Sacred Geometry Symbol 6

Sacred Geometry Symbol Healing 6 by Spirit Energy Injection
– Basic course: £140 (50 min) for people who have had a DNA Activation  (130 pounds if you pay by Within-UK bank transfer 96h/4days before).
– Full course: £190 (80 min) for people who had a DNA Activation 8months before or none.   (180 pounds if you pay by Within-UK bank transfer 96h/4days before).

Sacred Geometry Symbols will be written into your aura, which releases lower level energy and ego, and activate your etheric body. Then the Higher level energy of your own Spirit will be injected into your aura and your energy level of your etheric body will be raised. This healing also transforms your conscious level to a higher and more positive level within your Spirit energy.

*In order to maximize the healing effect, we recommend you
–  24+/26-Strand DNA Activation , Quantum Block release 1-3, Deep Healing 1-3, Class 1, Class 2 level 1& 2, Spark of Life, AK2 DNA Activation, King Solomon Healing

★Client Feedback
”Among all the sessions I had, this one was very subtle and I was not really feeling that much during the session. After the session, things like insecurities and things I wasn’t aware were coming up. I could release them without getting into dramas unlike the patterns I used to have.
Good things are more and more coming to me and I feel even more comfortable.”
( English male, psychic healer, 20s. August 2017)