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Adam Kadmon 2 DNA Activation

Adam Kadmon 2 DNA Activation

It is important for you to become connected with the Ensof, the God, and the universe first. Then you will be transforming yourself as Adam Kadmon 2 (AK2) through the light body transformation. You will become connected with the universe, planets and the galaxy which you are most related to. Each individual has the different connection and background, so the connection source differs from others.

This AK 2Activation (40+ DNA Activation), is a private session and is customized to make it suitable for each individual. You will become connected and activated further to transform yourself and others.

Step by Step Activation

1) Please receive the 24+/26 DNA standard activation or 40 DNA full Activation. This will open up your dormant gifts and power.
 40 DNA Full Activation  – we recommend this first (rather than 24+/26 DNA Activation) as it creates the system further in your energy to manifest your divine purpose.
2) Then, after about 3-4 weeks, please receive AK2 DNA Activation (40+DNA Activation) which is the Adam Kadmon 2 Activation.

 **This AK2 activation cannot be taken from the beginning, and it requires two-step activation process as above.

–  If you had 32+/40 DNA Activation previously: 90 mins at £180
–  If you had 24 DNA Activation (old AK Activation) previously: 110 mins at £220
–  If you had 24+/26 DNA Activation previously: 140 mins at £280
–  If you had 22 DNA Activation previously: 150 mins at £300

AK 2 Revolution! Adam Kadmon 2 Transformation Healing – What does it do for you? Feb 26th: Michael and Shmballa Code Activation night (Early Bird Offer £10-).


While I’m sending out the AK2 remote energy, there are various messages coming together for the person who is receiving it as well as the transformation healing energy.

We often hear the phrase in the IT industry, “This is the next generation’s model,xxx”, so as the energy world. “Next Generation” is happening, which is the AK2 Revolution.

3000 years ago at the King Solomon’s time, it was up to 22 DNA Activation.

Reiki was coming down to Japan and Mr Usui received it. It went to the world.

About year 2000, DNA Activation was upgraded up to 24 DNA Activation as the Adam Kadmon Light Body session.

In 2014, this year, next negation, Adam Kadmon 2 transformational energy has been revealed here for us.

Together with this AK2 energy, new Ensof Ray healing, which is the upgraded version of Reiki, was also revealed.

Then what the AK2 energy does for you?

You will learn the details in the AK 2 training and the seminar. It is not only healing but it is transformational for you to evolve to the next energetic level.
You will be transforming yourself mentally and energetically, and move onto the next stage of your life. In order to make it possible, the AK2 Activation will transform you to have the Adam Kadmon Light Body over time after you receive the activation, and also you will have the connection with your own “source” to fulfill your life purpose.  

If you want to make a change in your life, AK 2 DNA Activation is recommended.

If you want to make a further change, in the world, come and join our AK 2 training and seminar.


There are many people who are receiving the AK2 transformational healing energy, and you can find a couple of testimonials here and also on our AK 2 seminar web site.

Age is just a reference, but there are many Indigo kids or the people who have the indigo energy within them, have life purpose to make a change in the world and transform people with more love and light. For this purpose, AK 2 transformational healing is the most suitable Ascension tool.

Here are the testimonials from two indigos and please have a look.

<AK2 remote session testimonials>

”Thank you so much for the 20 min session and the feedback. First 10 mins, I felt the warm energy coming to me, and the remaining time, I felt it was chilly. When I received the feedback, I found out that I have the elemental energy within me and I understood better why I felt it so. I wasn’t confident enough before but I will take an action and will offer my healing sessions for others. Thank you.” (Japanese massage therapist and Mystery school healer, in her 30s, Feb 2014)

——> In her case, AK2 transformational energy was coming down but at the same time, there was the information coming down together for her to understand her energy type, purpose of life and also the history of the AK energy trend.


”Thank you so much for the remote session. After the session, I felt so refreshed and so much clearer. I’m more energized but my entire body is so relaxed. So I came from this planet xxx. I never heard about this planet but it is interesting!” (Japanese, Music uni student in her 20s, Feb 22014)

——> In her case, she received the energy from her source, her planet where she came from. It was to support her AK 2 transformation as she is here to transform people as AK2. It’s one of the main life purpose.


AK2 Healing and many of our healing and activation are not only healing but it is transformational and have more energy to transform you with more Light and love to the next level.

There is a special AK 2 remote session offer from £26 only now, and the AK 2 training and seminar available. Please have a look for further details.
<Event Schedule>
Feb 26thArchangel Michael Clearing and Shambala Code Activation Night.
Early Bird is available from £10.Experience the AK energy and have fun with us!

Please feel free to contact us for queries and bookings.


Love and Light


Feb 26th Wed 19:15 -20:15 – Energy Clearing Meditation and “Shambala Code” Activation (£7 – )


Sun is up and this is such an exciting time. Adam Kadmon energy, God consciousness with divine love and light, will be spreading more from now and it will start fully from the end of this month. Are you ready to ride on this wave?

Adam Kadmon Transformational Healing Hand down Seminar and training course contents can be found on the web page below. English is being proof-read one by one and sorry for my nonnative English. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.


