★Dec 25th – Christ Consciousness – Blessings and Prayers, Clearing, Healing and Protection – Part 1 and 2

★Dec 25th – Christ Consciousness – Blessings and Prayers, Clearing, Healing and Protection – Part 1 and 2. 

Christ consciousness is very strong around the Christmas time and it is the time for us to become connected with this energy and celebrate the year end and get ready for the new year to start.

This remote work consists of two parts.

Part 1 –

If you would like to receive blessings and prayers, please sign up for the part 1. Every individual person will receive blessings and prayers remotely. Please note this is not a healing or an energy activation session. Blessings and prayers for you to become happier, abundant and raise the vibration and consciousness to ascend. (no individual personal wishes will be worked for this part)

Part 2

– In addition to the part 1, this part 2 remote session will work with the Christ Consciousness in group and it will clear unwanted energies, some ready-to release Karmas to remove  including curses and spells, and then heal and protect you with his divine power.

He has the divine power to get rid of demonic and evil energies and Christmas is the best season of the year to clear your energy with his support and energy to do this if your life is stuck or not going well in various fields.

This is nothing related to any religions and anyone can receive this session on this special day.

This school is under the Hierarchy of Light including him and he is one of the divines who is helping the humans. Our school therapist, Kei, will become an intermediator between him and you.

Year 2020 has the energy for you to be able to manifest a totally different path from now, and you need to get ready with a clearer energy, stable emotional and mental state as some elements can be unexpected. Get rid of unwanted energies and get ready for the new year!

After the session, you will receive a group feedback email and message (part 2 only).

  • Date and time:
    • Part 1 – Dec 25th, 2019 London time 11:30 to start to send the energy individually.
    • Part 2 – Dec 25th, 2019 London time 12:00ish – 13:00ish (1h) – group remote work.
      – Deadline by Dec 24th midnight.
  • Payment: Please pay from the Paypal link below.
  • For the part 1 – Energy will be sent to your full name you pay shown by the Paypal payment. If differs, please email us to whom we send the energy separately.
  • For the Part 2– Please email us two things by email
    • 1) Your full name, birthday and post code where you will be at
    • 2) Your wishes – please make it within 2-5 sentences, not too long. We will communicate it to him for you.
      * Depends on how long it takes for the prayer session, this remote session may take longer than scheduled.

For Part 1 – Blessings and Prayers –

For part 1 & 2
– inclusive part 1, you will have the energy from the Christ Consciousness work.

Client’s feedback
” Your remote sessions are very powerful and I have booked this one too.”
(British female, 40s, London, 2018 Dec)

Please note 
– Please email me your full name and birthday, and post code where you will be at during the remote session.
– Once you make a payment, it is not refundable.
– You can give it to someone as a present with an advance permission from the receiver.
– Please avoid driving a car or using a heavy dangerous machinery. You can do anything during the session. Just intend to receive it. Best way is to sit somewhere quietly, meditate or stay somewhere indoor, not in public space.