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★October & November’s Special Offers – Emotional Healing &NLP Hypno, Massage, Coaching & Psychic Reading


We are getting into the harvest time to obtain the fruits of what we have worked on hard.
If you would like to achieve your goals, coaching and NLP hypnosis sessions would be suitable.

If you need to energize your mind, body and emotion, massage, crystal healing and intuitive psychic consultation would be suitable.

For further details, please click on each link below and email us for booking and queries.


Looking forward to meeting you.


School Founder, Senior teacher & Psychic Healer


  1. Special Emotional Healing Offer by Kei, Qualified Healer, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.  
    – Emotional Crystal Healing & NLP Hypnosis for only 3 persons.
    –  You can have a detox session and empower you  to  transform your life.
  2. Massage offer by Kei,  Qualified ITEC 3 Massage Therapist for new customers.
    – Kei offers various types of massage, relaxation, Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Indian Head Massage.  Her hands are very strong and it goes deeper, if you would like to have a proper deep tissue massage.
    In Oct, you can have 15 pounds off if you book 55 min session with her (Applicable to 2-3 days’ advance booking and bank transfer payment).
  3. Personal Performance Coaching Course by Kei, Qualified Personal Performance Coach.
    Do you know that Google’s top said everyone needs a coach. I agree. This is one of the best to withdraw answers from within and maximize your potential. We offer a limited special 3-session course. Please click here for the further information.
  4. Fri Special Psychic Reading & Tarot Reading offers – Intuitive consultation 
    – Kei offers an intuitive reading to support you to make a change in life.
    – Limited offer is on Fri’s afternoon – Nov 2nd Thu instead of 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th. 
    Ø  Booking before 72 hours: £30 for 25 min, £59 for 55 min by bank transferØ  Booking within 72 hours: £38 for 25 min, £75 for 55 min by PayPal.



★Upgraded session – Emotional Healing, Empowerment & Crystal Healing

Hi, how are you after 2 powerful Eclipses in Aug?

I’m channelling energy and guidance from the Higher Dimension via angels and guides, and it is time to upgrade the emotional release session and made it more to empower you to become truly you.

Upgraded emotional Release, Empowerment & Crystal healing session now is combined with
NLP: to re-establish the communication with Self and others, and transform you
More time for you to speak and express, vend out your feelings and emotions to move on.
Hypno: to access your subconscious mind and overwrite difunctional programmes and patterns to more positive and desirable ones for you.

in addition to crystal healing.

For further information, please see from the link below.

Have a good weekend.


Emotional Release, Empowerment & Chrystal Healing

Tue 16th of June – Gemini New Moon Day – Money, Success & Abundance Workshop – with Anointing Holy Oil

Gemini New Moon Day – Money, Success & Abundance Workshop – with Anointing Holy Oil to enhance your vibration to attract Abundance in Money and Success.
wealth-and-abundance gemini-horoscope-pictures-22

After all the Mercury retrograde, we will have a new shift and cycle to start on Tue 16th of June. With the passion with Mars and New Moon energy, this is a good day to start setting your goals and redirect your precious energy to enhance your life with more money and success in life with passion, intelligence and communication capability.

Any successful people are talented to communicate well with their strategy, emotion and thoughts, and they don’t indulge in a stuck emotional state for long but instead, they take actions flexibly to drive them to success. This is the good trait of Gemini, witty, smart, intelligent, quick and flexible with knowledge and information, which are success elements to become more abundant in life.

At this workshop, we will work on your mind, body and soul at all level and release emotional, psychological and mental pain and blocks in money and success, and allow yourself to move on to the next stage of your life with more financial abundance and success. This is a transformational energy workshop for you to get the life you want focusing more on financial abundance and success.

With support of Archangel Gabriel and Michael, you will be anointed with a special Holy oil to clear your energy and attract more financial abundance and success.

Come and join us to support you to release limiting belief system and attract more abundance in your life.

Divine guidance on financial abundance and success from the Higher Dimension through Channelling
– Energy Clearing and Detox from your Aura body with a gently guided Clearing Meditation, Hypnosis and NLP.
– Anointing you with a special holy oil to release emotional blocks and attract more abundance in money and success (for each person).
– Crystal Healing
– Psychological and energy work in releasing blocks and attracting more abundance
– Future Regression
** Holy oil is diluted with essential oil drops and it is blended at a special combination with different high quality essential oils. ** You will be anointed with a anointing holy oil on your skin and clothes, but it can easily washed off. You may want to wear something you don’t mind having an oil on your clothes.

Time and Date : Tue 16th of June 20:15-22:00 (105 min)

 Location4 min walk from Russell Sq station.
– Location will be notified on Mon afternoon.

Participating fee: Early Bird Offer is available. (By door, £60 if available)

Payment and reservation:
– Please be aware that reservation will be closed on midnight Mon15th of June.
– After you make a payment, location will be notified.
Please reserve and make a payment by Paypal from the link below in prior a workshop.
– Seat is guaranteed once you make a payment.
– If you don’t pay in advance by 17:00 of Tue 16th of June, you cannot get into the venue. 

Terms and Conditions
– Workshop will start from 20:15, and please arrive 2-3min before and wait for me in a hallway please without opening the door.
– In case you are late, you can get in till 20:30, but after that, door will be closed.
– Advance payment by Paypal is required to participate.
– Refund is not available after your payment, unless we cancel the workshop.
– Location will be notified on Mon afternoon.


Holy Oil for Anointing yourself – Money and Success Development Blended Oil
– If you would like to have an Anointing Holy Oil Bottle with essential oil blended, please email us to buy a bottle. If bottles are available, you can also buy on the day by cash.
– This Anointing Holy Oil is like a perfume and you can apply an oil on your skin to make your energy vibration higher for a specific purpose.