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★June Newsletter – Can You Ascend or Stay in This Dimension? Jun 5th Zoom Sagittarius Full Moon & Eclipse Detox, 20th Summer Solstice & Sun God Ra Work.

How are you?

There are  some protests related to the stay home restrictions and racism triggered by the US event. Sentiment in the society has not been recovered yet and it can increase troubles and crimes, so please be aware you may need to have extra pre-cautions during the crisis such as against potential crimes, burglars and such. Three major planets are still retrograding so please take it easy on yourself and others with compassion. 

What’s Happening Now in the Sky….
My previous Japanese teacher has been kindly sending me his monthly newsletter over 10 years by post but I haven’t seen him for 11 years. Due to the Corona virus, I was curious about his view in the sky and had his session as he is an ‘ET’ soul in our mystery school tradition and I liked his channelled guidance from the universe. 

I liked this teacher as he was/is VERY strict, disciplined and says what he has to say, right or wrong, to whoever it is including his clients without fluffy words, no compromise, no sugar-coating, no deceptions, and keeps his pure and high vibration, not seeking for power, status and money. He is one of the rare types not giving in temptations. Lots of ‘spiritual’ practitioners do not have this level of disciplines and integrity, though I understand it is not an easy path. Spiritualism without practice, morality and discipline simply inflates ego and pride, and it can be harmful to  yourself and others. I was told off so many times when I was receiving his training but I was lucky to have had it at the beginning of my spiritual journey back in 2007.  It matters who you get trained by and I personally don’t trust any spiritual trainers seeking for power, money and sex, which leads you to connect with the darkness.  

Anyway, overall, his channelled guidance and my channelled guidance receiving from the universe was the same, yeah!. Ascension process is going on right now and the universe is filtering us to which dimension we are moving into as I have been communicating so far. 

We needed to work on our consciousness but many of us have been distracted to seek for money, power, sex, status, drugs, richer life style, etc, and didn’t have time to really become connected to ourselves and the nature working on our spirituality and practice it, and in the end, Corona virus pandemic was triggered and we have to stay home now and review how and where we are.

Under this situation, only 3% of us can ascend to the 5th dimension as of today, and the rest of us, most of us, 97%, will stay in this dimension or go somewhere else, if we don’t take it serious and work on our consciousness and vibration. 

He said 90% of us has been already assessed and the higher dimension already decided where we are going, however, I feel we still have the last minute chance to make a change in the decision if we work on ourselves really hard. 

There are more contents, but I communicate more contents in the dimensional work or private consultation sessions. 

Dimensional Shift Work session is the one to shift your consicousness so visit the webpage for further information and book it to make a change. 

Why Is It Important for Us to Ascend? 
There are many reasons but the question is

Why did you decide to come to this earth? 
What is your mission? 

We are in the dimension with lots of deceptions, lies, manipulations, killing, judging, seeking for power and money rather than love and care for each other. At the same time, there are happiness, love, care and compassion, but how much percentage is shared totally overall in our daily life? 

Current situation is – G10 may happen excluding China as China has hidden lots of information about how the Corona virus started prevailing after SARS, asked WHO to delay the pandemic announcement, banned exporting the 50% of the world production of the masks under the crisis, etc., Moreover, the second wave with even more aggressive virus pandemic is predicted over the winter season from Dec till March 2021 which we would not have any ways to stop. 

This is just a reflection of our inner world, especially the shadow aspect.

If we don’t work on our shadow aspect now, at this critical time before the possible second massive wave, you may have to experience this troubled dimension again.

If we do work on ourselves, possibly we can experience the ascended dimensional reality, such as no more pandemic, no financial crisis, economic recovery, more respect for each other with more love, less crimes. happier life, happier relationships, enjoying the nature, etc. 

What do you want to experience? 

It’s really up to you. 

What Can We Do? 
In order to make a change, it’s better to become connected with our inner world and have a professional support and guidance to get a deeper insight. Many of us think we need to change or we want to change, but don’t take actions with various excuses. Excuse, procrastination. ego and pride are the ones to stop our spiritual growth, and we need a humbleness.

Question is,

When will you take an action to change your life?

Today, 10 days later, or 6 months later? 

Some of my clients decided to receive the set of course of exorcism (Quantum Spirit Release sessions), class 1 or quantum psychosomatic detox sessions, etc. and have already experienced some shift. Some people came back with their feedback as  life issues got resolved, cancer got cured, etc. So you never know how the higher dimension can help you via our sessions. I just channel the energy and guidance and help your transformation (I don’t guarantee any results). If you are serious, higher dimension is serious to treat you too.  

Take some time of how you want to make a change, and see which session or workshop can help you.

This month, there are three powerful group events and offers you can utilize, if not a private session.

5th  Fri 9:00 am UK time – Online Zoom – Sagittarius Full Moon Mindfulness Meditation, Eclipse & Galactic Transmission (Live)
11th Thu 7-8am UK time –  Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Crown Chakra block release  (not Live)
20th Sat 8-9am UK time – Summer Solstice Day Clearing and Activation by the Sun God Ra and the Galactic Transmission  (not Live)

Offer on the Class 1 – till the end of June
– Class 1 can be booked up to 3 persons at one person’s fee by Zoom. It’s important to protect you especially under this crisis. 
– Payment should be made by one payment and please sort out how each of you make a payment in group. 
– Booking by email. 


