★Exciting time to release blocks from all levels and redirect your energies! - Dec events.


How are you?

It is such an exciting time now. After the gate has opened, energy has been shifting. Galactic consciousness is coming down more and more and it will be supporting the awakening of the Galactic souls further.

Galactic souls are not that many on this dimension as far as I’m aware of but their energetic essence is really beautiful, powerful, high-dignity and vibration, and sensitive though many of them may be suffering from harsh and stressful human experiences, which unfortunately is part of life as a human.  This school and initiates are the helpers to transform you with the galactic consciousness further.

Related to the Gate opening, I have received a channeling message from my Galactic Guide regarding the current flow and flow from now, what to do, briefly about Galactic souls. If you are interested in, you can purchase it about 26 min, MP3 audio at 5 pounds (uncut version so no edition etc.).

End of the Year Clearing and Preparation for the year 2018
We have about couple of months to see the New Year Fireworks. So, the question is

– What have you achieved this year, especially related to the New Year Resolution?
– How are you regarding your state and consciousness?

If you have achieved what you want and where you want to be, well done you! You can continue to learn and grown step by step.

If not, it’s not too late yet, but you need to realize and accept your current situation and where you are, without just ignoring like it does not matter.

If you haven’t achieved or have given up, let’s have a closer look. Something is not working, isn’t it?
–        You were not serious enough?
–        You were not aware what you really wanted to do and there was a gap?
–        You didn’t have mental and physical energy to pursue?
–        Your ego was kicking in and disrupted?
–        Your carried-over karma or past life affected you?
–        Attachments and demons are affecting you?
–        Your unaware limiting beliefs, emotional and behavior patterns are stopping you?
–        Your previous painful experiences and memories are blocking you?

Probably the answer is not only one and more likely it can be a combination of the several above factors.

Then, what would you do?

Would you say, it’s life and just brush it off and move on without taking any further actions and not moving on without achieving your goals and dreams?

It is easy to give up and it is easy to be in a victim consciousness and self-pity visiting the past many times, isn’t it? It’s easy, because you know how it feels like.

I went there so many times.


You regard past pains, experiences, failures are the seeds of the successful future? Learn from what you experience and apply it to the next time, otherwise second “mistake” is not a mistake, and it is simply you are not learning and growing from your past experiences, which lead you to be in the same cycle again and again and again and again and again…… till you get out.

Then question is

How to get out and move on? How to learn and move on?

As the school was messaging you many times, you need to release blocks from conscious, subconscious and energetic levels and move on. AND redirect your energy to the future, not to the past.

School has many programmes in Dec to support you to clear the past debris and redirect your energy. There are something new incorporated into the 3rd Full moon event and 18th New Moon event  as I am incorporating the psychotherapeutic approach which I have been trained as a therapist (not as a psychotherapist). It is powerful and really an eye-opener. We are ready to help you further.

At this festive Christmas season, there is a gift voucher available too for you to present it to your loved ones.

For further details, please see below and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Have a good weekend!


Gift Voucher as a Christmas Present
Would you like to give a voucher as a Christmas present for your loved ones? Please have a look from the link for the further information.


★Dec 2nd Sat – Special Offer. Energy Balancing & Healing 45 min
– You can receive an energy balance and healing session from the school trainee and Reiki therapist. If interested in, please book soon. Only 2 slots are available at a Christmas price.

Time and Date Dec 2nd Sat 14:00, and 15:00 slots.
Venue: Liverpool st London
Fee: 10 pounds by bank transfer, non-refundable.
– Please book by email.  

★Dec 3rd Sun – Full Moon Clearing Meditation, (New!)Psychological block release light movement & Galactic Lightbody Crystal Enhancement @ YMCA
– This time, venue is at the exciting YMCA, GYM!. More exciting matter is to release blocks with light movement! Come and join us to release as many blockages as much possible! together with an active meditation. You will also receive a special mini bottle too.

Dec 9th  – Karma release, Energetic Contract Upgrade and Ancestor’s Healing Semi Private Group Work. 
Since this is an important work at this time, we will run this again to clear the energy and set the direction in Dec.

There is an Early bird offer and special offer if you attend with your friend or family too. Please contact us with your preferred dates.


