What type of love would you choose? – Sep – Michael Initiation seminar, Reiki and More


How are you?

Sun has been up and we could enjoy the hot days.


So how the energy is flowing till about the next weekend.


About love low from now

Many of you may be facing a challenging situation related to love, dating, relationship, marriage and divorce. It may continue roughly till the end of the next week. Today is a full moon day so some of you may experience exploding accumulated frustration and anger, so watch out what you say and how you say it especially today.


It would be good to observe;

–      What are you facing?

–      How do you want to really proceed with your partners, date. Your loved ones from now?

–      What do you really want in a relationship or date?

–      What are you giving? Are you expecting anything in return?

–      How are you communicating with others?

–      What kind of love are you giving to others?



If you have any distresses and need help, you can book a psychic reading, tarot or channeling session with us.


We have the darkness and the light within us and we cannot get away from them. However we can manage our dark side which is our negative emotions and thoughts, and improve our consciousness for better. How would you do that?


You can work on yourself by yourself but it is far more easier if you get help from others.


Sep – combat your darkness 1 – Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar (with Deadline)

In Sep we will be running the Archangel Michael Initiation where you can become connected with the light, raise your vibration, learn the ancient metaphysics and learn how to protect yourself with the ancient rituals. This is offered only couple of times of a year and please join us if you are interested in.


2 – Reiki Seminar Level 1 and 2. (With deadline)

You can also learn how to heal yourself and others by the well trained Japanese master. Reiki comes from Japan and our Reiki is not diluted, and it retained the original Reiki Lineage and connection.

There are level 1 and 2, so you can choose. If you want to learn properly and help others with the pure connection, you can join our seminars.


3 – Meditation and Unlock the Power Within Every month, you can also attend our meditation and Unlock the Power within you gathering. We have added Kabala Healing so it is much more powerful heal you and awaken your essence as well.

It is a cozy group, small number of people at a semi-private setting every month.


4 – Coaching and Mentoring

There are many people looking for the answers in life. Do you want to find out what it is and withdraw out of you? Kei is the qualified coach and has good feedback from her clients for a mind-provoking and transformation session with compassion and attention. If you need to explore the map of your world within you, please have a look at the Coaching and NLP session.



There are other private sessions and classes, so please feel free to contact us for queries and bookings.


Have a good day.


Love and Light