Enjoy your day and feel free to contact me. 

Thank you. 


June Events
Everything is available by online Zoom or Skype now and you can join our events or sessions. 
– Offers on counselling, psychic consultation, etc to keep you sane. 


*YOUR Own Future And Direction
Join us for the Dimensional Shift Work by utilising the special offer. 

Or utilize a psychic reading, Coaching session, etc., special offer. 

Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading


How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email. 

★April Newsletter -1st Christ & St Germaine Purification Remote Session, 6th Reiki Offer, 7th Psychic Attack Protection and more

Happy Easter!

How are you?

Christ energy is stronger and more accessible this weekend, it is a good time for us to meditate and pray regardless any religious background. If you want to get rid of negativity, and attachments, it would be even better.

Since I feel the connection with Christ getting stronger and felt the needs to visit Hungary somehow, I visited Budapest short while. I found the oldest Christ monastery in Europe on the mountain of PennonHalma, I went there getting on a train and bus taking 3-4 hours on the way. It was in such a country side and I should have arranged in advance as I struggled communicating buying tickets, time schedule and how to get there in English, broken Spanish and hands gesture lol.

Anyway, the energy there was very high, transparent and pure. I uploaded couple of photos and hope you can feel its energy. Since there were in such an isolated place and there were not that many visitors there. I could sit down in the church, meditated, become connected with the God and Christ and received messages.


One of the messages I received was as many of you know, “I am the Way”. In order to develop your divinity, personality, personal development and spirituality, it is essential to become connected with him, learn from him, receive support from him and grow. I heard this phrase many times but this time I could understand deeper with an answer which I had been seeking for in the past 12 years. Finally I got an answer to my question, which I was asking over 12 years. It was sinking well and deeper within me.

What is your personal experience and connection with the God and Christ?
This is not about a religion but about your own personal connection with them.

April 1st – Christ & St Germaine Purification, Healing & Negative Energy Clearing Remote Group Session.
Another message I received was that their energies are very strong this Easter weekend and they would be able to help people purify, heal and remove negative energies even more powerfully this weekend. So, this remote group session becomes available to support you to cleanse your energies strongly and release unwanted energies out of your multi-dimensional bodies.

Unwanted negative energies would sit there in your system if you don’t do anything with it. This weekend is a good week as the Light support is stronger than usual. You can come and attend the psychic attack protection seminar in London on April 7th, but this one is for you if you want to receive the energy at home or you cannot come in London.

Details for this remote session is from this link.

Separately, tomorrow is the Libra Full moon Day in the Mercury retrograde. Energy-wise, it can be a very chaotic and tough period so watch out how you communicate. Gentle and loving as much as possible. You can attend the Libra Full Moon Meditation and Galactic Light Transmission event from the morning 11am tomorrow.

At the Easter time, you can book sessions and classes on Fri, Sat and Sun afternoon, (not Mon.)

After the Easter, we offer you a special Reiki healing offer on April 6th (info is below) . Get healed and protected with love.

Hope you have a happy Easter.

Feel free to make a query and a booking.

Love and Light.


DO protect against Psychic attack and Energy Vampire – April 7th workshop 
I didn’t know till I studied that I am an Empass, which means extremely sensitive and easily affected by energies and emotions WITHOUT an extra protection.  Unfortunately this dimension is not 100% light and  there is the dark forces here. You might get attacked by psychic attack, verbal abusiveness, actual violence  or even more serious form.

When I worked for one of the top international corporates, almost every day it was like a war. At that time, I didn’t know that much of the protection methods, so I was completely drained everyday after work.
Sounds familiar to you too?

In order to protect you, on April 7th, you can learn it at the group class 1 (meditation and energy clearing and protection) and the Prevention against Psychic Attack and Energy Vampire Workshop.

Mar 31st Sat  – Full Moon Meditation and Galactic Crystal Transmission 
On the Powerful full moon day, release unwanted energies and receive the high vibrational energy transmission.  Come and join us.
★ Details from here 

★Apr 6th Fri – Special Offer. Energy Balancing & Reiki Healing 70 min
– You can receive an energy balance and Reiki healing session from the school trainee and Reiki therapist. If interested in, please book soon.  

Time and Date  April 6th 19:10 start

Venue: Covent garden London
Fee:  15 pounds by bank transfer, non-refundable.
– Please book by email.  Before April 2nd.

★ Sat April 7th morning – Class 1 level 1- Meditation and Energy Clearing and Protection. 
Details from here.  (from 2 persons, group rate is applied)

★ Sat April 7th afternoon – Protection seminar against Psychic Attack and Energy Vampire 
Details will be updated soon and it will be posted to the what on page with a link
(from 2 persons, group rate is applied)

★ Sat April 7th afternoon – Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar 
Details from here.  (from 2 persons, group rate is applied)

★April 12th night- Mindfulness Meditation & Reiki Sharing – Inner Connection
* Early Bird offer is available.
– If you would like to have a quiet time to connect within and become healed to receive Reiki, then this is your night. Open to everyone.
Details -> uk.gfls.co.uk/event/feb-8th-mindfulness-meditation-reiki-sharing-night/

April TBC – New Moon Meditation and Be Magnificent Coaching session 
Are you moving closer to your goals?

