★ June 21st Fri – Summer Solstice: The Sun God Ra Energy, Subconscious Mind and Reality Transformation Online Group Session (Zoom Live)

The summer solstice, a day when the power of the Sun God Ra is at its peak, making it an incredibly powerful day for solar energy. While invisible to the naked eye, everyone is influenced by planetary energies. Its powerful energy is very strong for about 3-7 days. We can also receive additional support from the Archangels along with Ra’s energy.

During the energy work session, we will focus on transformation from the subconscious and address physical level effects as well. You will also experience to remove money-related blockages.

You can take advantage of the potent energy of the summer solstice to activate your talents and characteristics through a special subconscious and energy work session.

We offer early bird discounts and also one advice/answer to your question.

If you are interested in…
– Want to create a safe and stable place (ideal for those who move frequently and change jobs, have gone through divorce, job loss, money issues, Lyran, Pleiadean or Vega starseeds.
– Want to increase your income
– Want to work remotely or be self-employed
– Want to improve your social and family recognition
– Want to improve family relationships
– Want to advance your career
– Want to enhance feminine charm, love, make friends, and build a network
– Want to boost motivation and passion to achieve goals
– Want to shine and increase recognition in society

As this session involves channelling, the content may adapt appropriately.

**Option**: Those who reply to our pre-session questions via email will receive an one-point advice/guidance during the live session.

– Why do we experience trouble, and why don’t our desires manifest?
– How to create a safe and stable place and connecting with Earth
– How to improve interpersonal and family relationships
– How to advance your career
– How to enhance feminine energy/charm, love, making friends, building a network
– How to boost motivation and passion to achieve goals
– How to increase recognition and shining in society
– Subconscious work to tap into your potential
– Receiving the energy of the Sun God, enhancing intuition, and psychic abilities
Bonus experience: Money block release work included
– Others –  information through channelling
– Coaching worksheet to help fulfil your desires (PDF)

Booking & Payment
Zoom Live Time and Date: June 21st Fri UK time 14:00 – 15:30.

– Fee: Early bird £75/person (regular £250).
Pay via PayPal from here, not via my email address.

– Booking & payment deadline: Thursday, June 20, 24:00 UK time
Deadline for returning answers to questions: Thursday, June 20, 11:00 UK time
– You will receive a Zoom link to the email address you used for Paypal payment.

Terms and Conditions
– Fee will not be refunded after payment unless we cancel this session.
– Pre-session questions will be emailed to you. Please return them for us to tailor the session content (Optional).
– Zoom name does not need to be your full name. Notify us if different from your booking name.
– Ensure your camera and microphone work. Earphones or headphones are recommended for focus during subconscious work. If a video camera is not on, you may be removed from the event for security reasons.
– Please check your video and microphone functions in advance.
– Late participants can join, but once subconscious work begins, entry is not allowed, and fee will not be refunded. You can join within the first 30 minutes.
– For a smooth entry, please check your sign in, camera and microphone in advance.
– Participants must agree to not record the session due to privacy concerns.

Private Sessions
– If you prefer a private session of the summer solstice work, it is available from the afternoon of June 21st (£220, PayPal payment). Other sessions are also available upon request.