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★ Why is an energetic protection and hygiene matter? – Class 1 level 1


How are you?

After the powerful summer solstice, portal was open till Fri and it was very strong influencing us with massive Sun power. Now it is moved into the Cancer month, so you may be feeling emotional.
Have you noticed who you are and what you want? 
Over the past 12 years, I’ve been working on my psychology, self-development and consciousness and have been peeling off ‘onion layers’ one by one whilst applying all the esoteric principles and universal principles. Compared to the ‘previous me’ back in 2005, current ‘I’ became happier and reached some points where I wants to be; happier, healthier, stronger, wiser, secure, more love, more abundance, less troubles and troublemakers, with more peace of mind.
Having said that my journey continues and learning never stops.
Can you say you are happy where you are with no major issues, and do you know who you really are and what you want?
How was my life and career shaped and what was helping me?
Protection and energy management are the Keys: WHY?
Over 12 years ago, I didn’t have a clue about the energy and metaphysics and didn’t know I was an ‘Empass’, energetic sponge as I had no protection on me. I had full of troubles and troublemakers in my life at that time.
My then mentor said to me at that time ‘Most of your energy in your auric field is not yours. In order to be healthy, you need to clear your energy properly daily.
I started learning how to protect me and clear the energy properly with universal principles, and things started changing.

Since then I’ve been practising everyday to maintain my energy level. This is the very basic and very first step of the energy management leading to manage your life.
Without protection, what can happen? 
As many of you know, I used to offer exorcism and black magic removal.  Many people came over, some from overseas,  and I treated really horrible cases to put my clients back into normal functional life.
Including my acquaintances there were patterns in them and here is only a handful examples.

– Case 1- English Psychic Healer who practiced healing over 30 years without any protection, had issues heavy entities dwelled in her body and could not operate her daily life any more . She needed help and contacted me.
Case 2– Corporate worker who started practising Western Reiki, again without learning proper protection, needed me midnight to help her remove entities from her and her flat. Her face and arms were moving freely without her intention and she was put into a psychiatric unit.

Case 3–  Healer who does not have any protection and whose psychic senses are intentionally left open 24/7, has many low entities in his energy field and it is reflected to his words and behaviours.

Case 4 –  Similar to the case 3, but this person 4 has diagnosed psychotic issues over 10 years while practising psychic reading, and sent to a psychiatric unit due to a severe recurring symptom.
There are more than these as far as I know.

You may argue there may be other reasons, maybe so, but I am a clairsentience I know when entities are there, and quite often entities are with people who don’t have ‘proper’ protection on them.

If there are heavy attachments, I cannot be with friends literally, as they tend to be judgemental, arrogant, insensitive, selfish, negative, no gratitude, insecure, jealous, critical, controlling, manipulative, addictive to smoking, alcohol, gambling, you name it.

Providing a psychic reading, healing and any form of therapies and interactions without a energy protection,  is like you are having sex without a condom. You take a risk of all sorts of energetic STD(sexually transmitted disease). 

Your energetic health and energetic hygiene matter, and it is influencing you daily, regardless your occupation

Energy Management and Protection Class 1
Our energy management and protection class 1 is revised and it is more affordable. I know some of you may do a very basic protection but it is not enough. You will learn thoroughly at this class.

You can book the class 1 level 1 anytime by Face to Face or Skype session.

Or book a special offer on this Thu 11:50 – for 85 min, 50% off by the school initiate. Only 1 slot.  Please see below for further information.

There are other sessions and classes available so feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light



★June 29th Thu lunch time – Class 1 level 1  teaching (Meditation and Energy Protection and Management) special offer for 1 person.
– Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here.

Time: 11:50 – 13:15
Fee: 70 pounds (reduced from 140 pounds) by the school initiate. (Class 1 details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/class1/).
* Kei will be there too.
Booking: please contact Kei soon.


★ June 30th – Ideal Partner/ Mate Attraction & Venus Energy Transmission: Law of Attraction workshop for love – Booking and payment deadline by Wed 28th 12noon
Do you know this year is the year for you to access what you want in life? Additionally, this is the best time to get the booster from Mercury and Venus and find ideal mate/partners?
If you have been single and haven’t met an ideal partner, this is the time for you to shift your emotional, mental, physical and energetic patterns to create opportunities to meet ideal partner candidates.

