Psychic Reading & Channeling 

Psychic Reading & Channeling – Life Consultation

<For the first time client>
– Nov 8th Thu Night Special – from 25 min
– Face to Face 25 mins @ £39, 55mins at £79
– Tue – Sat Face to Face Standard session   55mins at £79

– Phone & Skype 25 mins @ £39, 55mins @ £79 

Payment  links for the first time client
‐ For the first time client –  25 min session please pay from this link.
‐ For the first time client –  55 min session please pay from this link.

<For the existing clients>
– Face to Face session: 
– Nov 8th Night  Special from 18:30 – 25 min at £45 /  55 min at £90 by bank transfer before Nov 6th. (After Nov 6th, by Paypal payment only, 25 min session at 25 min at £50 /  55 min at £95).

– Tue- Sat Standard rate:  55 min at £90 / 85 min at £150 by bank transfer 3 days before of your booking. (By Paypal, 55 min at £100 /  85 min at £160,)

– Phone or Skype sessions: 25 min at £45 /  55 min at £90 / 85 min at £150 by bank transfer 3 days of your booking.   (By Paypal, 25 min at £50, 55 min at £100 /  85 min at £160,)

– Please pay by bank transfer 72 hours before. Within 72 hours and between Fri after 18:00 and Sun night, you will be requested to pay by PayPal only to confirm the payment. 

When you feel distressed and lost, but you cannot share your secrets with others, you need someone to listen to you. We will channel the Higher Dimension, and the psychic counselling and reading session helps you to receive divine guidance, clear your mind and find a direction to move on. Please bring any photos and birthday information with you.

<Skype Reading>
– Please make an advance payment by PayPal.
– You can use major credit cards and debit cards.
– Please let us know three preferred options for your reading appointments.
– Please have a Web Cam ready. Otherwise, please send us a recent picture.
– Please have enough broadband speed for a good Skype connection.

Please note – Booking, Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy
– within 48h, 50%, and within 24h 100% cancelation and rescheduling charge will be applied. Please let us know by email as soon as you find out if you should change a booking date.
– Please read the contact page in prior your booking.

Terms and Conditions – Private Readings & Consultations
Should be deemed as for entertainment purposes only and may offer insight and guidance. Services are offered with genuine and sincere purposes but you are respectfully reminded that reading and channelling may not give you the results (which cannot be guaranteed) or the answers that you seek. What you do with the guidance is entirely your free will and as such your own responsibility. If you are seeking Legal, Financial, Medical or Health (including mental) and Fertility advice then the appropriate professionals should be consulted. Using these services shows acceptance of these terms and that you are over the age of 18.

(Psychic Reading)  ”Kei, thank you so much. These were the best 25 minutes I had in a long, long time. You gave a lot of clarity and I love your approach.”
(English female, beauty, 20s, Nov 2017, London)

(Mediumship)  ”I wanted to thank you for such a lovely reading yesterday. Receiving such a detailed and accurate message from a long lost relative on the other side is such a special gift anyone could wish to receive & be able to bring such messages across is truly a blessing in itself.”
(African male, marketing, 20s, Oct 2017, London)

(Channelling)  ”I know she is channelling from the heart and I received career guidance from Archangel Chamuel. Her words were clear, soothing and I felt so peace. Message was making sense and I confirmed what I really want to do. Kei is a fantastic healer and channeller.”
(British female, holistic, May 2017, London)

(Channelling)  ”I needed to know how to bring my business ideas to manifest. My sitting gave me good steps to take Kei picked up on a lot of things that I have been thinking about and gave me some very good advice. She is professional and a very clear, gentle communicator.”
(Rose, English female, holistic, Feb 2017, London)

(Psychic Reading)  ”I’m coming out of the very dark situation and lots of things have been cleared up as she read, but yes, still there are still some things I need to clear and resolve. It was a good reading and I felt better, relieved.”
(English female, medium, 50s, Feb 2017, London)

(Channelling)  ”It was the first time having  the channelling session. I found it really useful and get some great advice from Marlin. Some of the things he said was a kind of things I could strongly relate with y current life and if they happen, I’m sure they will make a difference. It made sense about my mother, my brother and my future flow after I complete the training course.”
(Maltese male, 30s, travel industry, Feb 2017, London)

(Channelling) ”I am sending you my testimonial for our psychic channelling session on Saturday 4th February 2017.  I must say that when I came away from the session that I had a few things to think through.  It was a very informative session.

One of the main worries in my life has been starting a degree course in 2008 which I hated, even though I was interested in the subject (Sociology and Cultural Studies).  I felt a failure that I did not complete the course.  I have always wanted to go back to studying a course to do with people.  During my session I was so impressed that Kei saw in me the fact that I love children and that I enjoy people and that it would be good for me to combine this in a course and suggested that I might consider studying child psychology.  This was an eye-opener for me as I had recently thought about it but not pursued it.  I enrolled on an online psychology course after our session and will start this soon.  I feel quite empowered about starting this now and am looking forward to learning/studying.

She also talked about a few other topics such as my present relationship with my partner and how to best tackle my issues.

The session was very helpful and calming and enabled me to think things through during and after the session. Thank you so much Kei. ”

(British female, medical, 50s, Feb 2017, London)

(Channelling)  ”I was so impressed! What she said was matching to what is happening in my life in details.  The recommendation will be crucial to the topic discussed. Also horse-riding has been always my dream and thanks for the advice. Session clarified a lot of things.”
(Italian male, 20s, marketing, Jan 2017, London)

(Psychic Reading) ”What she said made so much sense to me. I’m so glad to have a message from my grand father. I’ve been mentally struggling and I felt relieved after her reading. Compassionate, positive and encouraging.”
(British male, 30s, IT, July 2016, London)

“Kei was speaking clearly and getting connected clearly. Information coming through was clear and fluid. I could resonate with what she said and could get related” (Male, in his 40s. Psychic and Life coach. March 2016)

– “Very practical and it is like a life coaching session   from a light-being. I like its soft energy.” (Female, in 40s. Life coach)

– “My first time to have a reading from an Ascended Master and it was a   very different energy from what I experienced in the past. Reading made so much   sense to me. Thank you.” (Japanese female in 30s, healer)

– “Reading was really spot on and it was really accurate.   Such a gentle and soft, compassionate energy. Reading was related to my day to   day life and I feel I have now had a confirmation on what I was feeling about.”   (European male, in 40s. Finance)

– “Kei’s reading was really spot on and connected to the high dimension.   During her reading, I was healed through the heart and it was not only a reading. Very compassionate and high energy. She mentioned about cats, reading, writing and how I feel at night, and it was really spot on.”   (English female, in 50s. psychic)