this is for you. In this case, past life experience per life is very short, but you would be able to release pain from multiple past lives. Either type includes psychosomatic, mental and emotional detox.
– However, please note you may need to stay in one life longer if it takes longer to understand and get healed.
– This second type is recommended if you have had past life experience before.

Face to Face session only.
Fee: 110 min at £250 by bank transfer. Within 72 hours of your appointment, by Paypal,  £250.

Please note when you book
Below session is highly recommended before or after the hypno session, especially if you want to remove entities and bad spirits by hypno session.

* Class 1 – Protection and Energy Management
– You will learn how to maintain and protect your energy.

Client’s feedback

– (Standard Past life regression)
“I received advice on my education work and study. When I was scared during the session, she held my hand and I felt safe. Thank you very much. I feel happier and calm, and realize what I want to do in this world. I’m going to be able to sleep happy tonight. I will share what I learned about the past life with my husband. ’’
(Japanese woman, 40s, July 2021, London, UK)

– (Past life regression with quantum Psychosomatic Detox session)
The psychosomatic past life hypnotherapy and detox session works deeply on the mind body and soul levels. In one session you are supported to detox on multidimensional levels; different past live times, past and current emotional state. After receiving the session new states of love and harmony seems to have come into my life on all levels.
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant, Dec 2019, London, UK)

– (past life regression with quantum detox session)
”I definitely feel lighter and can recognise many of the parallels between my life now, and my perspective on life, and the things I saw during our session. I’m not eating much, strangely not hungry (is that normal?), but feel ok. I eat when I’m hungry and don’t feel inclined to limit myself, but rather just eat when I want to. I must say I really enjoyed our session together and would love to have another.”
(English female, 30s,  London, 2019, June)