Aug newsletter – small daily deeds will lead to bigger divinity. Reiki Seminar and Michael Initiation Seminar


How is your summer?

I’ve got back from Japan last night, 35 degree hot country there.


Japan is such a peaceful country however there are still some issues there like any other country. I saw so many foreign tourists everywhere. If you haven’t been there yet, Ise Shirine in Mie prefecture is highly recommended (pic) where the Japanese Goddess, Amaterasu, governs there and Japan. This is the most divine place which many Japanese visit at least once in a life time.

During my Japan stay, there were some interesting stories and I would like to share some with you.


“Divine project and its success is the extension of the small divine deeds of everyday life”

I had an opportunity to have a private session from the Japanese kind of “Nan” who’s been trained by the Mikkyo Priest over 25 years. She connected with my Guides and ancestors and shared many messages for me.

Somehow I found a book written by one of the high Priests of Mt Koya Shingon Temple and read it. He stopped all the divine work for 3-4 days, after he had finished the big divine project taking 3-4 months. However, his mentor, his mother scolded him as the bigger divine project is based on the small divine deeds of everyday life and he should not stop doing all the small daily tasks.

After 30-40 years, this high priest has many customers and provides his services to people coming from all over in Japan. Until he reached this level of his quality, he work up 4am in the morning, and did all the divine work such as chanting, cleaning, meditating, etc. small deeds in everyday life matters, as you can see.


How is your mind in your daily life?

How is your life everyday?
What kind of vibration are you releasing?
What kind of communication are you making everyday?
How are you dealing with other people?


To my school, there are many people coming who wish to

–        Become a good healer, psychic

–        Want to make more money

–        Want to find a good life partner

–        Want to become a famous designer or artist

–        Want to heal illnesses, etc.

–        Want to have a better relationship, and so on.


These are all end-goals and if you take actions to step closer, this is possible to be achieved. However, many people don’t take actions and do nothing.

–        To become a good healer and psychic, meditation and self development are essential.

–        To make more money, you need to review what you really want to do and acquire skills.

–        To become healthy, you need to work out and eat fresh vegetables

–        To find a good life partner, you need to work on yourself in and out.

, just as an example.


Our life can be shifted for better if we make efforts and focus on achieving it. In order to keep the momentum, you can find support from us in various ways such as the energy work, psychic reading, body work, hypno, coaching etc.


Aug 11th – High Frequency meditation and Unlock the Power Within You!

Our monthly meditation and Unlock the Power event is a very cozy event in a small group. It is a small group session and you can have more attention and time from the energy transmitter Kei.

This event is consisted of two parts; part 1 is to clear your energy, and part 2 is to receive a high frequency energy transmission from the Galactic universe which supports your awakening as the Galactic being or shift to the higher consciousness.

Come and join us and meet like-minded people.

5th dimension’s connection – soul awakening

What do you really want to do?
What your life purpose is?
Where are you now?

Do you know if you awaken, it also influences positively to people around you and to the world? All of us have the divine essence within us, but without the soul awakening and connection, many people would be just feeling like in the darkness.

Once we are aware and awaken with the connection with the light, your life will be shifted and you will move on to your own divine path. In order to be awaken, there is the 5th dimensional connection course available for you. Have a look and gain peace of mind and light within you?

Aug 19th – Remote High Frequency Transmission session

You can receive a high frequency transmission session by remote session on 19th. High frequency transmission will make a shift in your life small or large, and you can move on 1 step+ closer to your dream. For details, you can find it on the What’s on menu of our website.


Early Sep – Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar and Reiki Seminar

–        At the Archangel Initiation seminar, you will learn the metaphysics and the strong protection rituals. If you deal with any energy work and therapies, this is an essential seminar for you to become connected with the light and how to protect you not to be affected by your client’s energy.

–        At the Reiki seminar, you will also learn non-diluted and original Usui Reiki. Since it retains the original connection and the lineage from Mr Usui, you will learn the authentic contents handed down from Mr Usui. Additionally, you will also learn the ancient mystery school’s metaphysics as well. Kei understands the Japanese Reiki and culture and you will have a better understanding what the original Japanese Reiki is about and how to heal others.

You can also have other sessions and classes.

For further information, please visit our website’s What’s on page.


Please feel free to contact us for queries and bookings.

Have a good day.




Thur 11th 18:50-19:30 Clearing Meditation & Inner Connection (part1)@ Covent Garden Thur 11th 18:50-20:05  Unlock the Power Within! – Galactic Light  Empowerment Group Session with High Frequency Meditation (Part 1 and 2 both) @ Covent Garden Fri 19th, 11:00  – Remote Group Session – Galactic Light Body Transformation & Activation

 Fri 2nd 12:00- Reiki Seminar Level 1 – Introduction @Bond(Application Deadline by Aug 25th ) Sat  3rd 12:00- Reiki Seminar Level 1 – Introduction @Bond(Application Deadline by Aug 25th ) Sun 4th 11:00- Reiki Seminar Level 2 – Practitioner level  @Bond/Liverpool st(Application Deadline by Aug 23rd ) ★Tue 6th 19:30
– Michael Initiation seminar@ Covent Garden (Application deadline by Aug 21st)
Oct/Nov TBC – Outer circle Mystery School  / Galactic Federation Lightworker school initiation seminar