★March 20th – Spring Equinox Energy Clearing and Core Awakening Activation- Group Remote Session

★March 20th – Spring Equinox Energy Clearing and Activation  – Group Remote Session 

March 20th is a Spring Equinox day and the spring season starts. There is still a very strong energy flowing to release old patterns and energies currently. Clearing and Activation on this Spring Equinox energy can support you to become truly you and take you to the next stage of your life.

After the activation, you will receive a recorded channelled message by email.

For further information and booking, please find it below.

*If you prefer to have a private session, DNA Activation upgrade or Spark of Life is recommended. 

- Channelled messages and guidance from the Higher dimension. (Within 2-3 days by email after the remote session)
- Release old patterns, energy, Karmic energy clearing by Ascended Masters such as St Germaine, Quannin or Maria)
- Chakra Clearing
- Ascended Master Reiki with Ascended Masters
- Energy Balance on multi dimensional bodies.
- Energy shift work to take it to the next conscious level.
- Energy Balance work on emotional and mental states.
- Remote Energy Activation to awaken your core essence.

Time and Date: March 20th, 2018, Tue. 20:30-22:00

Fee:£190 by bank transfer by Mar 19th 12noon.(Overseas clients fee  and after Mar 19th is £199 by Paypal)

If you prefer to pay by Paypal, link is below.


Terms and Conditions
– There is no refund after you book unless it is cancelled.
– Please email your full name, your address where you will be at and your birthday within 19th. If you don’t sent it, energy will be sent to you without the details.
– Please avoid driving a car. It is best if you could stay at home or somewhere inside relaxing, though energy will be sent wherever you are and whatever you do. Just to intend to receive the energy when the time comes.
– After the remote session, channelled massage will be sent by email attachment to the group. There will be no individual message.
– Since it is a very powerful work, please sleep well and drink plenty of water.
– If you are in London and can receive a face to face session, any sessions are recommended such as DNA Activation, Quantum Block Release session, EMDR & Crystal Healing, Class 1, Class 2 etc.