Come along and find out what matters to you and what you can do to the most important person in the word which is you.

Details  -> uk.gfls.co.uk/mindful-meditation-dream-manifestation/

TBC April –  Non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki Seminar 1 
– Our Reiki training develops and cultivate your consciousness and love aspect as well as offers authentic connection and effective healing. Please contact us with preferred dates to book.  
-> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/ensofrayreiki/

NEW – Hypno and Past Life Regression session venue
I have added Farringdon station’s therapy room for a quieter Hypno session in addition to Liverpool st. if you prefer.  It is about 9 min walk from the station or you can come by bus. If you prefer a quieter place or hypno session, please mention Farringdon when you book a session with 2-3 preferred time. Alternatively, Fri at Bond and Liverpool over weekend are farily quiet as well.


★TBC April / May- Abundance attraction and Karma Release 
Details from http://uk.gfls.co.uk/abundance-attraction-karma-release-contract-removal-and-ancestral-healing-vol-4/ 


0) 26 DNA Activation, 40 DNA Activation and Spark of Life
DNA Activation is the very first session we recommend to everyone as you can become connected with your own power and essence to fulfil your life.

If you received once, we recommend you to receive 40 DNA Activation or AK2 DNA Activation as well as Spark of Life, because….. every single time you receive more light into your core, you would be more and more awakening, which is based on our spirit awakening as well.

There are so many new age modalities out there, but we recommend the DNA Activation to receive first  as this was tested and verified by Wise King Solomon over 3000 years ago. It works for everyone beyond nationalities and colours, etc.

If you had a DNA Activation, Spark of Life remote session is highly recommended as it awakens your spirit side.

1) Clinically proven EMDR session special offers for you to release blocks and restructure your emotional and mental patterns.
 (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) was invented by a psychologist Francis S getting an idea from NLP back in 1987 and developed this EMDR modality. It has been clinically proven and there have been many successful case studies reported so far.

 Emotional Crystal Healing & NLP EMDR Hypno session

This session can be combined with EMDR
It will be good for people who cannot move on from the past, abusiveness, self-harm, trauma, lost love, bullied, redundant, anger management etc.

Further details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/emotional-release-and-chrystal-healing/


Class 1 level 1
(Meditation and Energy Protection and Management) 
– Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here too. You can book a class anytime you want.

Class 1 details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/class1/

Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading, Channelling session
– on Fri, you can have a reading from 25 min shorter session. 
Sometimes, it is good to have a guidance or message coming from your ancestors, angels and ascended masters to receive a support for you to understand, make a decision in life and move on. http://uk.gfls.co.uk/reading/

 Massage and Reiki session
We need to maintain our physical body well as well as the energy field. Experienced ITEC 3 & Deep Tissue massage therapist, Kei, helps you release tension and pain from your body. It gives you good benefits to loosen your muscles and circulate the blood and energy better. Reiki can be combined if requested.

Massage – > http://uk.gfls.co.uk/massage/
Reiki ⇒ http://uk.gfls.co.uk/usuireiki/



For the up to date info, please visit the What’s on page.


2017 New Year Message & Jan Events


How are you?

I stayed in Shiga prefecture in Japan to see my relatives over the weekend when it was snowing massively. Even with 35 cm snow on the ground, it was a good time to catch up and spend time with them after long time.

How have you been so far?


2017’s January’s message

From the last year to this year, there was another energetic shift happened and new cycle has started. This cycle and energy will push you to find who you really are with your born gifts and purpose of life.

Many of you may feel to start something new, or try something new.

If you are feeling you want to do something but you feel like you cannot do, take your time and do clean up you house and toss away unnecessary old things.

–        Clean up your house thoroughly including kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, reception with a hoover and wiper.
–        Toss away your old clothes, old shoes and any other personal belongings you don’t use any more or you don’t feel comfortable any more.
–        Things and gifts you received but you don’t like them.
–        Tidy up your closet and drawers.

Your environment also has energy so if you clean it up, you will also have the positive influence by that.


After cleaning up, you can have something with images such as
– What kind of house do you live in or what kind of clothes you wear when you are happy and successful.
–        What kind of life style you have with what kind of things and energy around you.

This is an easy thing for you to make a change in your life whilst you can also have support from other people.

This year is important to balance yourself and then manifest who you really are in order to have a stability and consistency. Without a good balance, nothing can last long. Building the foundation and making a constant efforts may be boring but the solid foundation would help you build something solid.


I started sessions in Tokyo and ask a below question to each client when she/he comes in

“What is it if you don’t do, die and regret after your death?”

Some people have clear ideas and others have vague ideas. Some people take actions and others don’t take any actions. It depends on how serious it is, how urgent it is, what kind of resources they have, how capable they are, when is a good time, etc. but all of these are influencing each other as complicated causes, and can generate a flow.

