Psychic Training

Psychic Training

This Psychic training course is designed to develop your psychic senses safely covering broad topics, esoteric study and tools. Additionally you will learn ethics, a code of conduct to avoid pitfalls, spirit attachments and possessions, which occasionally happen to people who go to various workshops and classes without knowing the basics and without being aware of it’s dangers. Overall you will learn how to become a quality psychic for good compassionate readings to transform people’s lives. Just learning reading skills would not take you to the appropriate level as you also need to develop your consciousness and your capacity of love and compassion to share with others, your clients.

That’s why the course is designed to combine theories, hands on practice in classes and private sessions to develop you 360 degrees.

You can start from the Healer & Psychic Training Level 3, which has the elements of the Level 1, Foundation Level.

After proceeding to the Lecture 5, you can attend the Channeling Basic Workshop – Level 1, if you would like. This is the foundation course of becoming a Channeler. Level 2 is the one to develop your reading skill and hands on practice mainly.

If you would like to learn both of the Psychic Training and the Healer Training, Psychic Training Level 1 is recommended to start first. After you proceed to the intermediate level and complete some assignments, it would give you more time and space to learn the Level 3 contents.

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