★Mid Oct Newsletter -Nov events and Gate Opening


How are you?

If you are self-employed, have your completed your Self-Assessment Tax form? It is one of the essential responsibilities to declare your income to the government to contribute to the country by paying tax and to create your abundance energetic cycle.

I don’t really enjoy accounting work but could manage to complete it this month.

By the way, mid Oct message is not about accounting but more exciting stuff, Gate Opening!

Gate Opening in Nov, and on Nov 5th Sun – Karma release, Energetic Contract Upgrade and Ancestor’s Healing Semi Private Group Work.

Yesterday, I have received a channeled message from the Cosmic Air Dimension while I was channeling. My mentor was there with me and she was delighted what will happen related to the ascension process. She never heard of gate opening, portal, intelligence cloud etc, so she was so inspired with the cosmic intelligence. Since I am a gate keeper, I and the other half of my energetic twin in the other dimension, 9th dimension this time, will open the Air portal gate in Nov. It seems I need to get ready for that physically and energetically.


Ascension is progressing however since many of our progress varies, many of us are heading to different dimensional paths. Some to a higher, some others are still in the same cycle of the repeating patterns in the same dimension. Therefore, messages from the Hierarchy are that the school organizes the karma release, energetic contract upgrade and ancestor’s healing semi-private sessions and people can shift their energies and move onto their higher dimensional paths.


In the Western world, Karma, energetic contract upgrade and ancestor’s healing may not be known but these are part of the spiritual work, and each one of us needs to deal with these matters to let us evolve our consciousness and move onto our divine paths.


Nov 5th Sun – Karma release, Energetic Contract Upgrade and Ancestor’s Healing Semi Private Group Work.

This is a semi-private group work but you will be guided to work on your own matters to release unwanted energies and karmas through different channels guided by Kei. Kei used to offer the Ancestor’s Healing programme (12 private sessions as 1 cycle) and stopped it in 2015. This programme used to be recommended to everyone after people receive DNA Activation and Spirit Release Hypnosis as there is the vast amount of Karma and Ancestral programmes and unwanted energies stored within us.


This Nov 5th group work is the upgraded version of this previous programme. This semi- private group work in Nov is a very suitable one to receive as it is the time governed by Pluto, life and death, so timing-wise, it is suitable to work and let go with the planetary energy support


Come and join us and release unwanted energies.


If you want to raise your consciousness and raise your vibration, you need to release and let go unwanted energies essentially.


There is an Early bird offer and special offer if you attend with your friend or family too.





Oct 23rd – London Light Protection Light Work
Since the last month terror attack, nothing big is happening, however, there are many smaller attacks by motor bikes, and people and shop staff get injured here and there. It is still valid and good to send out the Light on the public transportation (please refer to the previous email from us last time).


If you have time, it would be great if you could join us the Light Protection Activity on Oct 23rd. Currently this is limited to people who work or live in London as we need to build the energy first in London, before taking it to other areas and other countries.


If you cannot attend, you don’t need to feel bad. Some people are attracted and some others are not, depends on their energetic contract and purpose of life.


For further information, please check here.

Light Group



Nov 4th – Taurus Full Moon Meditation & Space Energy Clearing Energy Charged Mini Oil Bottle Present @ Covent Garden.
This meditation is a little bit more special as we will work on the abundance aspect as well. Additionally, you will receive a special essential oil blend which is charged with the space clearing energy.


You can use the bottle in anyway, but it would be great if you could clear the energy in the park, on a street, your house, etc by dropping 1-2 drops there. You can use drop 1-2 drops in a candle and burn it to clear the energy.


Psychic & Tarot reading is also available before and after the Meditation if you wish.




Emotional Crystal Healing & NLP Hypno session

This session offers more opportunity for you to speak, express your feelings, and interact with a therapist to transform your mental and emotional state. Further details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/emotional-release-and-chrystal-healing/

  Others In Nov and Dec,
we are running Reiki Practitioner Seminar and also the Channeling Training Seminar. If interested in, please check the date on What’s on Page.

Oct Special Offer – Psychic reading, massage, Healing, Coaching
It is still good to detox and leave the past in the past, and empower you.  Limited special offers are available. -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/uncategorized/septembers-special-offer-emotional-healing-nlp-hypno-massage-reiki-psychic-reading/

Please feel free to contact for queries and bookings.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day. 

Love and Light