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Thur 14th of Apr – Guardian Angel Connection & Tap Into Your “Voltex” to Awaken Your Soul and Abundance

★ 14th Thur –  Your Guardian Angel Connection & Tap Into Your “Voltex” to Awaken Your Soul and Abundance Energy


We are running a special Galactic Connection Event on April 7th for people who want to transform their light body to the next level with a higher frequency. But at this event, anyone can attend.


Guardian Angel Connection
At this event on April 14th, anyone can attend and you will be guided to transform your consciousness. You will be guided to clear energetic debris and meet your own Guardian angels to receive the energy and messages. Guardian angels are with you and it is good to become connected with them. You will be supported to receive ideas, solutions or energy to move forward.  

Tap Into Your Voltex and Awaken Your Soul ad Abundance
On the same date in the part 2, you will be supported to align your energy to open up your True- You energy and gifts. (Prior to the event, 26 DNA Activation is recommended to receive).

It may be difficult for us to manifest our divine purpose and tap into your voltex to awaken your soul if you are not aligned. Once you tap into your voltex and awaken your soul, it is easier for you to manifest abundance and become fulfilled as well. In the part 2, you will become connected deeper within you and explorer your own divine resources to become more abundant.


For further details, please see below.
Part 1 – Your Guardian Angel Greeting 18:50- 19:50

  • Clearing Meditation
  • What is an Guardian Angel. What do they do for you
  • Guided meditation to meet your Guardian Angels
  • Receive a massage and the energy to shift your life
  •  Present for you – Healing Mini Bottle (5ml) is included (for people who have already booked and paid by 15:00 on Wed 13th of April).

Part 2 – Tap into Your “Voltex” to Awaken Your Soul and Abundance Energy 19:55- 20:55

  • Brief message from the Galactic Federation
  • Energy Alignment
  • Find what is your Voltex and Explorer within.
  • Tap into your Voltex and awaken your Soul.
  • What is abundance. Mental, emotional, financial abundance and more.
  • Law of Attraction to attract more Abundance. What is stopping you?
  • Guided Meditation to tap into your abundance

Time and Date: Thur 14th of April, 2016. 18:50- 19:50/ 20:55pm

Venue: Covent Garden

Participation fee:
Early Bird available. Please click the Paypal link and make a booking (no need to email us separately and please keep the record of your payment).

Part 1 only



Part 1& 2 together



By door by cash- 50 pounds.

Location will be notified 2-3 days before of the event by email.


Please note

Please note that no refund is available after you book the event unless we cancel the event