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★ June 30th – Ideal Partner/Mate Attraction & Venus Energy Transmission

★ June 30th – Ideal Partner/Mate Attraction & Venus Energy Transmission
– Law of Attraction: Hand on practice for your love life transformation.
– Anyone can attend.

Do you know this year is the year for you to be able to access what you want in life?
Additionally, this month, June, is the best time to get a booster from Mercury and Venus and find an ideal mate/partner.

If you have been single and haven’t met an ideal partner, this is the time for you to shift your emotional, mental, physical and energetic patterns to create opportunities to meet ideal partner candidates.

This is a one-off, seasonal workshop aligning with the planetary alignment. Better not to miss if you want to transform your life and have a better love life.

This is a group workshop in a small number of people and anyone can attend.
You will experience below to transform you;
– Essential Keys to attract ideal partners and build a better, intimate relationship.
– Learn the Law of Vibration for a relationship and apply it to manifest.
– Group coaching time: explorer what you really feel and what you really want.
– Energy work: Release Ancestral Karmic energy,  DNA re-write, group healing, your own energy maintenance, and more (secret parts).
Goddess Aphrodite and Venus Energy Transmission to raise your love and beauty vibration.  
– Reality Check: Hands on Practical Essential Keys: what you should avoid and what you can do for you, yourself,  to become more attractive.
– Psychic reading included brief QA time.
– Crystal Healing Transformation to transform your energy and patterns.
– Some other things may be offered depends on the energy of participants and flow.

* This workshop focuses more on hands on energetic transformation and theory time is minimum.

Time and Date: Fri 30th 2017, 17:00 – 19:30 (2.5h)
Location: Covent Garden
Minimum participants: from 2 persons to offer this workshop.
Fee: Early Bird Offer. Now it is 210 pounds. (on the door, 260 pounds only by cash)
Booking: Please contact us for booking by email.
– Please pay by bank transfer.
– If by Paypal, it will be plus +5% additionally.
– After June 29th 12noon, please pay by Paypal.
What to bring – Please bring a pen, notebook, water bottle.

Please note
– Please arrive in time. Door will open 5 min before.
– 50% cancelation charge within 5 days, 100% cancelation charge will be applied within 72 hours.



Sun13th of Sep – 3 New Moon Workshops – Clearing, Energy Shift for Love, and Money & Abundance

Sun13th of Sep – 3 New Moon Workshops – Clearing, Energy Shift for Love, and Money & Abundance

Hello, We had a full moon in a rain yesterday.

It would be good to face your inner self and release emotion and energy which is not serving for your highest good for another couple of weeks. Think about a swimming pool. If the water in a pool is dirty, you need to release it and clean up a pool, then you can fill a pool with a clean water. This applies to us as well. In order to receive more positive, pure, high energy, you need to prepare your ‘vessel’ which is your mind and body and clean them up.

If you clear your energy and purify it, you would shift to a certain level. Then another level of purification and clearing would be required stage by stage. Energy clearing is like a peeling an onion skin and you can receive higher energy gradually. How can you do that?  

What you eat creates what you are.
Scientifically, you can find many articles food and drink affect mind, mood and body and it is proven more or less. Lack of vitamin and minerals can cause lots of illnesses such as depression and cancer. Even coffee and tea would affect you if you take too many cups of coffee and tea every day. For the past 7-9 years, my diet has been gradually changed to become more vegetarian, and stopped drinking coffee, and changed to tea and water.

About a couple of years ago, I checked my tea totally to herbal tea and water, my chocolate and sweet intake are replaced to fruits. What is the outcome? I feel I am much lighter and my connection with the Higher Dimension is better and stronger when I do a psychic reading and channeling. So this is a positive side. Down side is if I meet negative people or heavily attached with bad spirits, I cannot talk and spend long hours with them as I feel what they feel and think more sensitively.

This is just an example of mine but what is your eating habit and life style?

You need to maintain your vehicle, physical body.
Since we are sprits in a physical body, we need to maintain our bodies till we die.

Question is Do you?

When I was in Japan, I didn’t have that much time to work out, so after I got back here, I do every 2-3 days in the park unless it is raining. Jogging, walking, stretching and meditation. Meditation in the park feels great and you can try that. Many therapists and psychic people don’t do sufficient physical exercise but that is what we need to maintain our body and mind in a good condition with better energy and blood circulation.

