Sanatokumara Exorcism

Quantum Spirit, Attachments and Demonic Energy Release  (Face to face, Skype)
‐ This session is offered only in the course if you attend, such as the Reiki course, Galactic Awakening course, Psychic development course or Healer & psychic training.
– If you have any attachment issues, please have a look at the Galactic Awakening Course to join. You can go step by step to raise your vibration and change your reality.
– *** People who have demonic attachment often call us, send us long emails, ask for a free consultation and session as an urgent matter. Please do not phone up and ask for a chat and a free consultation. If you need help, please book a
psychic assessment or a psychic reading session properly in advance as you need a proper scanning and consultation. **** 

It is critical for everyone to receive this session to raise their vibration and ascend by releasing demonic energies at this ascension time, from your mind, energy and soul.

There are three different options in this course.

What we are releasing –
This course is suitable for people who want to release unwanted energies, evil spirits, earth-bound, demons, ETs,  psychic attack, contracts, and more, for you to regain your own power and to manifest your purpose and wishes in life. And this course is suitable for any problems related to, such as career, business, money, relationship, family, health, spiritual awakening, psychic-development, your soul plan etc. If you want to perform as a professional lightworker, psychic or a healer, this course is the essential course to get rid of any demonic influence. 

This course involves an exorcism which we don’t want you to take it lightly as it exposes the therapist to danger. In order to properly deal with it, it requires to book sessions as a course.

This session involves exorcism so each person can receive 1 or 2 sets of the Sanatokumara exorcism course, not more than that, and you need to protect your energy by yourself after that. We will teach you how to manage your energy and become healthier. We do not want you to depend on us so you can receive just 1-2 rounds of this course per person, manage your energy and become independent.

Lots of people think if they get attachments as they are a bad person. It’s not really the case. It’s more like if you have heavier emotional and mental wounds, then you have more attachments, as one example, but not limited to. Everyone has more or less, and it is better to release them and become lighter.

Kei will be working with her exorcism team including Ascended Master, Sanatokumara who came to the earth 6,500,000 years ago to Mt. Kurama in Japan, Galactic Commander Asthar, Fudoumyouou (Cetaka), Tengu team, her exorcism team, and more. If you want to know more about how her team was made and about the Kurama temple,  you can read the story from the link.

Attachment is quite often related to negative emotions, thoughts and thought patterns. Therefore you will have other attachments unless you change your patterns and vibrations. This is why the school does not offer only this exorcism course to people any more, and it is available only in part of the various training courses. In this way, we can help you to re-construct your emotional and mental patterns not to get attached further and have a happier life.

If interested in, please check our courses and receive the following sessions as a minimum requirement in prior to this exorcism course such as


  1. 26 DNA Activation or 40 DNA Activation standard session– Open up your gifts and power. Awaken you with Connection. Recommended as the first session.
  2.  Spark of Life remote session – this activates your spirit side of DNA strands.
  3. Class 1 – Learn Energy Protection and Energy Management
  4. Quantum Psychosomatic Emotional Detox and Restructure Your Energy 1-3/4 x 80 min session – Many of us have some dysfunctional thoughts and emotions. This session includes NLP elements as a private session to release outdated emotional, mental, behaviour patterns to move on effectively and efficiently and raise your awareness.

Post-follow up session

  1. Deep Healing 1-3  This helps to raise your energy level.
  2. Reiki seminar level 1 – this is the first authentic connection with a part of the Hierarchy of Light. You will learn what the authentic and non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki and heal yourself as a lightworker.
  3. Mind Revolution session x 7 times as a course  – you learn the ancient knowledge and Universal Principles to turn around your life for better. Ultimate awareness transformation course.
  4. Class 2 Level 1 – Learn Self-Healing psychologically based on cognitive and emotional therapy. Change your patterns of thoughts and feelings and transform yourself to become positive. Build a good relationship with yourself.
  5. Recommended – the Archangel Michael Initiation –  you can receive protection from the Archangel Michael office, and this is the first step for you to align with the Hierarchy of Light. This is offered only a few times a year. Please contact us if you would like to attend this.

Kei has worked with many clients to get rid of demonic-beings successfully over 12 years in the shortest process usually 2-6 sessions (case bay case. If heavier, more sessions are required). From her experiences,  it is best for you to follow the below strict protocols, especially the type 2,  if you want to get rid of them quickly and effectively as soon as possible and successfully, cooperating with her.