For further Details, please click here.
★Maybe one more in August – TBC –  Sun 12:20  -14:20  Special DNA Activation & Reiki Healing Offer @ Liverpool st
You can have a session from the school well-trained Level 6 initiate  and qualified Reiki practitioner for – 26/28 DNA Activation including healing, energy balancing, and spiritual consultation for 80 min – 30 min Usui Japanese Original Reiki

Fee: 70 pounds only (non-refundable), (Standard full value is 220 pounds)
Booking: Please email Kei to kayarmsuk@gmail.com. Only 1 slot is available, first come first served. * Your family or friend can receive this too.
★ Jul 5th Wed 12:00-  Chaka & Energy Clearing Meditation and Crystal Empowerment ★12:00 -12:40 Part 1 – Meditation and Group Emotional Healing @Covent Garden ★12:40 -13:20  Part 2A Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment @Covent Garden
★ Psychic Reading, Channelling session
Sometimes, it is good to have a guidance or message coming from your ancestors, angels and ascended masters to receive  a support for you to understand, make a decision in life and move on. http://uk.gfls.co.uk/reading/

★ Massage and Reiki session
We need to maintain our physical body well as well as the energy field. Experienced ITEC 3 & Deep Tissue massage therapist, Kei, helps you release tension and pain from your body. It gives you good benefits to loosen your muscles and circulate the blood and energy better. Reiki can be combined if requested.
Massage – > http://uk.gfls.co.uk/massage/ Reiki ⇒ http://uk.gfls.co.uk/usuireiki/
Please contact us for special offers and private sessions

Events   For the up to date info, please visit the What’s on page.


2017 New Year Message & Jan Events


How are you?

I stayed in Shiga prefecture in Japan to see my relatives over the weekend when it was snowing massively. Even with 35 cm snow on the ground, it was a good time to catch up and spend time with them after long time.

How have you been so far?


2017’s January’s message

From the last year to this year, there was another energetic shift happened and new cycle has started. This cycle and energy will push you to find who you really are with your born gifts and purpose of life.

Many of you may feel to start something new, or try something new.

If you are feeling you want to do something but you feel like you cannot do, take your time and do clean up you house and toss away unnecessary old things.

–        Clean up your house thoroughly including kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, reception with a hoover and wiper.
–        Toss away your old clothes, old shoes and any other personal belongings you don’t use any more or you don’t feel comfortable any more.
–        Things and gifts you received but you don’t like them.
–        Tidy up your closet and drawers.

Your environment also has energy so if you clean it up, you will also have the positive influence by that.


After cleaning up, you can have something with images such as
– What kind of house do you live in or what kind of clothes you wear when you are happy and successful.
–        What kind of life style you have with what kind of things and energy around you.

This is an easy thing for you to make a change in your life whilst you can also have support from other people.

This year is important to balance yourself and then manifest who you really are in order to have a stability and consistency. Without a good balance, nothing can last long. Building the foundation and making a constant efforts may be boring but the solid foundation would help you build something solid.


I started sessions in Tokyo and ask a below question to each client when she/he comes in

“What is it if you don’t do, die and regret after your death?”

Some people have clear ideas and others have vague ideas. Some people take actions and others don’t take any actions. It depends on how serious it is, how urgent it is, what kind of resources they have, how capable they are, when is a good time, etc. but all of these are influencing each other as complicated causes, and can generate a flow.

If we aim to go one more step, then you are closer to your goal one more step.

From the next week, you can book sessions and events in London face to face.

We are still at the beginning of the new year, our events will be focusing on setting your goals and energy, and make a balance to reach your goal.

Our monthly meditation event will include more transformational ritual and energy work for you to make a change.

Further information is below.


