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May 12th – Cord Cutting and Group Healing Workshop

May 12th – Cord Cutting and Group Healing Workshop

cord cutting

Have you ever taken enough time and listened to your emotion, inner voice?
Have your ever felt really enough what you really feel?

In our busy life, our focus tends to go to the external world and we don’t really take time for ourselves.

At this workshop, you will be guided and focus on what you are feeling in your energy field, and then we will cut off negative cords with someone you don’t want to stay connected any more. If you want to improve a relationship with someone, this workshop is also for you to reset the energy.

We have invisible cords and become connected with others even if we are not aware of it, or even if we split up with someone. Especially, if you would like to clear your bad relationship or marriage to divorce, or improve a relationship, this workshop is for you.

It is highly recommended for ladies as your ex can still get energy from you through a bad cord and your energy may be still taken by him to fulfill his dreams, NOT yours. Vice versa for guys too. Guys may be still affected by bad emotions and thoughts from your ex.

If you also have a situation such as
– it is difficult to find a job
– Your career, business is stuck
– Your money situation is not good
– You cannot find a next ideal partner for long

At this workshop, you will be guided to do a psychological work as well not to be affected by a bad cord or not to be inserted again. Please bring a pen and paper with you.

For further details, please see below.

Looking forward to meeting you.


– Short talk time: what is your distress? What kind of relationship or friendship is an issue for you?
– Message from the Galactic Federation
– Energy Clearing Guided Meditation including short Hypno induction
– Learning time: Why do we become connected via cords? How bad is it? (QA time)
– Learn Universal Principles.
– Psychological work to keep your energy field healthy.
– Release negative, heavy feelings and energy by guided energy work and NLP
– Cord Cutting group healing by guided energy work
– Explorer what is an ideal relationship including group coaching

  • You can also have a gift of a mini Healing essential blended 5ml oil (if you book and pay by May 8th)

Time and Date: Thur 12th of May 2016,  18:00- 19:30

Venue: Covent Garden (Address will be notified 2-3 days before of the event by email)

Booking and Payment
– Please make a payment from the below Paypal link and make a booking.
– You don’t need to book by email separately and keep your payment confirmation email from Paypal.

Early Bird Offer is available.  Seat are limited.


On the Door: By Cash only,  at £50

** If you prefer to have a private cord cut session, please visit the cord cut menue or come to our Galactic event by May 1st.**

Please read before you make a booking.
- It is not refundable unless we cancel the workshop.
– We will run the workshop as scheduled so please arrive 5 min before and wait on the Ground floor level. After 7pm, door will be shut and you cannot get in.
– Regarding a Healing bottle
– Please store somewhere dark and cold, avoiding direct sunshine and heat.
– You can have 2-3 drops and apply to your body where you feel you want to heal. It is not made for a massage.
– Oil has an Almond oil so please note not to use this oil if you have a nut allergy.
– It is blended safely, however you may want to test the oil with 1 or 2 drops on your skin as a batch test and make sure you are ok with the oil if you are sensitive.
– If you apply to your skin, please follow the valid day to use.
– Quality will depend on how you store the oil, therefore if it starts smelling or liquid is not clear, please avoid using it to your skin. Instead, you can drop it in a candle and use it as a space clearing.