Lots of explanations here may not be needed for you nor you are related to, but all sorts of different people with emotional intensity and heavy attachments contact the school, so this page covers the requirements for various people.

Important – Please note:  Especially for the type 2. 
– You will learn the basic of how to protect your energy as well during this course. Even after you learn, and ignore suggestions from the practitioner, i.e. doing astral travel, trying to connect with ‘higher-beings’ without receiving proper training, and have entity and spirit attachments again, thinking to book this course again easily to expel entities,  this course would not be available for the second time.
– Each person can receive this course only once. Please manage your own energies as your own responsibility not to get attached. We won’t be responsible for your life and energy. Whatever you caused, you need to learn how to deal with the results you created.
– Before you book this session, please read below description carefully. Only if you can agree with all the terms and conditions listed here especially for type 2,  you can book this course.


Type 1) This is for people to release attachments for the first time, and if you don’t have any addictions and don’t use drugs and no mental illness and personality disorder.
– If you have a sensation of being attacked and have some symptoms, and use drugs and have an addiction, please book the type 2 session, not this one.
– For any personal questions,
please book a 25 min or 55 min psychic consultation in advance.


  • First session – First session is an Initial assessment and healing session –  210 pounds for 80 min session by bank transfer (210  pounds if by Paypal within 72h).
    • Cancellation policy for this: – 50% charge within 72 hours of your appointment, and 100& within 48h of your appointment.
    • During the assessment time, you will also have a treatment to reduce your distress within time after the assessment, so at least you can have some treatment.
  • After the assessment, you can receive 3 sessions x  80 min and the class 1 session (110 min). Payment is in advance all together @£860 by bank transfer (£900 by Paypal within 96h of your first appointment). The weekly session is ideal. We don’t offer this session as a one-off session.
  • This course is part of the training course of the Psychic healer level 1 and Reiki practitioner level 2 as you need to get rid of demonic and negative energies out of your system (everyone has attachments more or less). This is recommended to everyone as we have various spirit attachments in our system before you become a therapist.
  • If you cannot book/afford the set course in advance, an alternative suggestion is a  Full Cord Cutting session but please note this does not include any exorcism work like this session but it helps you release negative energies and cords.
  • If you are in our training courses and receive this type 1 course,  you can book the type 3 session as a one-off session when needed at each level of training (If you are black magicked or your energy is not suitable to heal others, you cannot receive any trainings till your energy gets cleared. If you use any substance including marijuana, cocaine, magic mushroom. etc, you cannot receive the training till you stop using them).
  • Cancellation and schedule change policy for this course:
    • Before starting the course – 10% charge within 7 days as the admin fee to arrange your sessions,  £100 charge within 72 hours of your appointment, and £200 within 48h of your appointment.
    • After the course started – there will be no refund as the therapist needs to finish all the sessions. Please read all the terms and conditions before signing up.
  •  Please pay in advance by one payment, and we will arrange all the dates for the sessions in advance.


Type 2)  If you already have a symptom of evil spirit or demonic attachments, psychic attack, or use drugs, hearing voices, alcohol or substance addiction (or regular usage),
We don’t offer this session as a one-off session.
If you already feel any symptoms and problems, please book the assessment and healing session first before you receive the below proper set course (4 sessions and class 1).
– For any personal questions,
please book a 25 min or 55 min psychic consultation in advance.

  1. Terms and Conditions –  Please read before contacting us to book this type 2 course.
    People who have many evil attachments or a mental disorder, tend to just ask many questions and send lengthy emails many times without booking sessions. We explain how it works and make a suggestion already here on this website, but if you are still not sure and have personal questions, please book a 25 min or 55 min psychic consultation in advance. or a full cord-cutting session instead of sending us many emails and questions. Emails are only for admin purpose to arrange sessions, not to answer your personal questions. 
    Please understand this course of work is totally different from other healing and energy sessions as it involves a lot of dangerous work for us to deal with, so we are totally in charge how to conduct the sessions, not you requesting postponing sessions, or cancelling it. We will complete the sessions with the higher guidance by operating with the strict protocol, not based on your request, i.e. when you want to book a session next. Having said that, we always ask you how you feel and your symptoms at the session time and incorporate it on how to proceed with the sessions for your benefits.
    – People who are under attack quite often need to receive the next session sooner than scheduled, and it is accommodated as much as possible. On the other hand, people who are under the severe attack quite often want to find excuses and reasons and resist having sessions and try to cancel it as the demonic interruptions, but we won’t cancel the course once we start it until we finished the planned sessions. It is important for you to understand this point before signing up. 