Have a good day and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Love and Light



1)   Sat Jan 28th 12:00 – 13:20 : 2017 New Moon Meditation & “4 World ” Energy Balance Work @ Bond St

We are still at the beginning of the new year, so this event focuses on set the goal and energy for the new year with good balance. - Set the goal and energies for the new year.
- Clearing Meditation
- Make a balance and work on metaphysically by “4 World”

Fee: Early Bird 29 pounds (on the door 40 pounds)

Please book your seat and make a payment from the below link.
* Refund is not available unless we cancel the event.
* Address will be notified 3 days before.

2)     Sun 29th Jan 11:20-12:35 Healing Clinic (75min) @Bond St
– Emotional Release, Reiki & Crystal Healing Session

You can receive a healing session from our school accredited level 4 therapist and Reiki practitioner.

If you would like to receive a session, please book it by email.

Fee: Early Bird 25 pounds
(non-refundable unless we cancel the clinic)


3)New Year Psychic Life Consultation

What do you want to achieve this year?
How do you want to make a change?
What steps will you take to go closer to your goal?
How confident are you?

You will receive support through a psychic reading and consultation with a limited new near special offer by Skype of phone. (Face to face session is at the standard offer)

When you would like to have a session, please email 2-3 preferred time.

Period: Mon 23rd –Thu 26th, 30th-31st of Jan, between 10:00 – 13:-00.

Fee: 30 min at 30 pounds, 45 min at 45 pounds.

 Within UK: you can pay by bank transfer in advance.
–  Overseas: You can pay by Paypal with additional 4% Paypal charge.

Cancelation Policy
–        Within 48 hours cancelation and rescheduling request, please be aware that 100% cancelation fee will be applied. Please email us when you want to cancel or change.


Tue 16th of June – Gemini New Moon Day – Money, Success & Abundance Workshop – with Anointing Holy Oil

Gemini New Moon Day – Money, Success & Abundance Workshop – with Anointing Holy Oil to enhance your vibration to attract Abundance in Money and Success.
wealth-and-abundance gemini-horoscope-pictures-22

After all the Mercury retrograde, we will have a new shift and cycle to start on Tue 16th of June. With the passion with Mars and New Moon energy, this is a good day to start setting your goals and redirect your precious energy to enhance your life with more money and success in life with passion, intelligence and communication capability.

Any successful people are talented to communicate well with their strategy, emotion and thoughts, and they don’t indulge in a stuck emotional state for long but instead, they take actions flexibly to drive them to success. This is the good trait of Gemini, witty, smart, intelligent, quick and flexible with knowledge and information, which are success elements to become more abundant in life.

At this workshop, we will work on your mind, body and soul at all level and release emotional, psychological and mental pain and blocks in money and success, and allow yourself to move on to the next stage of your life with more financial abundance and success. This is a transformational energy workshop for you to get the life you want focusing more on financial abundance and success.

With support of Archangel Gabriel and Michael, you will be anointed with a special Holy oil to clear your energy and attract more financial abundance and success.

Come and join us to support you to release limiting belief system and attract more abundance in your life.

Divine guidance on financial abundance and success from the Higher Dimension through Channelling
– Energy Clearing and Detox from your Aura body with a gently guided Clearing Meditation, Hypnosis and NLP.
– Anointing you with a special holy oil to release emotional blocks and attract more abundance in money and success (for each person).
– Crystal Healing
– Psychological and energy work in releasing blocks and attracting more abundance
– Future Regression
** Holy oil is diluted with essential oil drops and it is blended at a special combination with different high quality essential oils. ** You will be anointed with a anointing holy oil on your skin and clothes, but it can easily washed off. You may want to wear something you don’t mind having an oil on your clothes.

Time and Date : Tue 16th of June 20:15-22:00 (105 min)

 Location4 min walk from Russell Sq station.
– Location will be notified on Mon afternoon.

Participating fee: Early Bird Offer is available. (By door, £60 if available)

Payment and reservation:
– Please be aware that reservation will be closed on midnight Mon15th of June.
– After you make a payment, location will be notified.
Please reserve and make a payment by Paypal from the link below in prior a workshop.
– Seat is guaranteed once you make a payment.
– If you don’t pay in advance by 17:00 of Tue 16th of June, you cannot get into the venue. 