If we aim to go one more step, then you are closer to your goal one more step.

From the next week, you can book sessions and events in London face to face.

We are still at the beginning of the new year, our events will be focusing on setting your goals and energy, and make a balance to reach your goal.

Our monthly meditation event will include more transformational ritual and energy work for you to make a change.

Further information is below.


Have a good day and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Love and Light



1)   Sat Jan 28th 12:00 – 13:20 : 2017 New Moon Meditation & “4 World ” Energy Balance Work @ Bond St

We are still at the beginning of the new year, so this event focuses on set the goal and energy for the new year with good balance. - Set the goal and energies for the new year.
- Clearing Meditation
- Make a balance and work on metaphysically by “4 World”

Fee: Early Bird 29 pounds (on the door 40 pounds)

Please book your seat and make a payment from the below link.
* Refund is not available unless we cancel the event.
* Address will be notified 3 days before.

2)     Sun 29th Jan 11:20-12:35 Healing Clinic (75min) @Bond St
– Emotional Release, Reiki & Crystal Healing Session

You can receive a healing session from our school accredited level 4 therapist and Reiki practitioner.

If you would like to receive a session, please book it by email.

Fee: Early Bird 25 pounds
(non-refundable unless we cancel the clinic)


3)New Year Psychic Life Consultation

What do you want to achieve this year?
How do you want to make a change?
What steps will you take to go closer to your goal?
How confident are you?

You will receive support through a psychic reading and consultation with a limited new near special offer by Skype of phone. (Face to face session is at the standard offer)

When you would like to have a session, please email 2-3 preferred time.

Period: Mon 23rd –Thu 26th, 30th-31st of Jan, between 10:00 – 13:-00.

Fee: 30 min at 30 pounds, 45 min at 45 pounds.

 Within UK: you can pay by bank transfer in advance.
–  Overseas: You can pay by Paypal with additional 4% Paypal charge.

Cancelation Policy
–        Within 48 hours cancelation and rescheduling request, please be aware that 100% cancelation fee will be applied. Please email us when you want to cancel or change.


★Special Offer-Nov 26th- Massage & Reiki Offer

Special Offer – Massage & Reiki

Have you ever heard that mind and body are all connected each other?

If you get tensed and stressed mentally, your muscle does get tensed. The other way around, it is also the same.

In order to have a flexible, soft, smooth muscle and express your amazing inner and outer beauty physically and emotionally, you can detox unwanted emotions and stress.You can  have a massage & Reiki at the special offer rate (10 pounds off).


Slots are limited and please book in advance. One person can book only one slot at a special rate.

–  14 :00-14:25(25 min) – Relaxation, Deep tissue massage or Reiki @ 20 pounds
– 14:30-14:55(25 min) – Relaxation, Deep tissue massage or Reiki @ 20 pounds
– 15:00-15:25(25 min) – Relaxation, Deep tissue massage or Reiki @ 20 pounds
– 15:30-15:55(25 min) – Relaxation, Deep tissue massage or Reiki @ 20 pounds

  • If on weekdays, – Anytime after 15:00, 25 min @ 30 pounds / 55min @ 60 pounds

****Please wait in the lobby 5 min before of your session. If you are late, you will lose your session time.

 Booking and Payment: – First come, first served!
– Please book and pay from the Paypal link below. When you pay, please put 2-3 preferred booking time in the note.
– Within 30 hours of your appointment, 100% cancelation charge will be applied on cancelation and appointment time change.
– Please notify if you change your schedule.

①      For 20 pounds:

②      For 30 pounds:

③      For 60 pounds:


Contact: Kei. Email is kayarmsuk@gmail.com / 0796 991 8772

Testimonials from clients
You can find many more testimonials from the massage web pages.

“It helped reduce muscle soreness caused by a heavy weightlifting session” (Serbian male, Construction, 40s)”

“She has miracle hands! My back is so much better!”(Portuguese female, 20s)





★ July Channelling Message – Flow in July, Special Offer in Aug, High Frequency Meditation


How are you?

How are things with you after the summer Solstice day? This day was the very powerful day to shift our energetic flow.

I personally experienced various different things which are powerfully impacting the process of my thought patterns and emotional patterns.

For example, I met the Indian meditation teacher, kind of a monk, from India in June. What he was telling us was basically the same universal principles which I teach in the Kabalah Mentoring course, however, what I was impressed about him was his energy. When he stepped in the room, his energy changed the energy in the room. Shifted. His calm energy had power to calm the mind of people who listened to him. I could also have brief time to talk with him and his stance to me was sincere, thinking about my situation and me. It was not about him, not about how experienced he was, and it was not about what he has done so far and it was not about how to impress me. I think this is a very important attitude and basic attitude as a person who works as a therapist or a person to help other people.

Basic concept of his work is how to awaken people from the soul level, and he simply helps others.

So, what has been your experiences this year? Any changes? Stuck? Any breakthrough?

