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Nov 1st- 4th Magical Iceland Remote Group Session

Nov 1st– 4th Magical Iceland Remote Group  Session



Have you ever watched the Lord of the Ring film? There are Elfs playing their roles in the film. In Iceland, more than half of the people believe in them and have personal experiences. They help Humans and Humans sometimes help them.

We live as Humans but some of us have Elf and Fairies energies and I am one of them.

Some of my clients found out they also have its energy when they received Life Purpose Reading as well. People who have this energy, can better off if they relate to the Nature, high frequency, pure energy.

In Nov, you can receive the Magical Icelandic energy, Elf, Fairies and the Dynamic Nature. If the weather is clear, I will also send off the Northern Night Light energy as well (Weather permitted)

If you are interested in this remote session, please see below.

Separately, there is a Psychic Reading Consultation Day on Nov 6th as a preferable rate. If you have any distresses, please book and come along.

–        Remote Group Session to receive the energy from Iceland.

Time and Date: Nov 1st night-4th morning.
- between 1st-3rd: Northern Light Magical energy if weather permitted.(Minimum 10 min. )

- 2nd: Dynamic Nature’s energy from the Unesco heritage national park, waterfall, hot spring, and more. (Minimum 20 min) - 3rd: Elf, fairy energy from their capital and the park.(Minimum 10 min. )

- 3rd/4th: Icelandic energy from the Church (Minimum 10 -15min. ). If you don’t want to have the energy from the church, please request and I will not send from here to you but the fee will be the same.

- 4th morning: Icelandic energy for 30 min.(If the above time is needed to be compensated, I will add the time on top. )


–        After Nov 7th, I will send you a short feedback, Elf story and some photos from Iceland to share. There will be no individual feedback.
Booking and Payment: Early Bird available (After Sun,£130)
– Please make a payment from the link below . – Please send your full name, address and birthday.




Booking deadline: 19:00 on Mon 31st of Oct.


Please read before you book.
–        Above time indicates the minimum time. Depends on a situation, I will send you longer.
–        It is not refundable.
–        Due to the weather and transport, time cannot be fixed.
–        Please intend to receive the energy during this period and you can do anything anywhere. However, it may be better to minimize your driving time as much as possible.
–        Time difference is 1h (Iceland is behind)
–        In case the remote session cannot be conducted, full refund will be made.