    – If you book this course, please do not hide anything, and disclose all the information about the behaviours and symptoms you are experiencing, including the past medical history and mental illness history. Your privacy will be protected.
    – Since we will be removing attachments, energies and evil spirits as a specialist in this work, you agree not to receive any other healings from anyone else and especially from family members and your psychic friends during the course as extra ego and karmic energies would be potentially added which interrupt our work massively, and you agree not to do any ‘channelling’ or try to get connected with ‘light-beings and your higher self and guides’ (most likely it is not) during the treatment course.
    – Some people say they are a Reiki master/healer and think they are eligible to do healing, but it does not count at all. Reiki practitioners/regular healers are not trained for any exorcism work as we do, and if there is no humbleness and acknowledgement, we won’t work with you. Most of the Reiki is the Western Reiki which is modified and changed without the proper Reiki lineage and the pure healing power from the non-modified, original and authentic Japanese Usui Reiki, Therefore, Western Reiki healing would not help.  Further explanation is found on the Reiki training webpage. 

    – During the course you are receiving sessions, we will decide when the next session should be conducted consulting your conditions to complete the work. We will set the consultation time during the course, but the actual session time would not get revealed. Since this session deal with the demonic beings, we won’t tell you all the planned schedules in advance but will complete the course.  
    – You can send us the feedback after each session but please refrain from asking many questions and calling us in between the consultation time. All the questions will be answered during the sessions only, not outside of the sessions.
    – We will remove negative energies but please regard the personality disorder is a separate issue as it has many other elements, and it would take longer to support and improve it. Please understand this work mainly focuses on the energy aspect to remove negativity and it doesn’t guarantee to repair personality disorder and psychosis as that needs mental and cognitive disorder repair work for a mid-to long term, not within a month.
    – Since we are not a medical professional, please consult a GP if you already have physical symptoms and mental disorder. We will not be responsible for your well-being,
    – You also need to understand demonic resistance and interruption can come in as a session cancellation, resistance to sessions, blame to the therapist with whatever the reasons, desire to avoid and postpone sessions.
    – If you are under attack over many years or have a substance /alcohol addiction, most likely, the first round would not be enough and in that case, you would be requested to continue the second round or the customized course combined with other courses.
    – Please note that we help you to learn to protect and manage your energy as well as expel negative energies out of you. If you are not learning and just think you can book sessions anytime when you need without any learning and depending on our sessions, we won’t offer it.  We usually offer 1-2 sets of sessions per client,  one time only. After the set course is completed to expel, you need to manage your own energy.
    – We will support you to remove attachments and negative energies. Our clients in the past had some improvements and reached their goals, however, we are not here to guarantee any results. There is an individual difference, and attachment release may not be enough to make a change in your life.
    – We understand you have agreed to all these points mentioned here and follow the protocol when you book the sessions. Otherwise, after the first round, we have all the rights to terminate to offer further sessions.
    – Without this agreement, we won’t offer this work as our work will be interrupted and we may be exposed to further danger. We have the rights not to continue to offer another set of additional sessions if needed if the above agreement is violated.
    – Sounds strict but we deal with all sort of different people and sometimes some people do not really understand why it is necessary to follow the set protocol like the above. So we try to make it clear before you sign up the course. This type of work is never a pleasant work and we cannot have any other additional issues violating the protocol on your end.
    If you cannot book/afford the set course in advance, an alternative suggestion is a  Full Cord Cutting session or Usui Reiki session regularly but please note this does not include any exorcism work like this session but it helps you release negative energies and cut cords.