Channelling Message for July
In July after the summer solstice, flow is a bit settled. There was the energy up to June to push us to think about what we want to do, who we are, what are our gifts. Many people around me are also experiencing changes and wonder what to do in the future trying to figure out.

In July, this flow is a bit settled and many people have a basic or vague idea which direction to head to, but not quite fully figured out yet what exactly to do. This is not the time yet for us to make a final decision, but to do some research to find out a future direction.

In July what we need is patience, resonance with the heart, and efforts to research and experience to make a final decision in the future. If you need, it would be also good to step back and to have enough private time to ponder and feel what you really want.

For coming month, you can find our events and sessions’ info to support your transformation, and please see below.

1)     Aug 11th – Clearing Meditation @ Covent Garden Would you like to clear your mind and have peace of mind? Please check our What’s on page and make a booking
2)     Aug 11th – High Frequency Meditation and Unlock the Power Within @ Covent Garden
After the Clearing meditation (part 1), you can have the High Energy Transmission work and Unlock the Power within (part2). Please check our What’s on page and make a booking.
3)   Aug 16th – Remote Group Session – Galactic Light Body Transformation & Activation After the Clearing meditation (part 1), you can have the High Energy Transmission work and Unlock the Power within (part2). Please check our What’s on page and


4)     Aug 22nd – Special Healing Offer
One of our well trained school initiates and Reiki therapists is receiving the advanced level psychic healing training (level 4A-Emotional Release Training). If you would like to book a special rate healing session, please see below and book your seat.

– August 22nd Mon night 19:20 for 45-50 min session.
– Energy scanning, emotional healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, energy clearing and release
– Venue@ Covent Garden
–  Fee: 15 pounds (non-refundable) in advance payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

Please email me and book your seat. For only one person.

5)   Others
Michael Initiation Seminar, Reiki seminar are also planned. If you are interested in, please contact me.

6)   Session dates in the Summer in London
Currently you can book remote/skype sessions. You can book a face to face session in London anytime after Aug 11th.

Have a good summer and feel free to contact me for queries and bookings.


Love and Light




Thur 14th of Apr – Guardian Angel Connection & Tap Into Your “Voltex” to Awaken Your Soul and Abundance

★ 14th Thur –  Your Guardian Angel Connection & Tap Into Your “Voltex” to Awaken Your Soul and Abundance Energy


We are running a special Galactic Connection Event on April 7th for people who want to transform their light body to the next level with a higher frequency. But at this event, anyone can attend.


Guardian Angel Connection
At this event on April 14th, anyone can attend and you will be guided to transform your consciousness. You will be guided to clear energetic debris and meet your own Guardian angels to receive the energy and messages. Guardian angels are with you and it is good to become connected with them. You will be supported to receive ideas, solutions or energy to move forward.  

Tap Into Your Voltex and Awaken Your Soul ad Abundance
On the same date in the part 2, you will be supported to align your energy to open up your True- You energy and gifts. (Prior to the event, 26 DNA Activation is recommended to receive).

It may be difficult for us to manifest our divine purpose and tap into your voltex to awaken your soul if you are not aligned. Once you tap into your voltex and awaken your soul, it is easier for you to manifest abundance and become fulfilled as well. In the part 2, you will become connected deeper within you and explorer your own divine resources to become more abundant.


For further details, please see below.
Part 1 – Your Guardian Angel Greeting 18:50- 19:50

  • Clearing Meditation
  • What is an Guardian Angel. What do they do for you
  • Guided meditation to meet your Guardian Angels
  • Receive a massage and the energy to shift your life
  •  Present for you – Healing Mini Bottle (5ml) is included (for people who have already booked and paid by 15:00 on Wed 13th of April).

Part 2 – Tap into Your “Voltex” to Awaken Your Soul and Abundance Energy 19:55- 20:55

  • Brief message from the Galactic Federation
  • Energy Alignment
  • Find what is your Voltex and Explorer within.
  • Tap into your Voltex and awaken your Soul.
  • What is abundance. Mental, emotional, financial abundance and more.
  • Law of Attraction to attract more Abundance. What is stopping you?
  • Guided Meditation to tap into your abundance

Time and Date: Thur 14th of April, 2016. 18:50- 19:50/ 20:55pm

Venue: Covent Garden

Participation fee:
Early Bird available. Please click the Paypal link and make a booking (no need to email us separately and please keep the record of your payment).

Part 1 only



Part 1& 2 together



By door by cash- 50 pounds.

Location will be notified 2-3 days before of the event by email.


Please note

Please note that no refund is available after you book the event unless we cancel the event

Sun13th of Sep – 3 New Moon Workshops – Clearing, Energy Shift for Love, and Money & Abundance

Sun13th of Sep – 3 New Moon Workshops – Clearing, Energy Shift for Love, and Money & Abundance

Hello, We had a full moon in a rain yesterday.

It would be good to face your inner self and release emotion and energy which is not serving for your highest good for another couple of weeks. Think about a swimming pool. If the water in a pool is dirty, you need to release it and clean up a pool, then you can fill a pool with a clean water. This applies to us as well. In order to receive more positive, pure, high energy, you need to prepare your ‘vessel’ which is your mind and body and clean them up.