Dec 13th Galactic Remote Session
You can receive a session to awaken your consciousness further.

For details ->  http://uk.gfls.co.uk/uncategorized/galactic-consciousness-shift-remote-group-work/

★Dec 18th Mon 18:30  – (New!) New Moon Mindfulness Meditation & Dream Manifestation Group Coaching  @ Covent Garden
– In order to have a good year ending and good new year start, come and join us to set your energy. 

Nov 22nd – London Light Protection Work
We placed a special barrier over London but it is still weak. 

If you have time, it would be great if you could join us the Light Protection to support to build up the energy. Currently this is limited to people who work or live in London as we need to build the energy first in London, before taking it to other areas and other countries.

For further information, please check here.


Emotional Crystal Healing & NLP Hypno session
This session will be upgraded sometime integrating with proven psychotherapeutic element, which was an eye opener for me.
It will be good for people who cannot move on from the past, abusiveness, self-harm, trauma, lost love, bullied, redundant, anger management etc.

Further details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/emotional-release-and-chrystal-healing/

In Dec and Jan –  Non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki Seminar 1&2
Our Reiki training develops and cultivate your consciousness and love aspect as well as offers authentic connection and effective healing. Please contact us with preferred dates to book.  
-> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/ensofrayreiki/

Please feel free to contact for queries and bookings.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light


26 / 40 DNA Activation – Your gateway for happiness
– My life has completely transformed from the finance and banking to the holistic magical world since 2005!
– This is a highly recommended session if you haven’t received yet. 


Class 1 level 1
(Meditation and Energy Protection and Management) 
– Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here too. You can book a class anytime you want.

Class 1 details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/class1/

Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading, Channelling session
– on Fri, you can have a reading from 25 min shorter session. 
Sometimes, it is good to have a guidance or message coming from your ancestors, angels and ascended masters to receive a support for you to understand, make a decision in life and move on. http://uk.gfls.co.uk/reading/

 Massage and Reiki session
We need to maintain our physical body well as well as the energy field. Experienced ITEC 3 & Deep Tissue massage therapist, Kei, helps you release tension and pain from your body. It gives you good benefits to loosen your muscles and circulate the blood and energy better. Reiki can be combined if requested.

Massage – > http://uk.gfls.co.uk/massage/
Reiki ⇒ http://uk.gfls.co.uk/usuireiki/



For the up to date info, please visit the What’s on page.

★ 22nd Wed 22:30 – 23:30 London Protection Light Group Activity
★21st Tue 9:30 – 11:00 Remote Group Galactic Lightbody Transmission

★ 23rd Thu 9:45 -11:15 GF Gathering @ Bond
★ 23rd Thu 11:15 -12:45  Psychic Reading Practice Closed Group  @ Bond st


★ 3rd Sun 16:45 -17:30 Part 1 Full Moon Clearing Meditation and Group Emotional Healing @
★ 3rd Sun 17:30 -18:10 Part 2A Full Moon Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment
★ 9th Sat 10:00 – 17:30/18:00 Karma release, Energetic Contract Upgrade & Ancestor’s Healing  Semi- private Group Session @ Liverpool st or Bond st
★TBC – Michael Initiation Seminar
@Covent Garden (Deadline )

★ 8th Fri 10:00 – 18:00 ish Channeling Class level 1 at Liverpool st (Deadline by Dec 4th 18:00)
★ 12th Thu 11:00 – 14:30 Sacred Geometry  – Space energy setting and protection
★ 13th Wed 11:00 – Galactic Consciousness Shift Remote Group Work & Great Central Sun Remote work
★ 15th Fri  11:00 -12:30  Psychic Reading Practice Closed Group  @ Bond st.
★ 15th Fri 13:15 -14:45  GF Gathering @ Bond
★ 18th Mon 18:30 – New Moon Mindfulness Meditation & Dream Manifestation at Covent Garden

– Face to face sessions in London till Dec 19th.
– After Skype sessions before Dec 28th.

– Skype sessions  on Jan 8th and after 16th
– Face to face sessions after Jan 19th in London

★ TBC 19:00 – 21:30 Reki Group seminar level 1 @Covent Garden
★ TBC 15th 10:30 – 11:00 Remote Group Reiki Session