★May 16th – Venus Energy Leveraged Abundance Building and Galactic Temple Work with Angelic realm openining

★May 16th Thu – Venus Energy Leveraged Abundance Building & Galactic Temple Work

This special one-off event consists of two parts.

Time and Date: May 16th Thu starting from 19:00 –

Location: Covent Garden, London. 27 Endell st, WC2H 9BA.

Part 1 Venus Energy Leveraged Abundance Building  with Angelic Realm Opening –
19:00 – 20:10

– open to everyone. Anyone can attend. No requirement. 

  • May 16th is a powerful day for abundance building leveraging the Venus and Jupiter’s planetary energies. If you would like to expand your horizon, make new like-minded friends, business partners, and ideal partner for a relationship or dating, more income and opportunities, please join us as you will be guided to build and develop the abundance energies for these to transform your life. This includes below (maybe updated later)
    • Angelic Realm Opening for you to receive angelic energies and blessings
    • Guided induction / hypnotic trance to develop your abundance energies to transform your life
    • Venus planetary magic – hands on practice and experience for you to make a wish to change your life.
    • Special ancient mantra to align your energy  and open up your potential – to be YOU.
    • Inner connection time  –  silent time to fuse the energy and integrate.
    • You will integrate more loving and compassionate aspect of yourself.

Booking and Payment – early bird offer (by door 180 pounds) for the part 1.


Part 2 – Further Angelic work and Galactic Temple Work. 20:15 – 20:55
– You need to attend both of part 1 and 2.  You cannot attend only part 2.
Pre-requisite to attend. –  People who received the following sessions can attend this special Galactic temple work.  No exception this time. After completion, you can attend the part 2.
– 26/40 DNA Activation –  become connected with the light
– Class 1 level 1  – energy management and protection
– Class 2 level 1 – self healing as a psychological work
– Quantum Block Release  standard 80 min  session 1-3 or 4 / previous Spirit Release session: to expel attachments and demonic energies to keep the space energy at the certain high vibration.
– Reiki Seminar 1 (2 is desirable)
– If you received the above sessions long time ago, you need a maintenance Quantum Block release including code cutting standard 80 min session and DNA Activation upgrade or maintenance session . Please contact for the energy assessment first.

  • You will experience the specific Archangel’s energies and receive transmission this time to develop your and vibration to resonate with the higher dimensional energies to fulfil your life purpose.
  • Galactic temple work and Galactic energy transmission will follow. This time, Galactic commander is planned to participate this event and you will receive the Galactic energy from the Galactic federation or commander to build your energy to help others awaken with the Galactic energy.
  • Guided work to visit the Galactic temple and receive guidance directly from the Galactic being.
  • Guided work to send out love and galactic energies to the entire world as service.

Booking and Payment – early bird offer (by door 250 pounds) for the part 1 & 2_
– Please contact us first to book your seat for the part 2. 
– 160 pounds by bank transfer.  by Paypal 165 pounds.  Non-refundable.