Mystery school has a certain policy and all the trainees need to work out mentally and physically in order to make a clear and positive vessel, especially after the level 4 training. How is your exercise habit? These two points are the messages from the Higher dimension for you to review. Sounds so simple, but they are essential for us to live a life full and healthy. Life is not only about work, social, money, dream etc. but you also need to do your own maintenance.

By the way in Sep, you can attend 3 New Moon events and transform yourself and your mind. Most likely this woud be the last New Moon events within this year.

You can find the details below.Booking deadline is Sep 12th 18:00.

Have a good bank holiday and looking forward to seeing you soon!



1) New Moon Detox and Stretch Sun Sep 13t 13:00‐13:50 @ Russell Sq. / Bond st

Channeling message
– Energy Clearing, Relaxation and stress detox
– Stretch and light exercise to release lower energy from the body

If you are interested in attending the following workshop, it is highly recommended to attend this one together to clear your energy.

You can book from the PayPal link below. – Early Bird available.


2) New Moon Shift with Higher Love Vibration for Yourself and Relationship
Sun Sep 13th 13:55‐15:10 @ Russell Sq. / Bond st Do you nurture yourself honestly? Come and join us to work on your own relationship and also with others and raise your Love vibration.
‐ Inner connection with yourself and improve your emotion and mind with NLP and Coaching
– Aura energy clearing, mind body detox with Hypno and guided meditation
‐ Anointing to heal and release lower energy
‐ Anointing to raise your love vibration
‐ Crystal Healing – Energy Activation for Ascension
– Future Regression to manifest loving relationship for yourself and others.

You can book from the PayPal link below. – Early Bird available.


3)New Moon Shift with Money and Abundance
Sun Sep 13th 15:15‐16:30 @ Russell Sq. / Bond st
Do you have any shame or guilty feeling to receive more money and abundance? Feel Free to join us.
‐ Inner connection with yourself and find what is stopping you to receive more money and abundance with NLP and Coaching
– Aura energy clearing, mind body detox with Hypno and guided meditation
‐ Anointing to heal and release lower energy
‐ Anointing to raise your money and abundance vibration
‐ Crystal Healing
– Energy Activation for Ascension
– Future Regression to manifest more abundance.

You can book from the PayPal link below. – Early Bird available.


4)Magical Oil
There are 3 types of oil available and sensitive people have felt is higher but subtle and deep vibration to transform them. You can use these oils to transform your life using daily. If you would like to have it on 13th at the event, please email me by 10th.
‐Clearing and Healing
– Love and Partnership
– Money and Abundance

Terms and Conditions
There is no refund after you made a payment.
‐    Event location will be either at Russell Sq. or Bond St but you will be notified 2 days before.
–   You can attend on the day and can pay by cash. For the 1st event, it is 15 pounds by cash, and 2nd and 3rd event is 45 pounds each by cash payment.



Magical Blended Oils for Money& Abundance, Clearing & Healing or Love& Partnership

Hope you are well.
3 bottles
Some of you have been already experienced and smelled a fragrance of our Magical Oil Essential Blend. Some have already experienced changes.
Why Blended Essential Oils (Holy Oil as well) Are Good?
– It’s all about frequency and direct impact to your brain through its fragrance and neuron transmission, and through your skin to induce specific energetic benefits.
– Our essential oils are all natural and good quality.
– Have a look at what was happening historically. Essential oils have been combined with affirmation, prayer and spiritual healing over thousands of years. You will receive affirmation/Prayer sample list as well when purchasing oils.

Why Our Blended Oils are Special?
– Our Blended oils are made as Holy Oil and charged with energy to draw specific effects. These blends are ready to be used to transform your energetic frequency/vibration for you to attract what you want in life.

– If you would like us to charge the energy specifically for yourself, it is also possible and the details is on the website.


Free Sample  Present for the First 10 people who purchase a bottle

If you purchase a 30 ml / 50ml bottle, you will receive a free sample of 5m bottle either from Love, Money and Clearing type (you may not be able to choose depends on the limited stock availability, but you will get one free 5ml bottle. )

Purchase and Delivery

– You can start emailing us and we will start creating a bottle from next week.
– We can either deliver a bottle at a workshop, session or send it by royal mail.

For further information, please visit the bottle website from below.


Have a good weekend!


Kay Nishimura

Archangel Ray Metaphysical Mystery School

Founder, Guide and Teacher

0796 991 8772