If you clear your energy and purify it, you would shift to a certain level. Then another level of purification and clearing would be required stage by stage. Energy clearing is like a peeling an onion skin and you can receive higher energy gradually. How can you do that?  

What you eat creates what you are.
Scientifically, you can find many articles food and drink affect mind, mood and body and it is proven more or less. Lack of vitamin and minerals can cause lots of illnesses such as depression and cancer. Even coffee and tea would affect you if you take too many cups of coffee and tea every day. For the past 7-9 years, my diet has been gradually changed to become more vegetarian, and stopped drinking coffee, and changed to tea and water.

About a couple of years ago, I checked my tea totally to herbal tea and water, my chocolate and sweet intake are replaced to fruits. What is the outcome? I feel I am much lighter and my connection with the Higher Dimension is better and stronger when I do a psychic reading and channeling. So this is a positive side. Down side is if I meet negative people or heavily attached with bad spirits, I cannot talk and spend long hours with them as I feel what they feel and think more sensitively.

This is just an example of mine but what is your eating habit and life style?

You need to maintain your vehicle, physical body.
Since we are sprits in a physical body, we need to maintain our bodies till we die.

Question is Do you?

When I was in Japan, I didn’t have that much time to work out, so after I got back here, I do every 2-3 days in the park unless it is raining. Jogging, walking, stretching and meditation. Meditation in the park feels great and you can try that. Many therapists and psychic people don’t do sufficient physical exercise but that is what we need to maintain our body and mind in a good condition with better energy and blood circulation.

Mystery school has a certain policy and all the trainees need to work out mentally and physically in order to make a clear and positive vessel, especially after the level 4 training. How is your exercise habit? These two points are the messages from the Higher dimension for you to review. Sounds so simple, but they are essential for us to live a life full and healthy. Life is not only about work, social, money, dream etc. but you also need to do your own maintenance.

By the way in Sep, you can attend 3 New Moon events and transform yourself and your mind. Most likely this woud be the last New Moon events within this year.

You can find the details below.Booking deadline is Sep 12th 18:00.

Have a good bank holiday and looking forward to seeing you soon!



1) New Moon Detox and Stretch Sun Sep 13t 13:00‐13:50 @ Russell Sq. / Bond st

Channeling message
– Energy Clearing, Relaxation and stress detox
– Stretch and light exercise to release lower energy from the body

If you are interested in attending the following workshop, it is highly recommended to attend this one together to clear your energy.

You can book from the PayPal link below. – Early Bird available.


2) New Moon Shift with Higher Love Vibration for Yourself and Relationship
Sun Sep 13th 13:55‐15:10 @ Russell Sq. / Bond st Do you nurture yourself honestly? Come and join us to work on your own relationship and also with others and raise your Love vibration.
‐ Inner connection with yourself and improve your emotion and mind with NLP and Coaching
– Aura energy clearing, mind body detox with Hypno and guided meditation
‐ Anointing to heal and release lower energy
‐ Anointing to raise your love vibration
‐ Crystal Healing – Energy Activation for Ascension
– Future Regression to manifest loving relationship for yourself and others.

You can book from the PayPal link below. – Early Bird available.


3)New Moon Shift with Money and Abundance
Sun Sep 13th 15:15‐16:30 @ Russell Sq. / Bond st
Do you have any shame or guilty feeling to receive more money and abundance? Feel Free to join us.
‐ Inner connection with yourself and find what is stopping you to receive more money and abundance with NLP and Coaching
– Aura energy clearing, mind body detox with Hypno and guided meditation
‐ Anointing to heal and release lower energy
‐ Anointing to raise your money and abundance vibration
‐ Crystal Healing
– Energy Activation for Ascension
– Future Regression to manifest more abundance.

You can book from the PayPal link below. – Early Bird available.


4)Magical Oil
There are 3 types of oil available and sensitive people have felt is higher but subtle and deep vibration to transform them. You can use these oils to transform your life using daily. If you would like to have it on 13th at the event, please email me by 10th.
‐Clearing and Healing
– Love and Partnership
– Money and Abundance

Terms and Conditions
There is no refund after you made a payment.
‐    Event location will be either at Russell Sq. or Bond St but you will be notified 2 days before.
–   You can attend on the day and can pay by cash. For the 1st event, it is 15 pounds by cash, and 2nd and 3rd event is 45 pounds each by cash payment.



Tue 16th of June – Gemini New Moon Day – Money, Success & Abundance Workshop – with Anointing Holy Oil

Gemini New Moon Day – Money, Success & Abundance Workshop – with Anointing Holy Oil to enhance your vibration to attract Abundance in Money and Success.
wealth-and-abundance gemini-horoscope-pictures-22

After all the Mercury retrograde, we will have a new shift and cycle to start on Tue 16th of June. With the passion with Mars and New Moon energy, this is a good day to start setting your goals and redirect your precious energy to enhance your life with more money and success in life with passion, intelligence and communication capability.

Any successful people are talented to communicate well with their strategy, emotion and thoughts, and they don’t indulge in a stuck emotional state for long but instead, they take actions flexibly to drive them to success. This is the good trait of Gemini, witty, smart, intelligent, quick and flexible with knowledge and information, which are success elements to become more abundant in life.

