Step Care

Step Care Model
Introducing Our Step Care Approach: Empowering Change, Tailored to Your Needs

Every individual seeking to make positive changes in their life is unique, with diverse mental, emotional, physical, and energetic needs. To ensure the highest level of support, we have developed a Step Care Approach that offers personalized services and solutions to our valued clients.

Step Care Approach: Personalized for You

Our Step Care Approach forms the foundation of our services to cater to individual situations and conditions. Our treatment is customized based on your specific requirements, empowering you to embark on your transformative journey. Below, we present an overview to help you decide on the most suitable session for your desired change, depending on your condition:

First Session: Your Initial Step
We encourage you to book the session that resonates most with your current needs. If you find yourself uncertain about which session aligns best with your situation, we recommend considering the following options:

Second Session Onward: Tailored Progression
As we move forward, our approach adapts to your evolving needs and progress. Please refer to the diagram below to determine which session is best suited to your current situation for your reference:

X = Recommended

Physical, and energetic states
1. Severe damage2. Mild -Severe damage3. Mild – light damage4. Fairly healthy – Proactive states to change the future.
Examples  Chronic severe illness, hopelessness, no motivation, fatigue, depression, sex/drug/alcohol addiction, hearing voices, spirit attachments, heavy psychic attack, severe obesity (35<BMI), chronic insomnia, personality disorder, clinical narcissism, ex-offenders, chronic insomnia, emotional regulation difficulties Anxiety, long-term illness, mild, chronic stress, fatigue, mild depression, psychic attack, binge drinking, binge eating, obesity (30<BMI), OCD, insomnia, emotional regulation difficulties, phobias  Anxiety, acute illness, comfort eating, sleeping issues, psychic attack, comfort eating, mild stress, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, phobiasYou can set a goal and take actions. Want to find a job, more income, find a partner, achieve a goal, become healthier, want to buy a house, car, go on a holiday, career change, improve relationships  
Spiritual ConsultationXXXX
DNA ActivationXXXX
Quantum Empowerment, Cord-CuttingXXXX
Reiki & Healing, Energy workXXXX
Ego State TherapyX for hearing voiceXXDepends, if you would like to make up your mind
Consultation, Psychic Reading, Tarot, ChannellingXXXX
Stress & Trauma release exerciseXXXX
Ionic foot bath detoxXXXX
CBTNoDepends, if you can set goals and take actions.XX
Coaching inc action plansNoDependsXX
Archangel Michael Initiation DependsNoDependsX
Workshops and ClassesNoDependsXX
Healer, Psychic, Reiki trainingNo – heal yourself firstNo – heal yourself firstDependsX