★Psychology &Healing

★Psychology &Transformational Healing

You can receive an integrated session to transform your psychology, emotions, mind and energy. Various types of sessions are available and please find details to choose what you would like. It helps you with any issues such as career, business income, relationship, mental, energetic problems and physical illnesses.

‐ DNA Activation and Energetic Activation: Become connected with the Light and awaken your gifts and power.
‐ Galactic Energy, Healing and Activation: Receive the energy from the Galactic universe and transform your life. Ashtar work included.
‐ Psychology & Healing Session: This is combined the psychological work (Talking therapy, EMDR Hypno, NLP, CBH) with healing to transform your life better.
‐ Sanatokumara Exorcism Course: This is a course for people who are bothered by negative energies and attachments. This course transforms your energetic vibration.
– Quantum Release Session: This session is a tailor-made session to transform your psychology and also raise your vibration with dimensional transformation work at the quantum levels.
– Reiki & Healing: Usui Reiki is good especially if you have mental or physical illnesses. This Reiki & Healing focuses on the energy and it does not include that much psychological session. It has 5-10 min counselling and feedback time
– Intuitive Coaching Session: This session helps you to explore within you and find the best answer for your transformation. An intuitive coach helps you.
– CBH & Hypnotherapy: This session accesses your subconscious mind and supports you to transform your life. It also has a past life therapy too to heal your past and make a change in your current life.
‐ Psychic Reading, Channelling, Tarot Reading, Life Purpose Reading: If you would like to have a reading for any issues, please click here. You will receive guidance from the higher dimension.
– Bodywork: You can simply book a massage session or combine with healing to release toxic energy from your energetic body as well.