★April 12th – Mindfulness Meditation & Reiki Share Evening Event

Mindfulness Meditation & Reiki Share – Inner Connection Evening Event

At this evening event, you will be gently guided to become connected with your inner essence and find answers and feelings for your own divine journey by  a qualified and experienced meditation teacher. It is important to take your time, leave all the things and find the inner peace for your own spiritual growth and understanding of your reality to look from a bird’s eye.

After the guided meditation, participants will be sharing Reiki in a group and become healed and relaxed.

Kei is a traditional Japanese pure Reiki Master and practitioner, and she will be giving Reiki to each participant (giving time depends on how many participants will be there.)

Anyone can attend and feel free to book your seat.

– Guided Mindfulness Meditation
– Listen to your inner voice
– Reiki Share

Time and date: Thu 12th of April, 2018. from 18:45 – 20:05 (80min)
* Please arrive by 18:40 and wait in the shop.
* If you would like to pay by door on the day, not online, please come by 18:40 and pay 10 pounds by cash. After 18:45, you cannot get in if you haven’t paid.

Location: at Covent Garden, Buddha on a Bicycle. 27 Endell St, Wc2h 9ba

Payment: Early Bird offer is available if you book online in advance from the Paypal link below.

* Online payment Deadline is till 12noon on 9th. After that, it is by cash payment only by door.
After the online booking deadline, you can either drop in or email us to book your seat. Payment is only by cash payment, 15 pounds (please be aware that changes may not be available).
– If you would like to join on the day and pay by door, it is possible if seats are available. But in that case, please come by 18:40 and make a payment in advance.


Terms and conditions
– After booking, no refund is available unless we cancel the event.
– Please arrive in time and avoid being late. You can get in till 18:55 if you paid online in advance, but after that,  you are not permitted to get in even if you paid in advance as it is disturbing our meditation time.
– Seats are limited so priority goes to people who pay and book in advance. (up to about 20 seats)