To support your ascension and other human and beings on this dimension, please see our special offer below.

1) AK healing special initial session offer.

You can receive a special AK healing remote initial session offer at £26 for 20 min / £39 for 30 min.
Many people feel the differences and its powerful dynamic energy.
Just email us, book and pay by PayPal. Then energy will be sent to you remotely. You will receive a brief feedback.


2) Feb 26th  Wed 19:15 -20:15 – Archangel Michael Night: Energy and Chakra Clearing Meditation and “Shambala Code” Activation

You know meditation and Mindfulness help us to calm our busy mind and become connected with our Inner True essence? It can also reduce the stress which is often the cause of lots of mental and physical illness, emotional insecurities.

You will be guided to clear your distress and stuck energies in your bodies, and then become activated with the “Shambala code” to create the heaven on the earth (this activation is quick and will be given to each person).  Archangel Michael will be also called and you will receive his support to clear negative energies from you.

Adam Kadmon energy will be brought down as well and hope you can sense its energy there. This is the introduction of the AK energy,  Shambala energy and Michael energy for you.

 <Early Bird Offer>
If you book and pay by 15th Sat midnight, it will be only £7
If you book and pay by 18th Tue midnight, it will be only £10. If you book and pay by 23rd midnight, it will be only £15.
After 23rd, it will be only £19. 

By door on the day, £25 full price if a seat is available .

Location:  Covent Garden, 4 min walk.

* Please book in advance by email, and pay by PayPal or bank transfer. Please make a payment within the same day or the following day, otherwise, offer goes to someone else. * It is non-refundable unless we cancel this event.  
* Seat is limited. First come, first served.  

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and Light 




Retreat in Hawaii and By Goddess Pele, Remote Transformational & Healing session



How are things with you?

It’s getting colder and please wrap up yourself warm. In order to warm up your body, ginger tea and hot food help you from the inside. I haven’t had any holiday this year and decided to do a little Retreat. No emails, no phone calls, away from the daily life and space in London. Then I went to Hawaii which I felt calling me from the summer time. It is far away from London and it was a little project to organize everything.

To get to Hawaii Big Island, it took 21 hours via Los Angels and 30 hours via 11h stuck LA transit. Travel agency didn’t offer any package tour to Hawaii from London so I needed to do all the research and coordination. In the end, I could visit all the power spots and sacred spots I was planning to with the Universe support.

After we had the Ascension opening in 2012 Dec, energy has been shifting a lot this year, and it is now shifting again towards next year. If you live in the same place and live the same life, it is difficult to figure out how much growth you made and how stuck you are. It is better to leave there and go somewhere else with a suitcase to have your own time sometime. Hawaii was a perfect destination as it can supply the energy of what I/mass conscious needed.

I selected Hawaii Big Island and Kauai Island. Oahu island is famous for Waikiki and Honolulu where many people go for parties and marine activities. But this time, the purpose of this Retreat was 100% spiritual, and Oahu is saved for the next visit. Hawaiian islands are managed by the Goddess Pele. People told me before that her personality is aggressive and temperamental. The energy I contacted with was a gentle, compassionate, however, passionate energy. Although any Goddesses can be scary when getting mad, she had the gentle and nurturing energy. Sending out her energy to the UK and Japan, I was hoping people living in the UK can be warmed up and opened up more.

In the Big Island, there is the sacred valley where many kings and royal families used to be living. I definitely wanted to visit this sacred place but there was no pick up service from my hotel in downtown. All the tours were departing from the other side of the island, or asking people to get together at the point which is at least 90 min away from the hotel. I didn’t rent a car, and there was no local cabs running around there after getting near there by bus. I was giving up almost but lucky me, I called agencies and one of the guys who picked up a call for reservation, gave me a ride to there and from there.

This valley had the beautiful black sand beach, and after the very steep slope, there is a small village where some people are still living there in the different world. It has a totally different vibration from the town, and still has the sacred vibration that’s why people preserve this valley still as very sacred, and not commercialized at all. There were more places to visit, and the island itself is very spiritual.

From there, I moved to Kauai Island. It is known as the Garden Island. One American lady I met and who worked with President Obama said he was born there. It is the very small island but with so much beautiful mountains and natures. In this island, there was also the valley which was used for many film shootings such as Avatar. We went there by a van but it was colder and rainy, and without a jacket, you didn’t want to stay outside. Hierarchy lifted all the mists and clouds when we got there after 10 mins. I cannot express by words, but it was very beautiful. I wanted to do a meditation but there was no way I could do that, but got connected with it. Hawaii is the place creating the dynamic and live life force energies.

If you receive this energy, you and the land which is exposed to this energy become activated. This energy is probably most needed everywhere now.

My hotel was by accident so near the sacred place, called “Heiau”. When I got there, it was after the noon and I decided to visit this sacred space. On the way, I met a Hawaiian lady sitting on the bench near there, crying. She was telling me about the sacred space and its history, but the conversation went into her personal sad story as well. I didn’t expect to meet anyone sad in Hawaii, but this was not the first occasion. I met another one in the Big Island. It’s everywhere isn’t it? Unexpectedly, it became a counselling time. I didn’t mention that much to her but hope she is getting healed now.