2. Flow

    • Please read the above terms and conditions before you book the initial assessment.
    • First session – First session is an Initial assessment and healing session –  210 pounds for 80 min session by bank transfer (210  pounds if by Paypal within 72h).
      • Cancellation policy for this: – 50% charge within 72 hours of your appointment, and 100& within 48h of your appointment.
    • During the assessment time, you will also have a treatment to reduce your distress within time after the assessment, so at least you can have some treatment.
    • After the assessment, you can have the set course
      • 80 min x 4 minimum sessions  and
      • Class 1 session (110 min)  are required as a minimum session to book in advance @£1260 by bank transfer (by Paypal £1300 within 72h of your first appointment).
      • Depending on your situation, it may take longer especially for a case with mental illness, substance use or addiction combined. But work will be offered with 4 sessions as a set and you may need more than one set.
      • Once your energy is contaminated by demonic energies and black magic, addiction, it would be difficult to remove them easily within a short period of time like overnight, and please understand that is a consequence of whatever you practised magic, healing without any protections, heavy drinking or substance use,  etc. Sometimes the cause may not be known at the conscious level.
      •  If 26 DNA Activation can be received, it is highly recommended as it connects you with the light and includes healing elements.
    • Once you finish this course, we suggest you to receive other sessions to clear your energies and heal your emotional or mental wounds regularly like a couple of times a month until your energy level can get back to an acceptable purified and stable level, as you also need to work on the cause of why your energy got contaminated and change it. It is about your emotion, mental and behaviour patterns to work on. If they are healthy, you would not get attracted to massive negative attachments.
    • We dealt with self-harm, suicidal, attempted-suicide and severe cases successfully in the past, but they often need to follow up healing sessions to clear their energies after this course. 
    • Cancellation and schedule change policy for this course:
      • Before starting the course – 10% charge within 14 days as the admin fee to arrange your sessions,  50% charge within 72 hours of your appointment, and 100% within 48h of your appointment.
      • After the course started – there will be no refund as the therapist needs to finish all the sessions. Please read all the terms and conditions before signing up.
    • Please note: once the course is started, this is non-refundable for any last-minute cancellation and schedule change. We will finish the booked course and won’t leave things like half-cooked.

3) Recommendation
– to read
Learning Material of How to get rid of negative energies as a self-help guide. You can practice this daily to improve your conditions.


Type 3)  After you had either the type 1 or 2 above, and if you are a student or initiate of the school in a psychic healing training course in the last 6 months and have a monthly session with the school in a course, you can have a one-off session or two as part of the training. 

We have conscious and unconscious mental, emotional and behaviour patterns and blocks which we may not be aware of. They might be created while you were brought up at home, at school, at work or with friends or even in past lives. They can be a traumatic experience, suppressed feeling you don’t want to deal with, things you feel it cannot be changed or even spirits and ET attachments.

In order for you to manifest your full potential and live your life along with your Soul Plan, we help you realize what is blocking you at the conscious and unconscious levels, multiple dimensions and parallel world, and remove them.

We will work with the Higher Dimension, channel their guidance and help you release blockages and make a positive change in your life. Life is too short to indulge in a stuck situation.

These blocks can be

    • Spirit release including the dark ones, ET, psychic attack and more. 
    • Energetic blocks which interfere with your growth and progress, i.e. from the dark-being and the dark world
    • The energetic contract between you and someone/something, which is not serving for your highest good
    • Emotional and mental hurt, trauma to heal
    • Conscious mental and emotional patterns
    • Unconscious mental and emotional patterns
    • Limited beliefs, limited belief system
    • Past Life experiences, memory and karma carried over to this life.

And more

Once these relevant blocks are released out of you, you will be able to move on with more light, love and space, create your own divine life journey, and transform your life at this physical dimension and other multiple dimensions in order to manifest Divine YOU and your plan.

This is a customized private session so the flow of your session would vary. The basic flow will be customized out of below elements but not limited to;

- Short counselling to understand your situation and your mental, emotional state.
- Consultation to understand what you would like to solve, achieve and reach as a goal.
–    Psychological work to ease your mental and emotional state.
- Release emotional and mental blocks, limited belief, a limited belief system which is interfering your progress and transformation out of your multi-dimensions.
– Release past life karma, memory and trauma
– Terminate unwanted and unnecessary energetic contract from your past life, or with other beings/things.

We have many blockages, unwanted energetic contract and karmas, so it is recommended to receive minimum 2-3 sessions (if you don’t have any personality disorder or psychic attack) or till you feel you released most of them out of your multi-dimensions.

  • Fee – £250 for 80 min session by bank transfer (260  pounds if by Paypal within 72h).
    • Cancellation & reschedule policy: 50% charge within 72 hours of your appointment, and 100% within 48h of your appointment.