At this workshop, we will work on your mind, body and soul at all level and release emotional, psychological and mental pain and blocks in money and success, and allow yourself to move on to the next stage of your life with more financial abundance and success. This is a transformational energy workshop for you to get the life you want focusing more on financial abundance and success.

With support of Archangel Gabriel and Michael, you will be anointed with a special Holy oil to clear your energy and attract more financial abundance and success.

Come and join us to support you to release limiting belief system and attract more abundance in your life.

Divine guidance on financial abundance and success from the Higher Dimension through Channelling
– Energy Clearing and Detox from your Aura body with a gently guided Clearing Meditation, Hypnosis and NLP.
– Anointing you with a special holy oil to release emotional blocks and attract more abundance in money and success (for each person).
– Crystal Healing
– Psychological and energy work in releasing blocks and attracting more abundance
– Future Regression
** Holy oil is diluted with essential oil drops and it is blended at a special combination with different high quality essential oils. ** You will be anointed with a anointing holy oil on your skin and clothes, but it can easily washed off. You may want to wear something you don’t mind having an oil on your clothes.

Time and Date : Tue 16th of June 20:15-22:00 (105 min)

 Location4 min walk from Russell Sq station.
– Location will be notified on Mon afternoon.

Participating fee: Early Bird Offer is available. (By door, £60 if available)

Payment and reservation:
– Please be aware that reservation will be closed on midnight Mon15th of June.
– After you make a payment, location will be notified.
Please reserve and make a payment by Paypal from the link below in prior a workshop.
– Seat is guaranteed once you make a payment.
– If you don’t pay in advance by 17:00 of Tue 16th of June, you cannot get into the venue. 

Terms and Conditions
– Workshop will start from 20:15, and please arrive 2-3min before and wait for me in a hallway please without opening the door.
– In case you are late, you can get in till 20:30, but after that, door will be closed.
– Advance payment by Paypal is required to participate.
– Refund is not available after your payment, unless we cancel the workshop.
– Location will be notified on Mon afternoon.


Holy Oil for Anointing yourself – Money and Success Development Blended Oil
– If you would like to have an Anointing Holy Oil Bottle with essential oil blended, please email us to buy a bottle. If bottles are available, you can also buy on the day by cash.
– This Anointing Holy Oil is like a perfume and you can apply an oil on your skin to make your energy vibration higher for a specific purpose.

Oct 24th Fri – Part 1) Scorpio New Moon Unlock the power within! & Abundance Attraction. Part2) Energize your passion and sensual energies with Tantra Healing Workshop

Oct 24th Fri –
Part 1) Scorpio New Moon Unlock the power within! & Abundance Attraction.
Part2) Energize your passion and sensual energies with Tantra Healing and Activation Workshop



From after mid Oct, Scorpio month will be kicking in. It has the energy of Life and death, seeking for the ultimate purpose of life, truth, sensual and sexual energies and more. Scorpio has the energies to seek for what is the truth and what is the true essence in various fields.

There are two parts on this day, and you can attend both or either one of them.

Part 1) Scorpio New Moon Unlock the power within! & Abundance Attraction.

If you would like to seek for your purpose of life, your passion, your dream, this is a good month to join us. If you feel stuck in career, business, relationship and sexuality, come and join us to transform your life. At the clearing meditation, you will also experience hypno coaching to transform your mental and emotional patterns. You will have various activation energies through AK2, and ancient powerful method of Unlock the power within in order to attract something more positive and joyful for you.

Participants experience good new jobs, additional income coming in, promotion, etc, and they experience various kind of abundance in life.

For details, please see below an free to contact us.

Theme of this month: Seeking for the purpose of life, truth, dream, passion, sexual and sensual energies

– Energy Clearing Meditation
– Hypno coaching at the clearing meditation ( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Archangel Michael Energy Clearing Support – Scorpio energy activation at the hypno coaching( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Ancient Awakening and Activation( “Unlock the Power!”)
– Abundance Attraction and Energy vibration transformation ( “Unlock the Power!”)
– AK2 Shamballa Cord Activation

  • Date and time: Fri Oct 24th, 20:30 – 22:00
  • Location:Covent Garden, 3-4 min walk. Location will be notified to participants 3-4 days before.
  • Participation fee
  • Please pay by bank transfer
  • By Sat Oct 4th 11am booking and payment:£29 (only for 2 seats)
  • By Tue Oct 7th 11am booking and payment:£34
  • By Wed Oct 15th 11am booking and payment:£38
  • By Thur Oct 23rd 18:00 booking and payment:£40
  • After, by booking and by door payment: £45 by cash

<Please note>

  • After Oct 10th, there will be no refund.
  • Please arrive in time and wait. If you are late, you may not be able to get in.


Part 2) “Chamber of Love” – Energize your passion and sensual energies with Tantra Healing and Activation Workshop

“All you need is Love”    John Lennon 

After the Part 1, Unlock the Power within you, you can stay longer and activate your sexual and sensual Kundalini energy and become healed emotionally and mentally.