At the sacred space, there was no one was around and I was just sitting on the big rock and tree, and talking with the ocean and the earth. Such a high vibration and it is a good time and space to empty your head totally out of the busy daily life. One morning, I had my limited spare time and could lie down on the beach and got into the ocean. Tide was high and it was too dangerous to swim but the water had such a powerful clearing energy on the mental and emotional level. It was so clear that the water was clearing the energies within my bodies. Probably it is located at the sacred site. I brought all of my crystal stones to cleanse and charge the energies. One of them was lost in the wave, sorry!

One day, I could visit the temple in the mountain. This temple’s vibration was really high and pure. There was the huge crystal stone in the middle of the sacred site where no picture was allowed to take. I was sitting on the floor, meditating and receiving so many guidance and messages. Couple of high monks here had very high vibration, which was almost like the Accented Master’s vibration. Here, they teach all the monks to work on themselves first. It’s not for the power, it’s not for the status. It’s definitely not for any approvals from others. Total harmony.  Make sense.

Since it was in the middle of the mountain, I arranged a cab to go back into the town in prior. Expectedly, a cab driver didn’t come back. Without a cab, I have to walk down more than 2 hours but didn’t have time for that. There was the last group of the tourists leaving the site by car, and they kindly gave me a lift. Another support from the Universe. So it was all like this during the trip, and everything was so smooth without any hustle and troubles.

There was one strange phenomena though. I was so jetlagged all the time and woke up 3am in the morning. Without protecting my site where I sleep, I wouldn’t sleep there but I saw the green rain forest at the left side corner of the room, not the real trees, clear vision and energy. Nothing scary. I was so sleepy and just fall back in a sleep but it seems the Land Guardian was welcoming me on site. How nice right?

When I had time, I was sitting along the coastal line and working on me with visualization, connection and self healing, etc and I feel something was shifting within me. Many messages I received for the next phase. These islands are not the party towns and they are perfect for a retreat.

On the way coming back from Kauai, I was stuck in LA for 11 hours which gave me time to catch up with my old good friend after 7 years. He was young like 29 or 30 years old but after 7 years, he grew up with up and down life experiences and stronger. It was only for 7 hours but it wasn’t bad to catch up and make up for the missing 7 years I think. He was never a “Take” type of person and is the type of guy giving helping hands to people who are in needs, “Giver”.

Even after long years, he was still the same in this sense, and it made me really wonder what is really missing in London. Los Angels is pretty much the same cosmopolitan city like London. But maybe because of the cold severe weather in London, many people are more closed minded and more chasing after the fame and material? I don’t know and I don’t have the answer yet. If Hawaiian energy is kept injected in London, London can be transformed as more open and warm hearted place?

When I meet people who are not interested in spiritual things and who are living their lives without being aware of the invisible world and is focusing on more the material things, what they talk about is often money, car, property asset, fame, status, family background, etc. but essentially, are they really important in life? What can we bring with us when we die? It is nice to have all the material things but isn’t giving and sharing more important without any competition and ego, and helping self and others?

Overall, what I felt through this trip… Energy in Hawaii has the live life force to shift the energy which is wanted at the spirit level. Who are you? Who are you without any “mask” Do you love yourself? It goes beyond different lives and dimensions. Warm, soft but dynamic and powerful energy. You can also get connected with the Ancient Lemurian energy there but I didn’t feel I have to. Rather than the Ancient energy, it was enough to get connected with the energy which was “there” at that time I was there, “Now”. Get connected, healed and shifted, which makes you as one…

Next year, spiritual retreat in Hawaii is planned. Not only visiting the famous sightseeing spots, this retreat will provide many opportunities to get connected with the Goddess Pele, Hawaiian energies, to work on your energy to go deep into the essence and develop your psychic senses, and to receive guidance and messages from the higher dimension. It would be about 10 days total (if from the UK).


By Goddess Pele, Remote Transformational & Healing session

For a time-being, you can receive the Remote Transformational & Healing Session by the Fire Goddess Pele. She will melt down undesirable energies, filled you with the fire element and transform you. This session is good for you if you’d like to
– shift your life
– dissolve stuck energies and move on forward
– clear emotional issues
– live your life with passion.

Session includes a time for brief feedback too.

1h@£99、90 min @ £149
(Advance booking with advance payment via Paypal)

You can take this session before or after the 38 DNA Activation as a combination as a face to face session too.

Please feel free to contact me and have a good evening.

Love and Light



Kay Nishimura (BA, Grad Dip in Psychology, Dip. in Hypnotherapy, MASC, Ad.C.S)
Archangel Ray Metaphysical Mystery School Guide, Teacher and Ritual Master
GHR Accredited Hypnotherapist (Dip. in Hypnotherapy)
British Psychology Society Accredited Graduate Diploma holder in Psychology at London uni. Jikiden Reiki Accredited Teacher & Practitioner
MASC Accredited Counsellor, Psychic Counsellor and Crystal Healer

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