(Type 3)  ” I feel that the exorcism created a deep soul shift within me. As soon as the session began, I felt a lot of activity in my crown and then the third eye. Heavy accumulated energies got cleared, I felt energies that I was carrying leave my body. Thoughts came up which seemed random at the time, yet the feedback after the session was specifically connected to the timeline I had been thinking about. After receiving the session, I now feel calmer, stronger, and charged up with light.”
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant,  London, July 2020)

(Type 2)
”I have been a drug addict for nearly 20 years and found Kei through a referral from a close friend of mine. Initially, we started with other treatments which eventually led to the Quantum Release/Exorcism sessions. Since I have been quite spiritual my whole life I was intrigued to see if this type of treatment would be able to help me overcome my addictions to drugs so agreed to proceed. I am incredibly happy to say that since completing my full Quantum release courses my life has changed in so many wonderful ways. I am no longer using any drugs, even alcohol, my meditations have improved dramatically and my general well being is the best I have ever experienced. Without this course I feel my life would have been lost to drugs and substance abuse and I am so grateful for the work Kei has done for me, words could never articulate. I no longer have voices in my head which gives me great comfort, I now realise the insecurities and doubts I have lived with were imposed on me by darkness that was not my own. Due to the releases my self confidence and zest for life has increased 10 fold and I am filled with positivity for the future. I would recommend Kei to anyone dealing with any of these problems as in many cases these problems are external and can be removed through sessions as described above. Thank you Kei, you are amazing and have saved my life. Much love.”
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, June 2020)

(Type 2) ” She does not hear voices any more and stopped the biting. She looked an entirely different girl.”
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, May 2020)

(Type 2) ” Before receiving the first session, I stabbed myself and didn’t have any motivation to do anything. After one session, I could cook, clean and move around. After the course, I feel much lighter and positive now and don’t worry too much about how people are looking at me now when I go to shops.”
(Japanese female, 50s, Japan, 2020, April)

“I am able to connect more deeply with the light and the guides since the session. Also feel have felt much clearer in my thought processes which is good and with more energy. “
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant, London, Sep, 2019)

“Thank you for much for such an intensive good session. I feel lighter and came to understand why things were happening.”
(Japanese female, 40s, corporate, Japan, July 2018)

“I was surprised to find out that the attached female entities and women sending psychic attack energy to me,  had the same feelings I was feeling. It was coming from them.”
(Japanese female, 30s, London, Aug  2017)

“My left knee’s uncomfortableness and pain were seized.”
(Japanese female, university assistant lecturer, Japan, July 2017)

“I had a big secret which I had entities within me. I’m glad they got released.”
(English male, holistic, London, April 2017)

“(3 Quantum Release sessions and 1 exorcism session)
I was severely and energetically attacked and was so suicidal in the past 6 years. I tried many therapies but it didn’t work before.  I found Kei and came to London to release and solve my issues. She worked on my energy and the energy of my flat, and I could feel lots of attachments and negativities getting released out of me. At the last session, I knew all got a release and I could finally come back to the normal mental state, not suicidal any more. I could not stop crying and am so grateful.”
(Japanese male, entertainment industry, Japan, Dec 2016)

“I had a Skype session and felt light and sparkle around Kei when I met her online. It relaxed me. The session was amazing. After the session and cords were cut off, I don’t feel uncomfortable energy from people I don’t want any more and feel much clearer. Even my space is shifted and feels clearer too. ”(Japanese female, Composer, 40s, Sweden, April 2016)

“My knee is very bad and physio, massage, etc were not healing it whatever I tried before. But this Quantum Block Release session reduced its pain massively and it is much better now. I used to feel my muscle was pulled badly but it’s gone. ”
(Japanese female, 40s, therapist, London, March 2016)

“It was an unusual experience, still making heads and tails of it (I wonder how Kei can know all these.)”
(Australian male in his 30s, self-employed, London, March 2016)

“I felt something, the block was released out of my chest and I felt lighter after this. Towards the end of the session, my energy bodies were all consistently harmonized and I have a clearer idea of what I want to do. I feel more settled.”
(Japanese female, therapist and trading company employee, 30s, London, Mar 2016)

” I feel clearer after releasing something from my neck and chest. My head is also lighter. It’s been long, I feel the excitement from my heart. “ (Japanese female in her 40s, London, Mar 2016)

“I had work issues especially with one of my colleagues, bully. After the session, she was much nicer from the following day and she doesn’t say anything nasty anymore. I also can accept a little bit better how she is and feel a little bit better dealing with her at work. I received a gift from a higher dimension in the end. It was nice and unexpected. ”
(Japanese female, nursery teacher, 40s, Japan, Feb 2016)

” It was great to meet you, I found the experience very positive and relaxing. The talking, in particular, was surprisingly beneficial.” (English male in his 50s, business owner, Mar 2015)

” I was feeling uncomfortable and stressed at work but feel better now releasing some blocks. I feel emotionally much lighter. “ (Japanese female in her 40s, Feb 2015)