★Christmas Season Special Offer 1 - Psychic Reading & Guidance till Dec 9th


Hope you are well.

How have you been?

One psychic client came in the other day and he was delighted to activate his 40 DNA strands. He has had a lot of awareness going on and is getting out of the “illusions” which he thought he wanted to have.

He is the Galactic Soul and lots of guidance and energies were coming from the Galactic Universe as well more than usual. He said it was good to hear all the messages as it was verifying what he was getting before or it gave  extra support to move on.

Today, I would like to offer you a special offer on a psychic reading for the limited period of time for you to have guidance, clarification for the future and available options etc.

Please see below link for further updated information.

Have a good day and feel free to contact me.


****Special Offer 1 on a Psychic Reading ******

Period: Wed Nov 23rd – Fri Dec 9th.

Tue – Thu 10:00-11:00, 20:30-22:00
Fri    10:00-11:00

Method: By Skype or phone only.

  • For new customers  who never had a session with us.
    From 30min @ 50 pounds -> NOW 25 min @ 14 pounds
    From 45min @ 75 pounds -> NOW 45 min @ 27 pounds
  • For  people who had sessions from us before. (about 50%off!)
    From 30min @ 50 pounds -> NOW 25 min @ 27 pounds
    From 45min @ 75 pounds -> NOW 45 min @ 44 pounds
    From 60min @ 100 pounds -> NOW 60 min @ 70 pounds

Please read before you book.
–  Within 48 hours cancelation, it is 100% cancelation charge
– Please contact us at least 2-4 days before of your preferred booking time and make a payment 2-3 days before to confirm.
–  Within UK, Skype and phone session, outside of UK, Skype session is available.
–  When you are booking a session, please let me know your full name and contact information too.

Booking and Payment
- Please make a payment from the below Paypal Link.
- Within 1-3 days of your appoint date and time confirmation, please make a payment in advance.

- £14
- £27
- £44
- £70