Spark of Life (Remote)

Spark of Life – Blueprint Revitalization (Remote)
– Phone counselling and post-feedback by email  included – 80 min at £175 (Outside of UK, £185 by Paypal payment)

Living in this world contaminates our energy and our inner light cannot shine as bright or powerfully as it once did. This divine modality will strengthen your original “You”, which is the Light you have within. Your  etheric body will be revitalized based on your individual original Blueprint,  intertwined to the Light of all Creation, ENSOF, Light of the Ultimate Source  consisting of 144,000 rays, and you will subsequently receive energy through  ENSOF to enable your etheric energy to be brought into line with your  Blueprint.

– We will work on sending you the energy remotely. People living overseas  can also have this session.
– Please send your photo, your name and your birthday and the adress where you will be at prior to the session.
– It is recommended you stay in one place to feel the energy but you are not obligated to do so. Please avoid driving a car as you may feel drowsy, and avoid partying and interacting with many people outside. Staying in the house is the best.
– Since this is a remote healing, please reserve and pay the fee at least three days before the session. With your payment confirmation reservation will be completed.

“I felt strangely a lot shifts and movement through out the body. My sore throat felt better straight away and a lot of clearing in the stomach my stomach was actually making noises as it cleared. I was quite restless, felt a lots of it as I could feel old blocked energy coming up and out. Strangely enough I knew when you finished as checked email at exact time you sent it. My body temperature feels a lot cooler, felt like I have been realigned. Strangely enough I can now hear a music instrument being played. Feel very light almost floaty. My right ankle was hurting for some reason. Feel like it was a very powerful soul healing and clearing. If you could shed light on the right ankle. Really feel like I had magnets taking everything out and away, saw the a very light blue light too funnily enough. Thank you.”
(English male, 20s, psychic, London, July 2017)

“After the session, I’ve been fine. On meditation I had some beautiful Goddess images in gold colour. It was just so positive.” (British female, 30s, London)