Terms and Conditions
– Workshop will start from 20:15, and please arrive 2-3min before and wait for me in a hallway please without opening the door.
– In case you are late, you can get in till 20:30, but after that, door will be closed.
– Advance payment by Paypal is required to participate.
– Refund is not available after your payment, unless we cancel the workshop.
– Location will be notified on Mon afternoon.


Holy Oil for Anointing yourself – Money and Success Development Blended Oil
– If you would like to have an Anointing Holy Oil Bottle with essential oil blended, please email us to buy a bottle. If bottles are available, you can also buy on the day by cash.
– This Anointing Holy Oil is like a perfume and you can apply an oil on your skin to make your energy vibration higher for a specific purpose.

Tue 29th of April – “Taurus New Moon Day’s UNLOCK the Power Within! & Heal YOUR relationship with the Abundance”

Tue 29th of April – “Taurus New Moon Day’s UNLOCK the Power Within! & Heal YOUR relationship with the Abundance”


Since the “Unlock the Power within You” event is very popular, and the new AK 2 energy (Adam Kadmon 2) is down here, you can come and join us to “Unlock YOUR Power within!”.

Taurus has the Earth element and is related with Abundance and Beauty. Leveraging this Taurus New Moon Power, we will include the special work to heal YOUR relationship with the Abundance.

From March, special Adam Kadmon 2 energy is down here. I sent this energy to each individual participant at the last event. If I don’t forget, I would like to flow it again and all the participants receive this AK 2 energy to transform life.

This workshop offers many activations, Shambala code activation and also Abundance Attraction Special Meditation too.

  • Energy Clearing Meditation with Coaching Hypno which works on your subconscious mind to transform.
  • Archangel Michael’s support to release negative energies
  • Unlocking Your Power with the Special Code by the ancient wisdom
  • Activating your energy by special meditation – Abundance Attraction work
  • New Moon work
  • AK2 Shamballa Energy Code Activation
  • This month Special – By Archangel Tzadkiel, energy work with abundance, alchemy and forgiveness to heal YOUR relationship with the Abundance. Seats are limited and please book your seat by email.

Have a good night and looking forward to seeing you there.

Love and Light



Place Kings Cross / Russell Square / Euston, 6 min walk. Location will be notified a day before after you book.

Time: Tue 29th April, 18:00-19:30

Participation fee:

– £25 by April22nd (Booking and payment by 22:00)
– £35 by April 29th (Booking and payment by 22:00)
– £40 by door by cash. Please book first though. If seat is available. (Otherwise, you will be sitting on the floor.)

Booking: Please emai to book your seat to contact@rksps.co.uk


Please read first before you book.
 Please email me first to book your seat, and then you will be notified to make a payment by PayPal. After your booking request email, PayPal account information will be emailed to you.
– During sessions, I cannot reply you and if you would like to make a payment by the deadline within the same day, please email me earlier afternoon.
–  Fee will not be refunded unless we cancel the event.
–  There is a meditation and please come 5 min before.
– If you are late and come in, please come in quietly.
– please bring water, etc. for you to drink. You may feel thirsty.


Testimonials from participants.

Events on March 30th

“I feel I’m changing from the first event and feel I am receiving more light. I can create the design better with more ides and my design and preference has been really changing in this couple of years receiving sessions. After the Ancestral Healing, I can get up early in the morning without feeling bad, which was difficult before. “ (Female in her 30s, Designer)

“Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the event and learned so much. I would refresh both physically and mentally. I want to continue to meditate every day. “ (Female in her 30s, corporate worker)

“Thank you so much. At the Archangel Michael Initiation, when I was walking down to the initiation room, I felt massive divine energy there. Since I received the initiation, I feel Michael is protecting me. Protection I learned at the seminar is really changing my room energy instantly. I also started feeling the dark energy at my work, which I wasn’t feeling before.” (Female in her 40s, Medical)

“Thank you so much. I had many visions to heal others and felt how it is like to be connected with the Guides. Also at the intuitive healing energy drawing by color, it was so much fun and I thought about my childhood when I had many creative and innocent ideas. “ (Female in her 30s, corporate worker)

March 30th from 12:00. “UNLOCK the Power Within!” & Shambala Code Activation on the Aries New Moon Day

March 30th from 12:00. “UNLOCK the Power Within!” & Shambala Code Activation on the Aries New Moon Day

Since the “Unlock the Power within You” event was very popular, and the new AK 2 energy (Adam Kadmon 2) is down here, you can come and join us to “Unlock Your Power!”