Just imagine, Feel a loving and caring touch on your arms and back… Do you feel the heat and gentle warmness on your body? Do you feel relaxed and healed with tender touch and love?

Experience sensual healing and become healed mentally and emotionally through male and female love and sensual Kundalini’s Life force energy, passion.

In our modern society, everyone is busy especially if you live in a big city, so you may not have time to get connected with your romantic partner mentally, emotionally and physically in a sensual and romantic way. Or something within you may be blocking you to having a loving sensual relationship.

Do you desire to receive and give love and passion? Then join us and have fun with us with loving energy!

At this workshop, a female and a male will be paired up and will be guided to heal and balance each other’s energy in a loving and sensual way. Sensual energy healing does not require any physical intercourse, which is the key point of this Tantric energy healing workshop. It is the Kundalini energy which everyone of us has, that will be activated.

Through a tantric healing and demonstration by the Mystery School Guide, you will learn and experience its benefits to heal you mentally and emotionally and feel relaxed through skin to skin physical and energetic communication. It is the energy to create our personal Heaven on Earth.

Date and Time : Fri October 24th, 22:00 until 23:15.
Venue: 4 mins from Covent Garden station in London


  • Power of Hugging
  • Tantric work and its demonstration- no intercourse, then pair-work.
  • Short dance time
  • Your Sensual energy Activation and Healing
  • Emotional and mental healing by connecting your inner self

Fee: £15 per person. Male and female couple atttendance is £28

<Please note>

  • After Oct 10th, there will be no refund.
  • Part 2 can be attended if you attend Part 1.
  • You can pay together part 1 and part 2.
  • By paypal payment, paypal charge +3.5%, will be added


Tue 29th of April – “Taurus New Moon Day’s UNLOCK the Power Within! & Heal YOUR relationship with the Abundance”

Tue 29th of April – “Taurus New Moon Day’s UNLOCK the Power Within! & Heal YOUR relationship with the Abundance”


Since the “Unlock the Power within You” event is very popular, and the new AK 2 energy (Adam Kadmon 2) is down here, you can come and join us to “Unlock YOUR Power within!”.

Taurus has the Earth element and is related with Abundance and Beauty. Leveraging this Taurus New Moon Power, we will include the special work to heal YOUR relationship with the Abundance.

From March, special Adam Kadmon 2 energy is down here. I sent this energy to each individual participant at the last event. If I don’t forget, I would like to flow it again and all the participants receive this AK 2 energy to transform life.

This workshop offers many activations, Shambala code activation and also Abundance Attraction Special Meditation too.

  • Energy Clearing Meditation with Coaching Hypno which works on your subconscious mind to transform.
  • Archangel Michael’s support to release negative energies
  • Unlocking Your Power with the Special Code by the ancient wisdom
  • Activating your energy by special meditation – Abundance Attraction work
  • New Moon work
  • AK2 Shamballa Energy Code Activation
  • This month Special – By Archangel Tzadkiel, energy work with abundance, alchemy and forgiveness to heal YOUR relationship with the Abundance. Seats are limited and please book your seat by email.

Have a good night and looking forward to seeing you there.

Love and Light



Place Kings Cross / Russell Square / Euston, 6 min walk. Location will be notified a day before after you book.

Time: Tue 29th April, 18:00-19:30

Participation fee:

– £25 by April22nd (Booking and payment by 22:00)
– £35 by April 29th (Booking and payment by 22:00)
– £40 by door by cash. Please book first though. If seat is available. (Otherwise, you will be sitting on the floor.)

Booking: Please emai to book your seat to contact@rksps.co.uk


Please read first before you book.
 Please email me first to book your seat, and then you will be notified to make a payment by PayPal. After your booking request email, PayPal account information will be emailed to you.
– During sessions, I cannot reply you and if you would like to make a payment by the deadline within the same day, please email me earlier afternoon.
–  Fee will not be refunded unless we cancel the event.
–  There is a meditation and please come 5 min before.
– If you are late and come in, please come in quietly.
– please bring water, etc. for you to drink. You may feel thirsty.


Testimonials from participants.

Events on March 30th

“I feel I’m changing from the first event and feel I am receiving more light. I can create the design better with more ides and my design and preference has been really changing in this couple of years receiving sessions. After the Ancestral Healing, I can get up early in the morning without feeling bad, which was difficult before. “ (Female in her 30s, Designer)

“Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the event and learned so much. I would refresh both physically and mentally. I want to continue to meditate every day. “ (Female in her 30s, corporate worker)

“Thank you so much. At the Archangel Michael Initiation, when I was walking down to the initiation room, I felt massive divine energy there. Since I received the initiation, I feel Michael is protecting me. Protection I learned at the seminar is really changing my room energy instantly. I also started feeling the dark energy at my work, which I wasn’t feeling before.” (Female in her 40s, Medical)

“Thank you so much. I had many visions to heal others and felt how it is like to be connected with the Guides. Also at the intuitive healing energy drawing by color, it was so much fun and I thought about my childhood when I had many creative and innocent ideas. “ (Female in her 30s, corporate worker)