Soul Awakening Course

Soul Awakening and Unlock the Power Within You Course –
Life Make Over Course to Become “True-You”
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What do you need to do to be “you” and to awaken your divine True-you and your soul fully”?

We need to make a living, hopefully with a fulfilling career, exercising and eating nutritional food to maintain the body, sleeping well and thinking and acting positively… These are all physical activities.   Whilst maintaining our physical side,  we also need to work on our inner aspect, to awaken your “True-You” and soul fully for you to walk on your divine path.

King Solmon said,
3000 years ago, “Until you receive the DNA Activation, your essential gifts and powers will remain dormant”.  DNA Activation is the universal tool which works for everyone beyond race, gender and nationality”. With your power and gifts remaining dormant, it is difficult for you to live as “True-you” and fulfill your life purpose that your spirit  had wanted to do and had planned before you were born here. With opening up your gifts and power, you will be able to access them and can develop a life you wanted to have as a spirit, as you will be on your divine path.

However, there are obstacles – external and internal.
We humans live in this dimension there are various invisible beings living together in the same space though many of us cannot see them. They attach to us in various forms as “Spirit Attachments” and they try to live their life with their own purpose, NOT YOURS. These are external influences on you.  There are other interferences such as past life karma, memory, energetic contract and such, which no longer serve for your highest good. Your way of thinking, feelings and behaviours, are all influenced by these externally and internally.

This awakening course does..
With private sessions and classes in this awakening course, these can be removed and you can release heavy energy and some karma. In order for you to keep healthy mental, emotional and energetic state, you can learn how to protect your energy field and to learn how to clear the emotion and energies to maintain the “Energetic Health”. There are reasons why these beings come and attach to you but if you can clear your energy and maintain your energy level, you can prevent them from being attached or interrupted by invisible beings and other people’s emotions and thoughts.

With our Authentic Ancient Mystery School Lineage and Galactic Connection..
We offer classes for you to learn the ancient and effective protection and energy management. You can also change your patterns of feelings and thinking and make it more positive to attract something better for you in this course. You will make over your life, upgrade yourself with the high vibration called Galactic Light, and become “True-YOU”.

Course Outline
The following is thecourse outline for you to build up your energy and skills and transform your life. For details, please click on the each link. It does not have to be in this order.

  1. 26 DNA Activation or 40 DNA Activation standard session– Open up your gifts and power. Awaken you with Connection. Recommended as the first session.
  2. Class 1 – Learn Energy Protection and Energy Management
  3. Quantum Release of Energy Blocks, Emotion and Contract 1-3/4- 80 min session
  4. Deep Healing 1-3/4  This helps to raise your energy level.
  5. Class 2 Level 1 – Learn Self Healing. Change your patterns of thoughts and feelings and transform yourself to become positive. Build a good relationship with yourself.
  6. Mind Revolution session  x 7 times  – you learn the ancient knowledge and Universal Principles to turn around your life for better. Ultimate awareness transformation course.
  7. Quantum Psychosomatic Detox & Restructuring session 1-4 –  Separately, if you have deep seated wounds, anxiety and depression, abused experiences, EMDR & NLP included private sessions are highly recommended to receive. Just keep talking about your past and re-visiting your painful experiences, would not help you to move on effectively and efficiently and raise your awareness.
  8. Class 2 Level 2 – Learn Self Healing in order to build better relationships with others.
  9. Life Purpose Reading – .Finding out the purpose of life helps you understand who you are and what your gifts are.
  10. AK2 DNA Activation –  to transform your consciousness to higher and have a light body.
  11. King Solomon Healing  – In order to have the AK2 lightbody, this is an essential session.

Separately, anyone can receive the Archangel Michael Initiation to receive a protection from the Michael office. This is offered only a few times a year. Please contact us if you would like to attend this.

If you are not sure which session you would like to receive, though the above course is recommended, please contact us and you can book a psychic reading and consultation session.
You can also add a psychic consultation whenever you need to.

**Further More**
There are different paths available in our Mystery School lineage, please see below.

  • If you want to become a psychic and healer, please click on the Healer and Psychic training.
    – This course will provide you the solid foundation and transform your consciousness to a higher vibration and become a high quality and love driven psychic healer.
  • If you want to become a psychic, please click on the Psychic training.
    You will learn the foundation and will find how you read people by what kind of mix.
  • If you want to work with us as a Lightworker
    to download the Highest vibrational light, Galactic Light
    , and help other people from the Authentic Mystery School lineage and connection,
    – please contact us and start the Healer & Psychic Training Course.
    – This is the path for the Initiation to the Mystery School and work as a Lightworker.
  • If you want to maximize your potential, not necessarily related to therapies, but creative artist, writer, composer, business success, etc., you can start this Awakening course and can customise it.

Or we can tailor-made if you don’t fit in the above, please contact us.