Please see below and contact me for booking soon.

Have a good day.


PS. Sorry in Japanese, but testimonials are available from this site.  You can Right click and use the Google translation.



March 30th is the Aries New Moon Day of the Aquarius era. This means that there is the energy to live as you independently in your own unique way. On this New moon day in the Aries month, we can release old energies and start the new cycle with the completely new energy coming down with the Fire Element and Archangel Michael’s support.

–       Energy Clearing Meditation with Coaching Hypno

–       Archangel Michael’s support to release negative energies

–       New Moon work

–       Unlocking Your Power with the Special Code by the ancient wisdom

–       Activating your energy by special meditation – Abundance Work

–       AK2 Shamballa Energy Code Activation

Seats are limited and please book your seat by email.

PlaceCovent Garden, 4 min walk.
Location will be notified a day before after you book.

Time: Sun 30th March, 12:00-13:30

Participation fee:
If you attend with a friend who never attended, £3off per person.
£ 19  by March 4th (Booking and payment by 22:00) –  3 persons only. non-refundable.
£ 24  by March 7th (Booking and payment by 22:00)
£ 29  by March 14th (Booking and payment by 22:00)
£ 34  by March 21st (Booking and payment by 22:00)
£ 39  by March 28th (Booking and payment by 22:00)
£ 42  by March 29th (Booking and payment by 19:00)
£ 45  by door by cash

–    Please make a payment by Paypal. After your booking request email, paypal account information will be emailed to you.
– After booking till 20th March, if you cancel, £10will be refunded. After 20th March, it will not be refunded unless we cancel the event.
–  There is a meditation and please come 5 min before.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Love and Light



Feb 26th Wed 19:15 -20:15 – Energy Clearing Meditation and “Shambala Code” Activation (£7 – )


Sun is up and this is such an exciting time. Adam Kadmon energy, God consciousness with divine love and light, will be spreading more from now and it will start fully from the end of this month. Are you ready to ride on this wave?

Adam Kadmon Transformational Healing Hand down Seminar and training course contents can be found on the web page below. English is being proof-read one by one and sorry for my nonnative English. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.


To support your ascension and other human and beings on this dimension, please see our special offer below.

1) AK healing special initial session offer.

You can receive a special AK healing remote initial session offer at £26 for 20 min / £39 for 30 min.
Many people feel the differences and its powerful dynamic energy.
Just email us, book and pay by PayPal. Then energy will be sent to you remotely. You will receive a brief feedback.


2) Feb 26th  Wed 19:15 -20:15 – Archangel Michael Night: Energy and Chakra Clearing Meditation and “Shambala Code” Activation

You know meditation and Mindfulness help us to calm our busy mind and become connected with our Inner True essence? It can also reduce the stress which is often the cause of lots of mental and physical illness, emotional insecurities.

You will be guided to clear your distress and stuck energies in your bodies, and then become activated with the “Shambala code” to create the heaven on the earth (this activation is quick and will be given to each person).  Archangel Michael will be also called and you will receive his support to clear negative energies from you.

Adam Kadmon energy will be brought down as well and hope you can sense its energy there. This is the introduction of the AK energy,  Shambala energy and Michael energy for you.

 <Early Bird Offer>
If you book and pay by 15th Sat midnight, it will be only £7
If you book and pay by 18th Tue midnight, it will be only £10. If you book and pay by 23rd midnight, it will be only £15.
After 23rd, it will be only £19. 

By door on the day, £25 full price if a seat is available .

Location:  Covent Garden, 4 min walk.

* Please book in advance by email, and pay by PayPal or bank transfer. Please make a payment within the same day or the following day, otherwise, offer goes to someone else. * It is non-refundable unless we cancel this event.  
* Seat is limited. First come, first served.  

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and Light